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Comments for 'The Long Ride Home 2: Luthos'

1:59 am | April 16, 2002
Now this is a perfect example of a good story. You should make another spartan come out.
1:15 am | April 14, 2002

Oh, go away :)
7:24 pm | April 13, 2002
"Only?"* OoOoOoOoH! CORRECTION! Oh snap!
7:12 am | April 13, 2002

6:34 pm | April 12, 2002
I enjoyed this, keep writting. But I think I would be a bit let down if the Chief only helped the Covies to save the Human Race. But oh well, keep writting.
2:40 am | April 11, 2002
I am insulted, Max. Not really, but oh well.
10:42 pm | April 10, 2002
don't listen to Jehkoh. he's being a hack. i think this is the best part, yet. write more, make it long, and make it good!!
9:30 pm | April 10, 2002
Doesn't fit. The Chief would at least think "Why don't they spare my entire race as well?" not just himself. The Chief isn't that selfish. He can still think it if he doesn't say it. Unless you plan to make 'em use the "information" from the Cov to save his race... but then that'd be like some cheap slasher film trick... letting us see one thing but not other... Anyway, make it work or I shall send Surial to you.