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Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part IV
Posted By: Ian Barnes<panzerschreck15@netscape.net>
Date: 27 July 2002, 11:06 pm

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 'Without Civilization, there is no War. But without War, thereis no Civilization. The subtle ironies of God are sometimes too much forone civilization to comprehend.'


Coregrenaac's Lost Journal, Volume I- 9070 E.H

    The original design of the Device was simply meant to be a fail-safe in several ways. In the event of a full-scale biological disaster, it was to save the galaxy from our experiments. But at our leisure, it can also be used an a device to save the universe from itself.
    Long ago, when the Device was first conceptualized, the Elders, consisting of Merenac, Toronnor, Ademerc, and myself vowed never to let the galaxy degrade to a point where one race was in subservience under another. Our solemn vow was to make sure all races survived, or none. After all, we couldn't stand to see one of our creations die out, while the other conquered. They were not designed to exist that way. It was always intended that the two would coexist, in peace and harmony. Never did we intend for things to turn out like they did.
    For years, for centuries, we were neutral observers to the atrocities of the Jihad. Finally, the Royal Houses, and the Elders could no longer stand by and see an entire race become extinct, especially one that had accomplished so much. We were forced into action. It was decided that the Device must be activated. I argued against it, and I was expelled from the Elder Council. But to exact my revenge, I took with me all plans for the Device, which I had devised. Without them, the Elders could only use the Device, but had not the technical skills to perform repairs or new construction without affecting the entire Device.
    I originally created the Device several hundred million years ago. Before the recent Council decision, the Device had been used once. To a large extent, the activation was a disaster. The Device malfunctioned, and the blast turned inward on itself, destroying ten thousand years worth of construction. Only I had a comprehension of the technology that had been destroyed. I made revisions to my design. None of the other Elders knew anything about my device, they were simply fools obsessed with their power.
    With my leave came an age of Darkness for my kind. Because I had been cast out, I had no sanctuary from the Device during its second and most recent activation which annihilated our creations. I fled the galaxy.
There, I began these works that you read now. Inscribed for all eternity, and hidden away so that only the most worthy shall ever know my secrets. You are the one. Contained within these hallowed pages is the secret to the universe, the secret to Life itself: The Device. You may be confused as to my ways. But once you are finished with this great tome, you will understand as I do. I have committed immense atrocities against my own creations. Soon you will understand why and how. It is up to your own intelligence and mettle to make things right. You possessed the ability to uncover my secrets. Now the only question which remains is: What will you do with my wonders of civilization?