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Comments for 'Taker of Life, Giver of Death - Part IV'

11:42 am | July 31, 2002
Ya. I guess narrow-minded was a little harsh. But truthfully, I never expected you to take it seriously. I was just attempting, and failing, to be somewhat humorous.
Knightmare Wolf
6:02 am | July 30, 2002
after about five mins of consideration i guess it got off to a bad start! I started by merely stating fact. You in turn did the same but i interpreted the wording the wrong way, sounded like you were trying to "hit me" so to speak, so i prob wrongly directed an insult, if it can be called that, back at you. My apologies.
6:02 am | July 30, 2002
Ahem... Spell*
Knightmare Wolf
5:54 am | July 30, 2002
I've been called many things.. but narrow minded? Thats offensive. lol... You should know i'm often sarcastic, so dont take offense from it! OH yeah and sure, I'm smarter than einstien, as are you and everyone else on HBO, he was never too good at language or handling money! OH, AND YEAH! I AM A GENIUS! *raises "I AM GENIUS" sign* lol... Wow, its 3:00am...*Feeble little mind attempts to spelled the word nebraska but ends up saying "M O O N, that spells nebraska!" Somehow I remember that.
2:24 am | July 30, 2002
Bah. Nowhere did I imply I was a genius, now did I? All I said, my narrow-minded friend, was that if you could see the way this story, and the next one after that play out, you would understand my reason for writing things the way they are.Me, a genius? No. But you certainly are, yes?
Knightmare Wolf
1:23 am | July 30, 2002
Would I, would I really? I'm sure that you are the meaning of the word genius, are you not?
1:21 am | July 30, 2002
Well hurray. If you could see 100 pages of writing into the future, you'd understand.
Knightmare Wolf
8:31 pm | July 29, 2002
I was never a fan of journal entries so I cant say anything constructive here!