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Covenant Geurilla Terrorist Troupe
Posted By: Angelus
Date: 14 April 2003, 2:01 PM

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Lieutenant Colonel Farsky walked briskly down the bare hallway, mind racing, eyes to the floor, toward the Super Computer Mainframe storage room situated in the secret Government Agency established on the planet Janus, unknown to nearly all the Human race, light-years from earth, the CMIA (Covenant Monitoring Intelligence agency) established secretively by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense and the President of Earth. This agency had everything on the Covenant; battle tactics, physical properties of the Grunts, Elites, Jackals, Hunters, Brutes and even some information on the newly discovered Prophet, a spiritual and Religious leader for the Covenant, it is been theorized that the Prophets are the ones which have rallied together the Covenant for this war against Humanity. The Mainframe had detailed reports on every battle with the Covenant even some videos from soldiers helmets with Fibre Optic cameras attached, Farsky was thinking of these things, and thought, "not everything".

The electronically operated door slid open and light flooded in to the unlit room. Out the only window in the room a rabbit could be seen, it seemed to realize Farsky looking out the window and it skittered off into the surrounding forest. It reminded Farsky that the installation used to be an abandoned shelter, to whom it used to belong on this out of the way planet is unknown, but the planet was an earth type planet capable of sustaining human life as well as other Earth life forms, so the planet became a kind of Sanctuary for endangered earth animal species, then the new president took interest and built this installation when the Covenant came along, the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense advised the President to fund the upgrade of the shelter, the President agreed and put a total of $10,000,000,000 into building this installation and it has paid off, slightly, since the Covenant are now starting to overpower the Human race, and Farsky believed that the Attack on Reach may have been the work of this terrorist group, or so he had theorized. The animals and the people of the installation seemed content together and there was never any violence between, most officers, including Farsky, often spent their time out with the animals feeding them and whatnot. Breaking away from his thoughts Farsky ventured toward the server, sat himself down on a chair and stared at the server that was bonded with the mainframe, with this you could access the entire mainframe stream of information, you'd think that there'd be more security around a room like this, but the Joint chiefs thought that secrecy was good enough security for this agency, "maybe not anymore" thought Farsky again.

Farsky leaned back on the chair and revealed a vintage Cuban Cigar from the right breast pocket of his uniform placed it in his mouth and began to chew the rough end, rolling it between his top and bottom teeth, these were in short supply and cost a large amount of any kind of currency, this was because shortly before the end of the previous president's rule Nuclear War had been waged against the supposed "Axis of Evil" which included Cuba, as well as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, etc. After a few seconds of pondering and chewing, Farsky began to type a few commands into the computer, immediately the monitor flashed on lighting up the unlit room with the sky-blue hue of the desktop background. Farsky closed and massaged his eyelids, thinking what to look for, also his mind was on the first mission of the New SPARTAN II, and data on his battle should reach the agency soon, along with big boxes of supplies for the coming months. Farsky thought a bit longer, "if my theories are true the agency, maybe even Master Chief could be in danger, we need to keep him alive, doesn't he have that unique AI construct what's its name Cortana right, he could be used as our tool against this Troupe, maybe" thought Farsky.

While searching through files Farsky thought back to the attack recently on the SS Seven, the ship scuttled and everything living inside sucked out by the space vacuum, an attack like that doesn't suit the loud, guns blazing normal tactics of the usual covenant, it was a secretive strike, like Guerilla Terrorism, with the only evidence a plasma pistol, this is what gave Farsky the idea that there could be a Covenant Terrorist group and that they have no knowledge of it.

While searching Farsky eventually came across a report on a similar incident that was found out, covenant were seen fleeing on hidden banshee's, from the ship The Pillar of Autumn ("that sounds familiar" thought Farsky), but a grunt was left behind, he'd been shot and was dying, there was a recording of the grunt's last words: "...ugh...the clergy...my fellow clerics...they...ugh...have...guh..." the grunt then died. When Farsky heard this he was enraged and confused, he wondered why nothing had been done about this, nothing else on the report about it, nothing had been done or doing.

Farsky fixed up a fibre optic camera on top of the monitor and opened a channel to his partner in the agency, Herbert Civil. It was late, Farsky looked at his digital watch, 3:00am, Farsky hoped he was up. After 8 seconds of patient waiting a plump figure with his hair in disarray sat himself down on the screen,"yeah, what" Farsky quickly explained the matter of a terrorist Group called the Clergy and its members called Clerics and about the previous incident not being acted upon. Herbert jumped into action, he seemed really on edge with this theory, but started to complain that there wasn't enough food in this place to keep him going. Farsky just thought that he should get out more, get exercise. Come to think of it, thought Farsky, the boxes on the supply ship were pretty big, big enough for a Hunter...