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Comments for 'Covenant Geurilla Terrorist Troupe'

9:54 pm | April 15, 2003
Pretty good. Original. 8/10. The fics title sounds like a roving band of circus performers.
5:47 pm | April 15, 2003
the kurdish ppl at the time of the slaughter where in a uprising against Saddam but it was the slaughter that stopped it, seems interesting what you said diablo bacuase the US said that they would assist the kurds and help them but the only thing close to help was a statement after the uprising condeming the use of mustard gas to kill off the kurds that where in Iraq and involved in the uprising
James Kinsella
12:30 pm | April 15, 2003
A bit bland is a good assessment. I kinda liked it. You need indent tags. Also the writing is a bit jumpy. One minute you're talking about rabbits and endangered species, the next about the Prez and money issues. Slow down and take some time to develop the ideas in the reader's mind.
12:29 am | April 15, 2003
It was also rumored that before the gulf war, when Saddam was killing the Kurdish people, Donald Rumsfield handed Saddam a folder that contained satalite images of Kurdish villages, and their location...And what happened to those Kurdish in those villages, people? Anyway...story was a bit blan, but keep goin at it.
12:25 am | April 15, 2003
Sry, but the Kurdish people is a race, not a group of rebels. They were mass murderd aroudn the time of the gulf war, and before that, Turkish people went after them. The Kurdish people have no place to live, and have gone through generations of punishment and genocide.
10:30 pm | April 14, 2003
yah im wrong about the kurds i noticed that afterwords they are rebels but if they move out of their own borders where they are based to inflict attacks upon other nations while not being backed or being the current political head of the land they are terrorists. a terrorist act does NOT have to be aimed at civillian targets eithar it is usualy desined to cause chaos thats why in isreal the attacks upon isreali soldiers at checkpoints are still considered terrorist acts, before you can say anything about how they too are part of isreal most of them are under practicl inslavement in the occupied areas which isreal invaded long ago.
10:10 pm | April 14, 2003
except for the huge run on sentence at the beginning, good work, interesting storyline.
10:06 pm | April 14, 2003
I thought Guerilla was spelled Gerilla, not Geurilla... Also, terrorists are not people without a nation. They are instead people who inflict terror on the innocent for political or religious gain. The Kurds are Rebels, not terrorists.
5:00 pm | April 14, 2003
pretty good ill be reading more of this one, my only problem is the title, the groups you describe are yes practicing gurilla warfare but their definitly not terrorist, a terrorist group is basicly an arny with no country to stand behind, so to use current events, in Iraq the Kurds who are assisting US troops are terrorists because they are an army with no real country to stand behind.
4:19 pm | April 14, 2003
Hey it's another person from out of America! Where are you from? Canada? Australia? Britain?
3:34 pm | April 14, 2003
Lol, good way to end it.