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Halo Trilogy: Operation Info Retrieval (Chapter VII/part I)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 26 October 2003, 9:35 PM

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Here it is, I hope it is good.

Chapter VII
Operation Info Retrieval (part I)

0900 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

      It has been several days since Kelly and Shadow's last missions. But like the hardcore gunny Kelly is, he is starting to get on the edgy side of the lack of action and Covenant bloodshed. So he has to occupy himself in till he gets another mission, one way is that he plays chess with the other Marines. Sergeant Kelly had never played any other board game than chess. Before the war had started he had played in chess tournaments, only winning two out of five tourneys he had ever entered.

      Shadow on the other hand prefers to just sit around the lounge area. Of coarse Shadow isn't the type of person going around the place trying to spark a conversation. But he is the patience type; he can go for days without action and fighting, not because he is some kind of hippie or anything. But Kelly is the type that wants to live his life to the fullest.

      "Shadow Spartan-250, Master Chief grade, report to the general's quarters on the double," a voice rang out over the intercom.

      Shadow got up from his seat and headed to the general's quarters. He entered the assistant's office and saw a woman working at her desk. She's a blond headed woman; she wore small reading glasses—the kind where you only wear them when you read to keep your eyes steadied and focus.

      "Oh, General Travis Brown wants to talk to you, you may enter." She said in a pleasant voice.

      "General Brown." Shadow walked in and saluted him.

      "At ease." He said, sitting down in his Italian leather chair. "Go ahead, you may sit."

      "Thank you sir. What is it that you called me in here for?"

      "I was just about to get to that. Now the reason I called you in here is that we've got some very interesting news from the Grunt you had captured several days ago." General Brown lit a cigar. "We had interrogate the little CLB."

      "CLB?" Shadow asks.

      "Yeah, it's a little word I came up with that explains everything about the Covies. It means, creepy little bastard." General Brown chuckled. "But this is serious, the Grunt was rambling on about some kind of ring world. He talked about some kind of monster on the ring world; we didn't know what the CLB was talking about. But it sounded very important. Now, we also got some info out of the Grunt about a ship that had all of the information that we need. Information on everything, to gun development to the ring world. But this ship is the ship that leads the armada, and it is very powerful. This is a mission for the Spartans and special ops. You will meet up with the rest of the Spartans at the Trinity Airbase in Washington State. From there, you will go with a fleet of our finniest ships. You will be fully brief once you get there, you will go there right now, and good luck."

0930 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Military Calendar)/
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

      Shadow was ready to take on the difficult mission that was ahead of him. He is mentally and physically prepare. He has nothing to lose, but he has something to gain. The stakes are higher in this mission. "Engines green, everything is working, lets get this thing rollin'." The pilot said.

      Shadow isn't riding in a Longsword this time, but in a Pelican. The engines on the Pelican fired up. The pilot toggled the joystick lifting the Pelican off its landing gears. Quickly the Pelican raced out of the hanger to America.

Sixth Cycle, 37 units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/
Aboard Cruiser, Fall of Fate, above Earth's atmosphere.

      Black Elite special force 'Muroccu had taken a secondary gravity lift up to the command deck of the Fall of Fate. He went through the usual security check and was showed in the Prophet's Council Chamber. "Your Excellency, there is new word from Halo." The Elite said, propping down on knee.

      "What is it that you heard?"

      "The search team has found the cells that hold the ultimate destruction."

      "The Flood," the Prophet added. "Did the search team tamper with the cells?"

      "No, Excellency. They also didn't find any trace of the Forerunners."

      "Just make sure that you keep them stupid Grunts away from the cells. We wouldn't want another Halo incident now would we?"

      "I will."

      "Good," the Prophet said, "failure is not an option, if you do, you will be punished greatly."

      'Muroccu gulped than nodded. He knew the price of failure, and he knows the pain of failure. He has been punishing before, the price was that he had a finger cut off. He wouldn't want another finger missing. Or worse, he wouldn't want a head missing, he has seen another Covenant soldier get a head cut off. It just goes to show that the Prophet means business.

1000 Hours, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Military Calendar)/
Trinity Airbase in Washington State.

      The Pelican came into range of the shipyard. The shipyard is located in the heart of the giant city. Th city itself is undamaged, mostly because that the city is one of the most well protected cities in Washington. Emplacement ground MAC—Magnetic Accelerator Cannon—were all around the city. The MAC guns were everywhere, along the border, in the heart of the city, even on the buildings. Shadow looked out of the Pelican and thought to himself, this is one badass city, not even a battalion of Hunters wouldn't want to mess with this.

      "I'm in range and preparing to land this bird," the pilot said.

      The Pelican came to a crawl, smoothly the Pelican landed on the heliport-landing pad. It bounced a little when it landed to the ground, and Shadow got up from his seat and walked out the door. He looked around the place and saw many personals and civilians just walking around like there isn't a war going on. They were just doing their regular routine, not even aware of the possible danger. Of coarse, they probably don't even feel in danger, it must be because of the well protection and power of the force here in the untouched city of steel and pure power. A captain walked up to Shadow greeting him with a hello. They both shock hands out of respect and friendship. The captain is named Jerry Lawler, he is an American, and the captain of a fine ship called, Diamond Cutter. That is a perfect name for the Americans' very own giant glory hog—it was called that because the ship had more kills than any other ship in the UNSC. The ship can cut through a Covenant cruiser with its extremely powerful Linear Energy Gun—LEG—can cut through a Covenant ship like a hot knife cutting through butter.

      "Shadow, Master Chief grade," Capt. Lawler said, "I know this is too sudden but get to the briefing room, pronto. Your mission starts now."

      Shadow saluted him and gave him a quick "yes sir" and headed off to the briefing room. Shadow walked in the room filled with several teams of special ops team and some old Spartan buddies. There was five Spartans including Shadow, each one wore the same color suit, and the same ole armor. General George Hudson walked into the briefing room, instantly everyone stop chip chatting and saluted him and sat down. Loudly the big deep voice man talked. "Men, I am General George Hudson, this is Captain Jerry Lawler, Captain Lance McCauley, and Captain Walker Myers. These three men will lead their ships to the harsh and dangerous mission. Y'all will go with Captain Jerry Lawler, and remember, this is a mission for the brave. 'If you can't handle the pain, get out of the game,' that's my philosophy."

      The lights in the room dimmed up, General Hudson took a controller and turned on a projector. On the projector screen, the picture of the Covenant ship appeared, the ship was dark blue. On the side, you can clearly see the energy door, General Hudson pointed at the ship and said, "here is a recon photo of the Covenant ship called, Fall of Fate. Your mission is to get aboard the ship by going through the energy doors. From there," the picture changed to a inferred interior scan of the ship. You can make out the interior of the ship and all of the floors and levels. "Y'all will make you way up to the command deck, y'all will all go in different direction. A NAV point will lead each team to their destination." He paused for a second to clear his trout; "two Spartans that have AI Constructs will put their Construct into the Covenant computer to collect the data. Also, remember to work as a team, that is the key to victory, teamwork. I almost forgot, this is a time mission; y'all are going to have to get out of there before time runs out. Now, is there any question?"

      A Marine stands up and asked, "yes, why is this mission timed?"

      "Well, its obvious, we would like to get out of there before the entire Covenant Armada comes for us. Our ships aren't that invincible. Is there any other questions?" He looked around the room." Alright, get on the ship right away, this mission starts now."

D+00:15:03, October 4, 2552 (Shadow's Mission Clock)/
Aboard Diamond Cutter.

      "All special ops and Spartan personals, get to your Pelicans," the Captain voice echoed through the ship's hanger. A loud sound of the ship's engines echoed inside the ship and outside. There was a small rumble from the ship lifting off the ground; slowly it flew out of the open top hanger. "Exiting Earth's atmosphere in five," the Captain said. Slowly the large ship exit the Earth's atmosphere following behind the ship was the two other ships called, Titians and the Bronco Bull. The three mighty ships went on their way to Operation Info Retrieval

      Shadow sat in the close door Pelican with the other Spartans; he wasn't nervous, but anxious to get on the ship. He wants to find out the information about the mysterious ring world. His time is near; he is going to find out about Halo.

::Epic music::

To be continued...

A/N: I'm also planning to make a side story for this one. It is going to be about the Grunt interrogation. It is going to be a comedy too.