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Comments for 'Halo Trilogy: Operation Info Retrieval (Chapter VII/part I)'

5:24 am | November 1, 2003
Hell yea!

Defensive Tackle
Offensive Tackle
Defensive End

I was mostly just O&D tackles, but occasionally an end. I really liked D tackle better than O tackle.
4:02 am | November 1, 2003
Mainevent, yea, I know, its messed up. I signed for pop-warner, my citys team is called the Cobras. The highest whieght class is midgets, the max whieght there is 140lb's. I couldn't lose that much if I tried. I could probably lose 10-20 pounds, but with my build I'm always going to be over 150lb. I'm a natural defensive lineman.
The Long-Since-Has-Not-Been-Here-Jinkaiden-XI
11:19 pm | October 31, 2003
Hey, Part VII's here at last. I see you've worked greatly on the format and other things like that and it's turning out magnificently. BRAVO!

Also, you added my ::Epic music:: IM trademark in there...how adorable. Heh...great job.
10:12 pm | October 31, 2003
"I wanted to sighn up for football this year, but goddamit they won't let me play cause I'm to big (5'8, 170lb)"

Really, I joined my middle school football team, and I'm 6'1-6'2 178 lbs.
4:23 pm | October 31, 2003
Great story. I don't oppose the use of Halo in stories, as long as it is originail. I find the present tense thing kinda wierd, but I wont harras you about it.

P.S. My phisicall profile is almost identical to Walkers. I think I have a handsome face, but my belly makes it hard for me to get girls. I have a work out schedule, but I'm very irregular about when I do it. Whenever I want I guess.
70x situps
20x push ups
30 bench presses-20lb
15 bench presses-30lb (I tend to go for how many times I can press as to how much whieght i can press)
20-50 whight lifts with 10lb hand whieghts.
I suck at push ups, so I only do 10
I wanted to sighn up for football this year, but goddamit they won't let me play cause I'm to big (5'8, 170lb)

Sorry for using up all the space Alpha, 9/10
4:21 am | October 31, 2003
I'm a total idiot please kill me i admit im a teenager who insults people for fun hehe!!!
8:26 pm | October 29, 2003
It's a sin to rush a fanfic.

"I've been busy lately, so my fanfic is a little rushed... LOLOLOL!!!!1!!11!1"

Not a big fan of that statement.
12:36 pm | October 29, 2003
I hate my Geometry teacher...
Alpha Lance
3:06 am | October 29, 2003
Oh yeah, you want to know about a crazy teacher, well I got one. Every day its the same, she'll come in and yell, "will you guys shut up and sit down! I'm telling you, I don't know what I'm going to do with y'all. Y'all just drive me crazy."

Well, I think to myself, "you drive my crazy too."

But she is a history expert, which is cool, cuz I love history. And I must respect everyone.

Oh, I can lift a 165 now.
Alpha Lance
2:57 am | October 29, 2003
Hell, I just do sit ups, but I'm on tough SOB. Half my friends are strong, stronger than me. And probaly the only coolest teacher I had was my 6th grade history/english teacher. I really loved writing stories in there, and we this WW II folder one time. I made a perfect grade, of coarse, I love WW II. My grandpal is a WW II wize, hell, he knows just about everything, from weapons to atoms. And he is a great grandpal, he actually plays video game, now that is one cool grandpal.
2:51 am | October 29, 2003
I'm pretty tall too, so I don't have much of a belly. I do some reversed curls where you lift your legs not your chest, and that works your lower, middle, and upper abs the best of any ab workout without a machine.

And I miss my favorite teacher of all time!!

He was awesome, he would talk about games, he was totally conservative *LIKE ME*, and he was a helluva awesome football coach.
2:48 am | October 29, 2003
One hand curls/30 pounds-40 to 50 x
Bench press/60 pounds-100 to 200 x
Sit ups/150 x
Military presses/60 pounds -As many as I can
Running/ 2 miles

I work out about 4 times a week.

P.S. I have no fuckin clue what I can bench!!
2:37 am | October 29, 2003
Ha, you guys actually work out. I'm not fat, but I have a bit of a pot belly. It doesn't look that bad since I'm pretty tall. But I'm not in that great shape since we finished Physical Fitness in Boy Scouts awhile ago and I haven't done much since. (Yes, I am a Boy Scout, and proud, one step from Eagle). Anywho, yeah, school sucks. All As, but I still hate it. I'd much rather like to live in a world of Red vs Blue, HBO, The Halo books and game(s). But that's not gonna happen anytime soon, so I might as well get over it.

Speaking of Red vs Blue, it turns out, if he can be beleived, a guy in my science class does some voice acting over there. I don't think he was trying to impress me, or just sound cool, since we have pretty much zero contact outside of that. But he seemed to know a lot about everything, so I trust him. Who woulda thought, another Halo lover, two seats behind me. I've made a few converts, but this guy is true blue. School might not be so bad... plus I have an English teacher who is like a Conservative yet sometimes a hippie, which is pretty funny. He lets me read his hunting magazines and stuff, and then talks about what an idiot this or that guy is, who happens to be a Conservative. Welcome to Crazy World.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
1:47 am | October 29, 2003
Yeah, I got done with of my homework. So I have time. Well, I was going to be in football, but no one told me about it, and I don't realyy pay attention to the anouncement in the morning. And how much you bench Mainevent? Here my workout rutine:

One hand curls/30 pounds-20 to 35 x
Bench press/85 pounds-10 to 20 x
Leg press/150 pounds-25 to 30 x
Sit ups/150 x
Push ups/50 to 70 x
Butterfly machine/40 pounds-as much as I can before my chest burns like hell.
Military presses/40 pounds-10 to 20
Chin ups/20 to 40
Squats/ 35 pounds on my shoulders/as much as I can.

Of coarse this eats up a good two to three hours, 'cause I would do some twice. I only work out 4 to 3 time a week. Oh yeah, what's you think about the story too, Mainevent?

P.S. I can becnh a total of a 160. Hell yeah!
1:05 am | October 29, 2003
I do some good stuff too:

1)Spanish II homework
2)Geometry homework
3)Biology homework
4)Science Project A
5)Science Project B
6)Workouts: Curls, bench presses, running, Sit ups, and military presses.
7)Reading HBO stories (that doesn't count does it?)
8) Chores

I already took typing. I attend most of the football games. I am depressed cuz I didn't sign up early enough. Stupid P.O.S. intercomm systems...

Luckily I only have 4 blocks to worry about.

Next semester should be a LOT more hectic.
Alpha Lance
11:46 pm | October 28, 2003
Thank you Walker for being honest. But, you can't change anything because Halo was part of my plot. My stories are base on Halo; itís in the title. If it wasn't base on Halo, then I'll call it something like, "The Carnage Trilogy," (which isn't a bad idea, I might be on to something). Well, I've also been in a slump, friends are moving, my body hurts like hell, and everyone is getting sick. I'm actually getting tired of this series and I have been thinking about other series.

P.S. Practice makes better―which perfect would fit better ;) ―, and you haven't had much lately. Your right, I haven't been practicing writing, I already got a ton of things I have to do,

1.) Practice trumpet.
2.) Study for testes in all classes.
3.) I have to study the driven handbook.
4.) Hunting.
5.) Band practice and concerts.
6.) Football games I have to attend.
7.) I have to read for a grade in one class while at the same time I'm reading all of these stories on HBO, I'm reading Tom Clancy The Teeth of the Tiger, The Stone Cold Truth.
8.) I'm studying Spanish at home.
9.) I'm taking key boarding lessons.
10.) I have to work out, bench pressing, curling, running, push ups, chin ups, diamond push ups, butterfly machine, leg pressing, lifting, military presses, sit ups, and that takes up a lot of time.
11.) School.
12.) Career Orientation.
13.) Projects.
14.) Book talks.
15.) Chores around the house and yard, and damn them leaves.

Well, lets just say the school, work, and other activities are really taking up my writing time.
11:32 pm | October 28, 2003
Well, first off, I find it hard to beleive that a Spartan would spend his time sitting around. If he can't go out there and bring the fight to the enemy, he could at least help work out some of the base's defense systems, work as a radioman, or some other form of work. Most of these guys are trained to do just about anything. A jack of all trades, but a master of none, save fighting. But that doesn't mean they would suck at other jobs. After that, when he was summoned, they had his name, Spartan-250, so they would have said his full rank, Master Chief Petty Officer. There's probably a class ranking after that, but I don't have a copy of TFOR with me (I loaned mine to a friend) so if you were going for the same rank as the MC, you shoulda used that. After that, it was okay, until you tied Halo into it. Halo bad. Halo its own story. Halo not for you. Bad Halo! Anyway, pretty good. 8.5/10. Practice makes better, and you haven't had much lately.

Semper Fi


PS: CLB? ;)
Alpha Lance
10:50 pm | October 28, 2003
Well, I hope it is any good. I check over for grammer and spelling, so if I miss anything, please tell me.
Alpha Lance
10:50 pm | October 28, 2003
Well, I hope it is any good. I check over for grammer and spelling, so if I miss anything, please tell me.