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Destiny is Calling
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 15 October 2003, 3:16 AM

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Alright, here is a new poem from me. Now, this may seem like a rap song, and it kinda is. But it is a poem, you can read it like a rap song. But, this is a poem, mostly.

Destiny is Calling

I've been lost in a wake of mistakes
Trying to find what's been happenin'
Fighting my endless war
Never giving up my pride and my

Never getting better
Tripping over mistakes after mistakes
Trying to hold
To one last thing

My life
My future
My dignity

Looking for destiny
Man, this is destiny

To survive
To strive
To be victorious

Against one thing
I see standing in my way

What's wrong with them?
They say we're struggle
To their Gods
That we are a stain on humanity

Why be so hypercritical?


They are fighting
Beating us in battles
Destroying the thing I have

My soul
My pride
My destiny

But I'm relentless

For it's my life
My future
My game
My fight


I use to be calm
I use to be generous
But all gout's to change

'Cause I'm just plain out ruthless
Punishing them Covs
With ease
With calmness

Without remorse!
I eliminate them
One by one

Fade to black


Y'know it

I'm fighting
Since less

It's all ruthless
Ruthless aggression!

Come on Covies
Vengeance is over due
Time for pay back!

And it is all for her

I'm fighting for her
Saving her
My home will have all

A future
A life
A since of pride

A will to survive
But in the end
It's all destiny/waiting