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Alpha Lance
7:42 pm | October 17, 2003
No! West Memphis Blue Imps are bringin' the pain.
12:56 am | October 17, 2003
Murphy High School REPRESENT!!!

One o' da best schools in da COUNTRY!!!
Alpha Lance
7:32 pm | October 16, 2003
I go to a publis school called West Jr. High.
7:21 pm | October 16, 2003
Anyone else here know what I meant by that?

Drink you under the table-Outdrink your opponent.

Now you're a smart, well-dressed private schooled individual, let's see if you can figure it out.
Sergeant B
7:10 pm | October 16, 2003
I don't understand you Mainevent.... Under the table? Think there? It's just one hell of an answer!
10:42 am | October 16, 2003
I go to public school. But we could still think you under the table.
3:34 am | October 16, 2003
Public. Sergeant B is a prep! Heh heh, we forgive you.
Sergeant B
12:52 am | October 16, 2003
What school do you public boys go to? A public school or Private. Me, private school.
9:27 pm | October 15, 2003
Criterion Reference Tests
8:22 pm | October 15, 2003
We just call 'em CRT's
Alpha Lance
8:22 pm | October 15, 2003
Alpha Lance
7:48 pm | October 15, 2003
Yeah, I figure I kinda of mess this on up. Oh well, just so y'know. I wrote this in the middle of my nine weeks test. Thanks man.
11:24 am | October 15, 2003
Ah, don't play us Alpha Lance, you know that was some kinda rap. Anyways, it was pretty musical. 9.2/10, I guess, because of a few misspellings and I'm pretty sure you changed up some words and referred to the Covies as human, or at least that we're a stain on humanity... a stain on ourselves? Anyway, it was great, I look forward to more of your "raps".

Semper Fi