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Halo Trilogy: Fighting and Remembrance (Chapter VI)
Posted By: Alpha Lance<AlphaLance619@aol.com>
Date: 28 September 2003, 10:57 PM

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Halo Trilogy
Fighting and Remembrance (Chapter VI)

2:07:25 September 30, 2552 (Shadow's mission clock)/
London, Great Britain.

       Shadow and the other men walk slowly, but cautiously with their hands griped tightly around their guns and their finger rested firmly on the trigger. All of a sudden, a fear flooded over Shadow. Not a fear of dying or facing the Covenant, but a fear of knowing the truth. The truth, he feared the truth, to know his past, to remember a dark secret. He didn't want to find out why his father was meeting all of these Israelis. Slowly the fear started to fade when heard the sound of battle; a loud reminder on what his mission is all about.

       "Shadow!" Kelly yelled over load sounds of Longswords flying overhead. "The Covenant is starting to open up again!"

       Swarms of Covenant stormed down the streets of London, loud explosions from pounds of bombs being dropped on Wraith tanks echoed all through the skies. Covenant troops fall to the ground from continuous shots from Jake's sniper rifle. Shadow, Kelly, and Ken fire at a unit of grunts and Jackals; two marines and three resistance group members follow three Elites into a semi demolish Café. A Marine fired a SMG at an Elite, eating away its shield. Slowly the Elite shield is knock off, blood spills out of the wounds of the Elite, slowly and painfully, the Elite is died.

       A Jackal fired an over charge plasma shot, impacting a Marines head; the head explodes. Ken fired a three round burst into a Brute's head, a grenade—from Shadow— explodes killing three Jackals. A single sniper plasma rifle burst killed a Marine not looking at what he is doing. "Sniper!" A Marine yelled watching his fellow comrade fall to the unforgiving ground. Once again, the Elite Covenant sniper took out one more life, this time it was a resistance group member, the plasma sniper burst went straight through the British man's heart.

       "I gouts you little bastard," Jake said, shooting a single shot an Elite's head. The Elite felled to the ground without much noise.

       "Come on, eat it." A Marine fired last of his magazine into a Brute's chest.

       Finally a Scorpion tank came treaded in and two Warthogs came rushing in taking out the last Covenant troop. "The cavalry has arrived," a Marine said triumphing.

       A Major named Walker Myers stepped out of a Warthog's passenger seat walking up to Shadow. "Well―a Spartan."

       "Major," Shadow said.

       "I got some good news," he said. "The Covenant numbers here is cut down to about ninety. Victory will be ours."

       "Good." Good, that is all Shadow said looking off in a different direction. Shadow started to walk off to the next battleground; Kelly and his men follow, as Ken and Walker got in two different Warthogs. One with a cannon on the back and the other one with a LAAG on it. The Scorpion took off with three Marines on the sides, some of the resistance group member's stayed behind.

       As Shadow got on the last empty spot on the Scorpion, he thought back to his training in the Spartan II project. He thought back on how and his unit—consists of one girl and two boys, named Johnny Carter, Trish Heard, and Eric Cole—played these games like Capture the Flag, Relay Races, and a odd game named Oddball. These games did help them become good fighters and team players.

       "I see them little Covies," a Marine said as Shadow came back to reality. He looks behind him then in front of him. He could see them two Warthog firing hundreds of rounds at the Covenant.

       Shadow leaps off of the tank zooming in at a Hunter charging up its fuel rod gun. Deciding not to shoot, he ordered the Scorpion tank drivers to blast him. The Scorpion took careful aim at the mammoth beast. In a blink of an eye, the shell went screaming out of the cannon blowing up the Hunter, sky high. A Special ops Elite threw a plasma grenade at a Warthog with Major Myers on it. Quickly, the three men franticly got the Warthog, watching it explode in flames.

       Major Myers counterstriked the Elite by tossing a grenade himself. "So that's how you want to play it!" He yelled, tossing a grenade under the Elite's body. The Elite tried to jump out of the way, but the fuse on the grenade ran out, exploding, sending the Elite in every direction.

       The Scorpion took out the last of the Covenant with the steady but load shots of the cannon. "Shadow," Jake said over the COM channel. "We got some Covenant to your east."

       "Roger," Shadow replied. "There is Covenant to the east," he said to ken and Kelly.

       "All right," Major Myers said, "I going to Sector 12—a sector that is actually a very large mall—to clear up that place."

       "All right," Shadow said. "Take the tank and Warthog."

       Shadow, Ken, Kelly, and three Marines that is part of their unit headed off to west. Major Myers got aboard the Warthog heading to the mall, the Scorpion tank followed, running a little behind the 'Hog. Shadow and his men didn't really run to the next sector. But they jog; they jog to save some energy for the next battle. It was one of the first things Shadow learned in the Spartan II project. His drill instructor—named Dan Walter—always said a little thing when the other trainees complained about how they were tired: Your already dead if your tired. Shadow didn't think it was much of anything, but it was true to life. So it stuck to him, he learned many things from his instructor about warfare and teamwork. One of the most valuable lessons he learns was to have faith in others; he thought it was one of the most valuable things to learn. But many Marines think that to never give up was the most valuable thing to learn, which was also true to life. "Shadow," Kelly called to him.

       "What is it?"

       "Do you ever wonder that this war is a waste of time?"

       " 'Coarse I do," he replied. "Everyday it is the same, and we aren't getting any better, life isn't getting any better. But you soon find out that life is nothing but a chess game. We're like pawns in an everlasting game that is at a stalemate. But, we Marines were put on this planet for one thing, to serve and protect."

       "True," a Marine said.

       The unit started to see plasma and tracers zip back and forth. It was a small group of resistance group members fighting a Covenant unit bigger and stronger. "Lets go!" Ken yelled.

       Fiercely the unit pounces on the Covenant. Ken fired his MA5B assault rifle taking out a Grunt and two Jackals with one magazine. A Marine stepped in side an door way of and building to give him a little cover fire when he look behind him to find an red Elite standing behind him. Reacting out of fear, he fell down on the floor moving back trying to get away. "P-p-please don't kill me," the scared Marine said.

       The Elite raised his plasma rifle over his head; quickly he came down clubbing the Marine in the head. The Marine fell over on the ground, as blood dripped out of his mouth. The Elite ran out of the building pointing at Shadow and saying, "you're next," in a Gothic voice.

       "Next in line to kill you!" Shadow retorted loudly.

       The Elite shot Shadow several times bringing down his shield to 75%. Shadow rolled to his left—an evading move he learn in the Spartan II project—getting on one knee taking the Elite down with nineteen shots. Ken quickly took out an Elite with the rest of his clip; he jammed a freash clip into his weapon a killed an Grunt. A Marine took a grenade and chunk it at three Jackals, BAM! The grenade exploded taking out the Jackals. The last Covenant troop was a Grunt stop dead in his tracks severing in fear. "O please don't kill me," the Grunt pleaded for mercy, wishing now he wasn't a Covenant troop.

       "Hey you, Marine," Shadow called out.

       "Yes sir," the Marine replied.

       "Tie this here Grunt up."

       "Yes sir." The Marine walked over to the Grunt and tied its hands together with a nylon rope.

       Shadow slowly heard the sounds of many multiple Pelicans. Slowly he saw about twenty Pelicans and silhouettes of Pelican flying overhead. One Pelican flew closer to Shadows area, the Pelican hovered down to the ground. Five Marines ran out of the Pelican as Shadow watch. "All right," a female voice said over the COM channel to Shadow, "y'all can now get aboard."

       "What?" A Marine said confusedly. "We get to leave now...alright."

       "Come on Marine, I guest or mission is done now," Shadow said.

       The entire unit and the captured Grunt got aboard the Pelican; soon as they were all seated Shadow walked in the cockpit and said, "there is an sniper on that clock tower over there."

       "Okay, I will swoop in and pick him up," the pilot said.

       Slowly the Pelican lifted off of the ground, heading to Jake. The Pelican got close to the top of the clock tower as Jake got aboard. "Why are we leaving?" Jake asks.

       Shadow looks at Jake and said, " 'cause the corp. brought more reinforcement, and we get to go back to the British base not far from here. You know, to get a little R&R, you better be happy."

       "I'm happy, I'm happy," Jake said as the Pelican head towards the base called Churchill IV.

1300 hours September 30, 2552 (Military calendar)/
Portsmouth, England, Churchill IV.

       "Whew," Kelly sighed sitting down at a table with Shadow. "Glad that's over."

       "Yes," Shadow said. "Many casualties."

       Kelly looks down sad for the fallen men. "Yes indeed. But that won't stop me, my dad had this saying, 'even if you get your ass kicked in a fight, get back up, brush the dirt off of you, and fight another day.'"

       "Good saying," Shadow said.

       Kelly took a deep breath, "well...he told me that when I lost a fight back in the 6th grade. He told me his little saying, and the next day when I went back to school, I went up to that kid and knocked him right out. Yup, I punched him so hard in his nose, that he transfers to another school."

       Shadow chuckled, "that's funny as hell. The only fight I every got in was with another kid back in the Spartan II project. We were playing chess, and this kid never losses. But I had beaten him for the first time, and that kid got so mad and jealous that he flips the chess table over. Then I got up and he got up, and all of the other kids gather around to see what would. Well, he threw the first punch, hitting me my check. I came around with my right fist, smacking him right in his jaw. And then the kids from both team side—which was called Blue team and Red team, Shadow was Blue team—came up and held both of us back. Then my drill instructor came up and told us that we couldn't eat super for two days."

       "Harsh, and he did all of that over an chess game," Kelly said.

       "Yeah," Shadow said. " But we joke about that incident today. Well, I guest I will go and take a little nap."

       "Same here," Kelly agreed.

       Shadow walk into his sleeping quarters and lie down on a bed. Looking up at a rotating fan slowly doze him off to sleep. After five minutes, he went into REM sleep.

       "Go to sleep son," a woman ordered, the woman was Shadow's mom. She had blond hair and blue eyes.

       "But why?"

       "Because I told you to." The woman stepped out of the room, closing the door.

       After she left, the little boy—which was Shadow—got out of bed and slowly opened the door, disobeying his mother. He tip toed out of the room and went up to the room his father and mother was in. He got down on the floor, hiding, trying to listen to what they were talking about.

       "Listen dear, they somehow figure out that I work for the CIA, they some how found out, and now the Israeli leader is after me. He is sending men to try and assonate me, but that is going to be hard for them to do."

       "O God Henry," the woman said, she started to cry as she laid her head down into her husband's arms. "Should we tell our son?"

       "No Helen, its best if we just move out of here."

       Slowly Shadow jolted his head up, damn, he thought. He got up and went out his room. Thump, thump, thump, Shadow was beating on Kelly's door. "All right, all right, I'm coming.

       Kelly opens his door to find Shadow standing there. Kelly walks out of his room and asked, "what is Shadow?"

       "I remembered."

       Kelly and Shadow went into the lounge room. Kelly grabs a cup of coffee, Folgers coffee, no sugar and no cream. Just plain black coffee, the way he likes it. He sat down in front of Shadow and looked at him as he took a sip of coffee. "So, what do you remember?" Kelly asked.

       "It's like this, I was in my room and my mom told me to go to sleep. When she left, I got up and went and hide next to the doorway in the room they were in. I listen to what they were saying, and my father said the Israeli leader was after him after they found out that my father was CIA or something. Also, their first names are Helen and Henry."

       "I got nothing to say," Kelly said. "Maybe you should go back to sleep."

       "Yeah, you're right, but I'm not even sure if that story was real." Shadow said, walking back to his sleeping quarters.

To be continued...

Author's Note:Sorry if my story seem a little rusty, but I do hope that you have enjoyed my story. And if anyone has a question, feel free to ask, as long as it isn't an flaming question.

-Alpha Lance