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The Truth and Reconciliation
Posted By: Alex geer<alexg678910@yahoo.com>
Date: 10 April 2003, 1:06 AM

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OOC This will be translated from the Covenant language. Also the first part has spaces because I have seen that i n books.


A k l a x o n s o u n d e d o n C o v e n a n t c r u i s e r T r u t h a n d R e c o n c i l i a t i o n . " A L L W A R R I O R S T O M A I N H O L D. M A IN T E N AC E S EA L O F F A R EA 19!!". C o m m a n d e r K o r o n i s w a s d i s p l e a s e d . T h i s n e w i n f e s t a t i o n w a s t r o u b l i n g t h e w a r r i o r s a n d a n g e r i n g t h e c o u n c i l . He was in a "foul mood" (as the dispraiser usually is. He had killed a councilman just a ghoasd (12 standard days human) ago). These...things... were taking over the ship. They were infesting warriors. This time it was worse. The entire half of the ship had been sealed off (Area 19 was the laser bridge area) Your Violentness, the Dispraiser has called for you. Koronis' mood changed to nervousness."I can not stand for this longer, Koronis"."*Gulp* Yes your Excellency." The dispraiser was on the holocom."You must rid us of these new thorns in our sides."Said the Dispraiser (he was in a foul mood)"M'My lord they are weak as a human but they are numerous as the grains of iojvf in huib bread."I am sending my Black Hunter Guard to... help you".

A sound like defcon-1 blared through the Cruiser (again). An elite walked calmly into the Engine Room, plasma rifle in hand. He raised it casually and pointed it a tech."Sir; you're looking a little green. Maybe you should-"The plasma incinerated his head like a sug-hig bug on a das maggot. He pulled out a plasma grenade and turned to the engine...

A shudder ran through the TaR." What was that!" Yelled Koronis. "Sir Engines are down." Yelled a grunt." Damnation! He pulled out his Crystal plated Energy Sword and dismembered the grunt in anger."ARGHHH!" A hunter was charging him from behind while a group of elites came from left. In one fluid motion he grabbed the hunter's fuel rod gun and fired it at the elites while pushing his sword through the head of the hunter. "What's with these guys?" Koronis said in a embarrassingly human way."They have been infested by the new aliens milord" said a 343 Guilty Spark." Ahh yes..." I knew that, you imbecilic computer"
"Aghh""get me my elite suit.""Yes my lord" in minutes Koronis was suited up with his sword and a high-energy plasma rifle. Another shudder ran through the TaR "Sir," an elite reported"humans have docked the ship." "Where?" " Area 19""bring up a view. The holo showed a group of marines walking into the engine room.

OOC this part switches over to the marines telling the story


"What's with that elite" PFC Melnikov said?"I don't want to" said Captain George "Sarge" McRoy. Suddenly, the Elite started to get up."What the smurf!" Said Peaches."Smurf?" Said Melnikov. Those were Melnikov's last words as his spinal cord cracked like dry sticks. Oh my ****ing god" howled Sarge. He expended an entire clip into the Elite's head. It slumped to the ground. It lay there, still. The marines looked at it.

It got back up.

"********** ***** *** ***** *** ****** ***** ******** *** *** ** ***** * *** **** ****!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" Svitak hit it with the butt of his assault rifle while Janus stuck a nade' into its dismembered bowels. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" yelled Peaches. The Marines dove to the side. The grenade disintegrated the Elite. "That was something unholy." Said Sarge. "Since when have you gotten all preachy?" Asked Janus. "Since now."

Suddenly a squealing filled the room the Marines were standing in. "What was that?" Said Peaches. "Oh god." said Sarge.

The door broke to pieces." Fire at will, men!" Screamed Sarge. "It's like a friggin' wall of em', man!" "More like a flood, man!" ( Hence the name)


Game over, man, game over!!

lol that one cutscene in Guilty Spark level just reminded me of the movie aliens(or alien1 or 3 i dont remember)


Oh god, man. I'm outta here. Janus ran for the door he was overrun by the aliens and slumped against the door. Suddenly Sarge had an idea. "Grenades ,men!". The grenades took out most of them but the last few killed off the rest of the squad except for Sarge(who went crazy. Remember the man with the pistol sitting up against the wall?) and Svitak (the last marine in the entire game!). Sarge started to shoot at Svitak. He hit Sarge with the butt of his gun and he slumped against the wall.

Da' end.

hoped u like it might make sequel if this gets posted! :-)