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Comments for 'The Truth and Reconciliation'

12:09 am | April 12, 2003
What in gods name is this stuff?
9:41 pm | April 11, 2003
I feel sorry for some people alot of people on here don't read stories with bad comments they just write a bad comment and I'm not saying anything but make sure you read the story before commenting. Also if you don't feel good enough commenting on a story with your pen name don't do it!
This story sucks my balls
9:25 pm | April 11, 2003
i think that is self-explanatory
1:21 pm | April 11, 2003
This story is the most fucked up I have ever seen in my life. Boy go away to fanfiction.net or somewhere as long as its not here. It was also a little funny a guy sticking a grenade up an Elite's ass and you should go back to 1st grade and learn how to spell in one part you spelled in i n. Boy what the hell? Confused pointless plot and hella bad spelling makes me never want to read another story from you unless reccomended.
James Kinsella
10:37 am | April 11, 2003
"Janus stuck a nade' into its dismembered bowels."
Do you have ANY idea how fucking gross that is? The guy put a grenade up an elite's ass. That is fucking gross. Maybe that's what Traumatised Marine meant when he said, "personal notes." Please dont ever write that again.
Traumatised Marine
6:34 am | April 11, 2003
You dip in and out of the fic, making a lot of poorly distinguished personal notes.

I look for something nice to say, but this really strikes me as a rather pointless story with an uninspiring title...
2:09 am | April 11, 2003
An erronous plot makes for an erronous post. Try playing Halo...
1:06 am | April 11, 2003
I'd have to agree I got confused.
James Kinsella
12:50 am | April 11, 2003
Little confusing, and a little out there. You do know the Truth and Reconciliation was destroyed on Halo, don't you? Send the next one in soon, I guess...