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The Outer Limits (A Marine's Tale) chap 1
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 6 May 2002, 9:24 pm

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     " Engage emergency thrusters" yelled Captain Jacob Keys. " Yes Sir" said the navigation officer on the U.N.S.C ship Outlander. " MAC guns at 100% sir" said the weapons officer. " Fire a heavy round private" said Captain Keys. " It's a hit" yelled one of the officers in charge of visuals. The shield on the covenant ship flickered and died out. " Brace for impact" yelled a bridge officer. The ship shook wildly and knocked captain Keys to the ground he broke his fall by grabbing a pole. " Cortana, where are we hit and how bad is it" asked Captain Keys. A Hologram woman popped up on the table and says we were hit hard in sections 3-4 it's burning through them. " Firs archer missiles" said captain keys to the weapons officer. He looked out the window and says hundreds of little missiles flying into space with exhaust tails trailing behind it. Right before they hit the covenant ship let a huge plasma shot out that was heading for us. The archer missiles hit and the covenant ship exploded. Just then the plasma shot hit the ship in the back burning through it. "That finished off sections 3-5" said cortana. " Everybody please make your way to the nearest life boat" said Captain Keys over the COMM system. He ran down to the cryo-chamber and had the engineers wake up the Spartans. He and all the Spartans got in a lifeboat with cortana in captain Keys's COMM system. All the marines got in lifeboats and headed for earth except for 5 lifeboats filled with 20 marines each.
     They were headed into space they were set off course by the explosion of the covenant ship. All 100 marines in the 5 lifeboats headed off to a distant planet. 2 Days later they were entering a huge planet that had greenish bluish soil. Brace for Impact in 10 seconds. One of the marines the highest rank there a General named Kevin Williams said " This is it Marines here we go". Crash all 5-life boats crashed with not more than 3 seconds apart from each other. Kevin got up and asked everyone if they were ok. He got a bombardment of yea yes and yup. He got out and swung his assault rifle around making sure it was all clear. The pilot died his blood was splashed all around the cockpit. Just then Kevin heard a large piece of debris falling out of the sky all though it wasn't debris and 5 followed it more. They landed and He got the other marines in the other 4 lifeboats.
      They went over they were supply vessels that were probably knocked here just like we were. They opened them and got the ammo first. They got 60 Jackhammer rocket launchers, 400 assault rifles, 375 shotguns, 400 M6D pistols, and 50 sniper rifles. They then brought out the crates of ammo and supplies. Then they brought out the warthogs, and tanks. It summed up to 3o warthogs and 15 tanks. They then cut up the lifeboats and made a large base. Set up the crates for cover in front and placed them 3 crates then a I crate long space then 3 more so they could park the warthogs backwards so the guns were facing outwards. Then they set up a patrol of tanks and stationed tanks. They got a huge amount of ammo. After they had been there for 5 months the radio wasn't working and they didn't dare go out wandering. But one day Kevin was taking a ride in a warthog when lifeboats and supply ships landed again. He found out who hey are and how they got there. After that they had as good a base as any over 500 marines. They had enough ammo to take almost any covenant fleet. One day they were looking out and saw what seemed like a horizontal line of what seemed like a purple ocean rushing towards them it was purplish. Everybody kept saying how beautiful it was until they started falling to the ground dead. " It's the covenant" yelled Kevin. They started firing the warthog guns and the tanks snipers from everywhere and lines of 70 jackhammer rockets from launchers flying towards them blowing everything near them to pieces. Enemy tanks ghosts infantry elites, jackals, grunts, hunters. Transports, drop ships, and banshees were coming in. We were fighting like mad when then 40 loud booms shot to my ears. When we saw missiles flying towards them. I turned around and saw 40 or more tanks in line taking care of the enemy artillery. They kept coming and we kept firing until there infantry reached ours. It was hell blood of all colors flying everywhere it was so gory you couldn't tell whether what you say was just a spray of blood or a thing covered in something else's blood.