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Comments for 'The Outer Limits (A Marine's Tale) chap 1'

1:03 am | June 19, 2003
dude, ever heard of grammar and spellcheck? jeez kid. go to kidergarted plz.
1:03 am | June 19, 2003
i mean kindergarten
1:03 am | June 19, 2003
and the thing with 400 ar. dude get reasonable.
12:34 am | May 10, 2002
YOur story could use some work...NOt what I'm writing about. No ones gonna read the story if you tick everyone off. I'd suggest taking the advice.
10:55 am | May 9, 2002
i wrote this in 25 mins i know it sucks just i really dont care i just like halo and couldnt care less if its good i enjoy doing it and have never written a story before these 4 stories
10:53 am | May 9, 2002
i can beat halo in a day this is before halo if you've read this story there are more than one spartan learn to read
1:30 am | May 9, 2002
AGS im sorry but I have to agree with them again. You need to get your facts straight before you write. You also need to check your grammer. My first and second parts weren't written good but I learned. You need to work on it. Keep trying
8:51 pm | May 8, 2002
Im gonna agree with Ryan about all topics by AGSbladderboy.
1:59 pm | May 8, 2002
Yet again, another demonstration of very poor grammar, misuse of proper story-line, and most importantly a waste of bytes. First of all, cursing is premitted here - to a point. People do not seem to abuse that privilige, and use it moderately most of the time. Sorry Louis, but this is another one I think should be removed promptly; it is an insult to HBO.
9:59 pm | May 7, 2002
yea, he's right Bladderboy, keyes is pretty dead. also i dont know what kind of life boats those were but the ones in the game could only hold like 10 passengers, also 15 tanks and 30 warthogs, 400 ARs thats a shit load of supplies for only 200 marines. grammer is pretty rough and the story is skippy at times, 5 months passed in one line. you got the right idea just put more effort into your stories. sorry for all the negitave criticism :\\
9:03 pm | May 7, 2002
Keyes is dead!! Haven't you finished Halo yet??