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The awakening (life of a Spartan) chap 2
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 4 May 2002, 6:54 pm

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     One by one the Spartans suited up. Once all of them were in the presence of the master Chief again he brought them to the ammo room. Each Spartan took a standard M9D pistol, a MA5B assault rifle, and a M90 shotgun. Then they load up on ammo. One Spartan grabs a medical kit; he notices she has a Medic sign on her helmet. The Master Chief carries his own M90 shotgun, and Ma5b assault rifle and a concealed M9D pistol.
     They fall into line as he debriefs them just incase they weren't paying attention during the previous mission briefing. "We are to isolate floors 1 and 2 and seal them off so we can land the ship without worrying about being over run with flood or covenant, then we will get ourselves into an escape pod and blast ourselves to earth". "Any questions"? Nobody made a sound or move. "Good then move out"! One by one they run down the halls covering each other moving like one thing the master chief watched them work together watching each others back at least 2 squads of elites and special operation grunt were knocked out with out even touching the Spartans. This happens because of the cover they are supported with nothing could escape the watch of the 5 Spartans. The Spartans here 2 loud roars and a shot as one of the Spartans was thrown away into another Spartan as a reflex the Spartan that was hit by the hurdling Spartan fired right into the other Spartan spraying blood everywhere. The Master chief jumped and rolled and set on one knee firing his assault rifle at the 2 hunters charging at them. The other 3 capable Spartans turn and start to fire as well. Then All of a sudden they both fall and blood squirts all over the floor. Behind them stood 2 marines holding a MA5B assault rifle, and a M9D pistol. They had shot the hunters in the un-armored spot on there back. This was a discovery made by the master chief in a run in with a few hunters on Halo.
     "Good work marines" said the master chief. Just then one fell to the ground revealing a large wound on the side of him. Then the other they had been in a fight with other infested marines although these marines weren't infested. The master chief inspected their wounds. " Buck shot from the flood he bled to death internally". As the other 2 hurt Spartans raised up to the ground the medic helps them one had a punctured lung from one of the ribs than because they cannot break was shifted and was punctured. "This Spartan is in deep shit if we don't help him Sir"! "You" said the master chief escort this Spartan to the medical center. "How is the other one"? " He's fine but his armor is burnt from the fuel rod cannon shot but nothing serious". " Ok back to work Spartans he'll be fine". Lets go"! They come to a turn and they see plasma shot and bullets fly by and just as one of the Spartans attempts to walk out a rocket flies by the master chief grabs him and pulls him back. " Are you nuts soldier you walk out there you're as good as dead". " We go around it and hit them from behind, but we need to split up ok, Kevin and Jacob you to go that was and me and Kelley go this was". As they turn to run the master chief notices that he is sprinting and she is at a slow jog. The only time he had ever seen this happen is when he was running along side his friend Kelley back in training. He shook the ideas out of his head and concentrated again. They came to a stop and used his COM unit to radio the other guys. " Hey Spartans you at the corner where the next turn leads to them"? "Yup were there". " Ok when you see a grenade explosion that's the signal to go and mow them down ok". " Rodger". The master chief took 2 grenades pulled the pin off them and threw them in the center of the fight. 6 dead bodies flew away as blood as usual splattered everywhere. A Grunt with a needler was walking by and some blood squirted into his eyes he squealed and ran blindly into the master chief that grabbed it by the arms picked it up and slammed it against a wall just hard enough to knock it out. There was something different about this grunt he had insignias on him that seemed to show that he was a captain. He put him under his arm jumped out and started a short spray of gunfire at the other aliens Kelley did the same. Since the other 2 Spartans had jumped out first all the aliens were firing at them so the master chief and Kelley were firing at there backs they were cut down into pieces by the time the master chief gave out the order to seize fire. He effortlessly with one hand put the grunt in Kelley's hand. He walked up to a fatigued elite. It raised it gun to hit him. Just as it swung the master chief Grabbed his fore arm and twisted it until it sickly had snapped and rotated 4 times in a circle. He let go and the elite fell to the ground it limp arm untwisted and the elite howled in pain as it entire side of its body seemed useless. He got it on its knees and kneed it sharply in the chin easily breaking its cheek, nose, jaw, and several green circular hard objects possibly its teeth out of its mouth it coughed up blood and said something in its native language. " May the god's forever curse you and be damned eternally to the fires of the prison of all god's". " O shut up you son of a bitch" as the master chief punched it fracturing its skull and instantly killing it. They then set explosives on the floors and locked all the doors so the explosion wouldn't go throughout the entire ship. They then had 3 minutes to get in an escape pod and down to earth. They pilled in and strapped up. Just then the master chief thought of the marines down on the covenant home world. The coordinates were already set to the master chiefs surprised yet pleased comfort. He fond something strange about the numbers but thought nothing of it. It was just then that he realized that there was a pilot in the cockpit but it was limp and dead. There was blood everywhere in the cockpit. Just the he realized this was one of the pods sent to the covenant home world that why he thought of it his HUD picked up the incorrect data and he read it with out thinking and he thought about it. "Every body get off this is the wrong ship," yelled the master chief. " TO LATE" screamed one of the Spartans! IT took off to the covenant home world where many marines were fighting courageously. 3 days later the rations in the pod were gone and they were approaching the planet. Impact in 10 everybody. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. Brace for impact! 1. The ship starts rumbling and then crashes to the ground. " Everybody ok" asked master chief urgently? " Yes sir". Answered many voices. They stepped out onto the barren blue ground of the covenant home world. Just the 3 wart hogs, and 2 Scorpion tanks pulled up. " Hold it". " Who are you, drop your weapons"? " I am Spartan John 117 also known as master chief"! " Put down your weapons before I arrest you for disrespecting a Superior officer soldier"! " Sorry sir we cant take any chances anymore with all these flood infested vessels coming down anymore". " Take me to central command, now"! " Sir yes Sir"! All the Spartans hopped a wart hog. And followed the marines to base. " Good morning sir" said the commanding officer here. " Good morning".