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Comments for 'The awakening (life of a Spartan) chap 2'

10:53 am | May 16, 2002
Exept for the start and some confusing parts, this is really good. You have some potential, just try to make it better, you can do it.
2:08 pm | May 8, 2002
You have some potential. Just listen to our advice, and make an effort to adhere to it. We know what we're talking about, believe it or not.
2:54 am | May 6, 2002
It's good but needs some more detail and please, please make some paragraphs. Thanks its fine except for those keep writing them you'll get it.
12:45 am | May 6, 2002
hey c'mon sombody post a comment tell what ya feel so i can work on it
10:39 pm | May 5, 2002
Started off slow and got confusing in parts, but a really good ending. Enjoed reading it...