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The awakening (life of a Spartan) chap 1
Posted By: agsbladerboy55<AGSbladerboy55@aol.com>
Date: 27 April 2002, 8:35 pm

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A sizzling crackle forms and is sent to the ears of Spartan john 117 also known as Master chief. It is 10 years after the destruction of the Halo. And many improvements have come across the Spartans. New HUD systems, Upgraded weapons, and armor, they are physically enhanced body movement lets them run up to 80 mph. The armor weight has been reduced although the armor is more efficient and can take much more abuse than the old armor. There shields are more rechargeable and can have a back up system, if the shields die it can generate a weak shield for the amount of time it takes to regenerate although it can not take much it still gives them a few seconds of heavy fire. Even with all these upgrades for the master chief they also have been assigned 5 more Spartans. Although earth is doing well technologically it also has another enemy, the flood id free to move from planet to planet. But it is not only a threat to us but to the covenant as well. The master chief walks into his sleeping quarters. He walks by a case in which it holds the M90 shotgun and the Ma5b assault rifle that saved his life in the fight against the flood on halo. He always keeps it loaded. He takes a standard issue of the upgraded m6d pistol the M9d pistol it is equipped with semi armor piercing bullets ammo count 23 fires up to 2x magnification on an automatic or semi-automatic fire. He slips it into a holster and walks slowly down a hall. To the Command station, He greets Captain Howitzer and Dr.Halsley. "Good morning Master Chief." Said captain Howitzer. "Good morning Captain." Responds Master chief. We are in trouble Master Chief The covenant fleet is right on our tale we tried to out run them but the caught us in slip space and tore right through the hole we left in it. They hit us with 2 boarding vessels and one was infested with the flood virus. So we have covenant and flood right on top of us we are taking the Virginia down. " But sir you cant take a UNSC ship down on earth with covenant on our tails and flood in our ship." Said master chief. Master chief we have run out of options we can kill all communications within their ships and draw them in. We can't handle them alone. "But sir" said master chief... " There is one other way." Said captain Howitzer. "What is it Captain?" asked Master Chief. We can evacuate all personnel on the ship and send The Virginia away without navigation. You mean we abandon ship and let the follow it? " That's exactly what I'm saying." Lets do it! " Master Chief first I'm gonna need you to get the other Spartans and get rid of our little flood problem." Said captain Howitzer. " Ok how many are there they have overrun the first and second floors of the Virginia". Ok let's go! The master chief starts sprinting down the halls at 60 mph when he sees 2 marines with little aliens that look like bugs burrowing into there bodies. He had seen a lot of ugly things before and he knew that they were being infested. He walked up to them and stomped on the spot of their body where the flood was burrowing crushing ones rib cage and the alien host. The other one was already starting to decay he stepped on his neck and crushed the organs in his neck including the spinal chord. As he keeps walking he finds some more marines in good health. They follow him just as he turns a corner an infested elite jumps at him swings his weapon in an attempt to hit him in the head. The Master chief ducks with lightning fast reflexes comes back up punching him hard in the face forcing a chunk of the aliens chin to fly off, almost instantly the marines here 6 loud bangs and before they even had a chance to see what happened the alien fell to the ground with 6 deep bullet holes in it. The Master Chief turns to them with a M9D pistol in his hand. He then emptied the rest of the clip into its gut to ensure safety from past experiences with flood suddenly jumping up after he shot them and really leveling in the back of the head at times. He keeps on walking down the halls. The marines just stand there and try to remember what just happened. It is all a blur due to the speed of it all they couldn't even see what happened. They come into the sleeping quarters of the rookie Spartans. Spartan Bruce 218, Spartan Jacob 239, Spartan Kelley 167, Spartan Kevin 247, and Spartan Jeffery 299. The Spartan Kelley reminded him of a friend that he had a long time ago in training when he was young. She had died during the fall of the planet Reach. They all assembled and snapped to attention and greeted him with a sharp salute. At ease Spartans I am guessing you all know the opposition and mission? " Sir Yes Sir!" Shouted all five of them. Well than suite up its gonna get messy. Fall out, Move Move Move!

If you enjoyed this please e-mail me at the given e-mail address at the title and please spread the word this is my first entry. For more info on the master chief his training and his old friend Kelley please consult the fall of reach a novel.