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Shadow Spartans, Chapter Two: The Story
Posted By: Agent Shade and Arinoth Koby<Agent_Shade13@hotmail.com, stklego@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 July 2003, 12:42 AM

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~*Authors' note*~

      Chapter 1: Combat Ready: http://halo.bungie.org/fanfic/?story=agent_shade_.0626030017051.html
If you haven't read Chapter 1, read it to better understand this chapter
We've added in a few little funny lines to make this story a little more enjoyable...not that it already isn't, but a little comedy wouldn't hurt. Cheers

~*End note*~

      CEO Katherine Campbell sat in the very back of the modified Pelican dropship "Firestorm" which she herself had designed and built. She was the chief executive officer of the organization known as Shadow Tech, a non-government organization which was paid by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) to research, design and create a weapon to be used by the UNSC in their fight against the Covenant threat. A total sum of around fifty trillion dollars was given to Shadow Tech, which successfully created the Shadow Spartans.

      Since the Shadow Spartans had just recently been made public, Katherine was traveling to Naval Base Gamma to help out the debriefing meeting held by General Arnold Abraham. She didn't mind, since she expected this to happen and would most likely have to do it again. This was the Shadow Spartans third mission, which meant that only up to a quarter of Earth's population knew about them. She would be in for an up coming rough month.

      The Firestorm dipped out of the sky and Katherine ordered the troop bay doors to be opened. She stared down at the swirling Atlantic Ocean which crashed against the shore line. Although the rest of the world was plunged into a destructive war, the oceans and seas that covered most of Earth seemed rather peaceful, which calmed Katherine's mind from all the stress she had been undergoing lately. The sound of waves rolling up along the sand beaches off the coast of Brazil allowed her a moment of peace before the view below her changed to show the war torn terrain surrounding Naval Base Gamma.

      The Naval Base was positioned in a canyon, with mountainous terrain all around it. There was really only one entrance on the ground, and that was a large path, carved out by a huge river that had been there hundreds of years ago, but was now dried up. The Naval Base itself faced the path and surrounding mountains. Ridges, along the walls of the mountains provided excellent sniper positions, which Captain Kobrynovich had used expertly. The ground inside this small canyon was composed mainly of dirt and rock. The marine defenders had dug out trench lines and small bunkers for them to use to defend the base.

      Facing the ocean was an empty harbor that was connected to the base. Normally, this harbor would be loaded with cruisers, battleships and destroyers, but since they were at a state of war, the harbor was empty. Most of the ships at sea had been destroyed, but a large handful of them were heading back to receive repairs and supplies.

      The Firestorm circled around the exact same landing pad it had used to drop off the Shadow Spartans, who were standing at attention on the pad. As the Firestorm slowly descended, Katherine could make out General Abraham and two marine officers standing near him off to the side. She also noticed the dozens of marine guards standing around the pad, their eyes peeled for any trouble. Campbell knew that the Covenant were still in the area, and would have to make her little speech about the Shadow Spartans quick and to the point.

      Second Lieutenant James "Firebat" Johansson landed the Firestorm on the pad and waited as Katherine was helped out by her Spartans. Although she was still slightly young, the wind blown around by the dropship had the power to blow down an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, so she needed the assistance to get off the landing pad, because of the high wind. Once she put her foot on the firm ground, the Shadow Spartans released her and escorted her to the General who stood waiting. As they walked, Firebat lifted his dropship off the pad and zoomed away back into the rolling clouds. Katherine approached General Abraham, smiling.

      "General Abraham I assume?" she asked, holding out her hand. The General took it and smiled back.

      "That's me ma'am, Three-star General Arnold Abraham"

      "Katherine Campbell, CEO of Shadow Tech" she said back, shaking his hand. The General released her hand and motioned to the two marine officers standing next to him.

      "May I introduce Major David Armstrong, Chief Security Officer and Lieutenant Commander Ian Kilgore, ONI Agent asked to oversee this debriefing" he said. Katherine shook both of their hands, then allowed herself to be escorted up to the Naval Base, her Shadow Spartans right behind her.

      They entered a main entrance, which was guarded by four marines, heavily armed. They then entered a large lobby, which was slightly empty, besides the armed marine guards positioned all over the place. The usual secretary at the front desk had been replaced by a marine Sergeant. The man opened a pair of steel titanium doors to his left, revealing a large meeting room, which would be used for the debriefing. The group of six walked through and sat down, the large doors sealing behind them, guarded by two more marines.

      Katherine sat across from the head off the table, which happened to be the General (who would've thought?). Major Armstrong and Lieutenant Commander Kilgore sat at the sides of the general while the two Spartans sat at either side of Katherine. The General put both hands together on the table and smiled at Katherine, who smiled back briefly (I smell an affair).

      "So General, what would you like to know? I'm sure you and I both know that we must make this quick, since the Covenant are still out there" she said. General Abraham nodded.

      "Yes, you're right. The only thing I wish to know is, who are the two individuals flanking you?" Katherine nodded.

      "Okay, as you know I am the chief executive officer at Shadow Tech, a non-government organization that has been given a certain amount of money to build a new weapon for the UNSC. Well, the money we were given went to good use, and here is the weapon we have produced" she began, pointing to Arinoth and Colin.

      They are called Shadow Spartans, and are almost exactly similar to the regular Spartans ONI has created, however these Spartans have unique differences compared to the regular Spartans. For starters; their armour has a reflective mirror coating, which allows them to blend into any environment, making it seem like they are invisible. The armour itself as an integrated AI system, however, when the armour is not in use by the required user, the AI has control over all functions. If they wanted too, they could get out of the armour use it has a backup (That would be hilarious). Essentially, instead off having two Spartans fighting, they could have four. Plus, the candidates we have chosen for the Shadow Spartan project have been friends since childhood, and continue to be friends. We feel that this strengthens the way they fight and work as a team. The regular Spartan candidates didn't know each other and had to build a relationship over their training, but with our Spartans, they had a friendship right off the start."

      Lastly, they've received more tactical training than the Spartans, allowing them to make quicker decisions in the field of battle and predict the possible outcomes of a battle" Campbell finished. She sat back and observed the men's physical reactions.

      General Abraham's mouth hung open (Look out for that fly). Major Armstrong was staring at the Shadow Spartans, as if worried, as was Commander Kilgore. However, it was Armstrong who spoke first.

      "What are their names?" he asked.

      "This is Captain Arinoth Kobrynovich and his partner; Lieutenant Colin Thompson. Their code names are Koby and Shade" she said. Kilgore nodded at both of them, but the Shadow Spartans did not nod back and merely stared forward at them. General Abraham finally cleared his throat.

      "Well, this is quite amazing Katherine...you have no idea the amount of thanks and respect I have for these Spartans, but there are a few concerns I have. Are your Spartans freelancers?" he asked. Katherine grinned.

      "Of course not General, they may act and look like robots, but they are human beings who have a radical hatred for the Covenant. Both of them lost their parents during the first few days of the Covenant invasion of in the Inner Planets" she said, shaking her head. Once again, both Koby and Shade merely stared at them. Abraham nodded.

      "Okay, now, let's go on to-"

      "Sergeant Brown to General Abraham" The sound of the Sergeant's voice at the front desk echoed through the two-way radio on the General's belt. Abraham reached down and grabbed it.

      "Yes Sergeant?"

      "We got Covenant forces inbound, two Phantoms, loaded with a lot of Covenant Brutes and Elites. They want us all dead sir" he said gravely. General Abraham cursed, and then looked at the Shadow Spartans for a moment. He grinned, and then clicked his radio.

      "Roger that Sergeant, go to Combat Alert Alpha, get everyone ready. We have a little surprise for those Covenant bastards" he said. With that, the General put his radio away and stood.

      "Something's come up. Covenant strike time is inbound, most likely going to try and destroy this base. We can't let that happen (No shit). Miss Campbell, get your Spartans ready, we'll need them" he said. He nodded at them all, and then rushed for the doors, Major Armstrong and Commander Kilgore behind him. Katherine looked at her Spartans, who watched the men leave.

      "Okay, get your gear and kick some ass, just like we trained you" she said. The two Spartans stood, nodded at her, and then rushed out of the room, heading for the armoury room. Katherine stood and was escorted to an underground bunker by a pair of marines. She hoped her Spartans were okay.

      Captain Kobrynovich stepped into the armoury room on the second floor and activated his armour. His AI MJOLNIR armour "Arysis" stepped off the platform it had been placed on and stopped in front of Koby. Arinoth pressed a single button the neck plate of the armour, and like a zipper, the entire back of the armour opened. Arinoth stripped off his clothing (*porn music starts*), then stepped into his MJOLNIR armour. It sealed up behind him and Arysis transferred all functions of the armour to Arinoth. Koby looked over at his partner, who had just stepped into his own MJOLNIR armour "Wraith." Once Shade confirmed he was in control of his armour, they walked over to the rows of guns and picked up their weapons. Since they would be dealing with Phantoms and Brutes, Arinoth suggested they both take Jackhammer rocket launchers, which they did. Shade grabbed his usual MA5B assault rifle, while Koby grabbed a MA7B battle rifle. They each grabbed around five extra clips of ammo for their guns, and then took an extra two rocket packs for their launchers. Once they had loaded their weapons and grabbed a few grenades, they marched quickly out of the room and into the crowded halls.

      The Shadow Spartans ran down the hallway, made two lefts, and then stepped out onto a large platform, overlooking the battlefield. They each had their Jackhammer launchers out and were scanning the sky. Sure enough, as they waited, the dull sound of a Phantom's hovering engines could be heard. Colin pointed to the southwest mountain range and sure enough, two Phantom dropships hovered low and began their descent to the base, firing off their plasma canons at the marine defenders on the ground below. Arinoth raised his Jackhammer.

      "Two rounds at each Phantom, then an additional two rounds at the survivors. Once that's done, move in and clean up the area" he said. Colin nodded, and then looked up at the far right Phantom. He fired twice, and the rockets hit dead on. At the same time, Arinoth fired his, getting the exact same results as Colin (Hmm, what are the odds of that happening?). Colin's target took a nose dive right into a mountain, flipped over, sending several Brutes flying, then slide down the mountain and into the valley. The dropship Arinoth had fired at merely slammed hard into the ground and came to a stop near the landing pad.

      Immediately, survivors could be seen climbing out of the wreckages. The Shadow Spartans fired an additional two rounds at their targets, wiping out handfuls of survivors, and then moved in with their assault weapons to take out what was left. Everyone in Colin's target was dead. However, in the dropship that Arinoth had shot at, the pilot was still alive. Arinoth and two marines pulled out a legless Elite, who was trying to kill himself (Come on, let Gimpy do it). A group of marines seized the pilot and dragged him inside. The Elite was howling in rage and pain, but the human defenders didn't care. Arinoth and Colin watched them go, and then (Look buddy, if you say "and then" one more time, I'm gonna come in there and rip your voice box out, damn Microsoft Word Spell Check) followed them. It was time to stop the raids on this naval base...

By: Agent Shade and Arinoth Koby

(Stay tuned for Shadow Spartans, Chapter Three: Interrogation and Assault)