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Comments for 'Shadow Spartans, Chapter Two: The Story'

5:45 pm | July 16, 2003
Arinoth Koby
2:27 pm | July 12, 2003
We hope to be able to complete it this morning, this week has been a little busy for the both of us, but for now on the chapters will be coming in a lot faster, sorry for the delay
11:56 am | July 8, 2003
OK I FOUND IT!!! IT WAS WRITTEN IN 2000................. The Law of Sin & Death | Read/Post Comments
Posted By: David "Paladin" Huang
Date: 13 February 2000, 6:27 p.m. More by this author (collapsed listing) | Read this series
11:49 am | July 8, 2003
no problem,when is the next chapter shadow spartins coming out???????????
12:36 am | July 8, 2003
Awesome man, thanks a lot. I'll comment!
12:00 am | July 8, 2003
ok that was gay i guess it wont let u click the stuff but the story is called: the law of sin and death, it is on page 70 or 71, and it is by:David "Paladin" Huang
we need more comments on this great story soooooo comment!
9:45 pm | July 7, 2003
7:15 pm | July 7, 2003
uhhhhhhhh thier were only 4 comments for the story it was written in 2001 sooo its old, but ill try 2 find the author if u want?
6:32 pm | July 7, 2003
Oh yeah, last one and I'll stop clogging the comment page(I think CaRnAgE already did that) who was the author of that monster story? I want to read the comments posted for it.
4:24 pm | July 7, 2003
Thanx Elfster! Sorry to hear 'bout your scoliosis problem Steele. I just found out I've got a little scolisis too.
Agent Shade
2:26 am | July 7, 2003
welcome back Steele...did you read our story?
10:37 pm | July 6, 2003
srry i just was tired and bored i sewar i wont do it again
4:37 pm | July 5, 2003
No, I wasn't here for a while. Two weeks ago I got serious back surgery (scoliosis) and I can't use the computer for very long since I'm still in the recovery stages, but I'm using it in short bursts.

That was the longest comment I've ever seen.
6:54 pm | July 4, 2003
Nosolee ive seen Steele posting on the comments!!... Blah you'll never read this now lol.
Arinoth Koby
5:51 pm | July 4, 2003
CaRnAgE next time don't waste the comment space like that plz?
2:11 pm | July 4, 2003
Agent Shade
8:56 pm | July 3, 2003
wow, thanks for the comments...i dunno about getting those chapters done this weekend though...me and Arinoth are going up to my cottage, which has dial-up internet, and well, not a very good computer...i can't make any promises, but we will do our best, thanks. (and to 'Nosolee: i haven't seen any of them at all, i dunno where they are)
6:45 pm | July 3, 2003
Awesome story 10/10

(ps. has anyone seen scope or steele around the comment pages lately?)
Arinoth Koby
5:33 pm | July 3, 2003
We'll be working on Chapter 3, and maybe Chapter 4 this weekend
5:27 pm | July 3, 2003
when do u think chapter 3 will be finished?
Arinoth Koby
2:09 pm | July 3, 2003
Thanks guys, we added the things in brackets on just what we were thinking while we we're typing it up and don't worry, we're adding this to every new chapter. Remember stay tuned for Chapter 3: Interogation and Assault
Kid Buu
12:50 pm | July 3, 2003
Very very nice keep up the good work :)
CaRnAgE(also known as pooman)
11:27 am | July 3, 2003
great story, i liked the comedy parts it made the story better :D 11/10 hahaha im the first to comment for once :) this is a great series so far..... i might write a comedy called:Pokechief (u kno like pokemon only with the chief) but it mite take me a while im a, slow typer.............. pc