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Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 12(Finale)
Posted By: Agent Shade<shadow_agent13@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 August 2003, 4:51 AM

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~*Author's note*~

      Ah, my friends, the final chapter, hope you've enjoyed my series. Enjoy!

~*End note*~

      "Let her go..."

      Josh froze where he was standing. In front of him, Laura whimpered, and then turned to look behind the big Spartan.

      "Samuel!" she screamed. Josh turned and watched the Shadow Spartan stand up after climbing to get on top of the control tower.

      "Let go of her Josh, she has nothing to do with this" he repeated, staring straight at the Master Spartan. Josh laughed.

      "Oh, but she does, she has everything to do with this. She's the reason why you were created Sammy boy and because of that, she's going to die!" he growled and pulled Laura to her feet. He pulled out his M6D pistol and pointed it to her head.

      "No!" she screamed. Sam stood motionless on the spot, but he was fighting the urge to dive forward and save his mother. However, the chances of him grabbing the gun in time were very low on his side, so he checked his motion. Josh grinned evilly.

      "What are you going to do now Sammy? I have your birth mother" he said, laughing. He was pressing the nozzle of the gun so hard into Laura's skull; she was bending her head forward, trying to stop the pain. Sam didn't move. He had no idea what to do. Josh was a skilled fighter and an assassin, any move of his would result in the death of his mother. Laura looked up at Josh. Sam was praying she didn't do anything stupid.

      His thought betrayed him. Laura reached up quickly with her free hand and pressed a button on the back of Josh's head. His helmet suddenly came loose and popped off. He roared and released Laura, firing his pistol blindly as he tried to remove his helmet. Sam lunged forward and grabbed his mother's hand. He pulled to him and rushed her to the edge. A team of Special Ops soldiers were waiting in the control tower below. Sam slowly lowered her to them. She looked up at Sam as the soldiers grabbed her.

      "Stay alive" she said. Sam nodded and turned, making sure she didn't fall. However, when he turned his head to face Josh, a huge fist met his sight. Josh punched Sam right in the head and he stumbled backwards. The Spartan followed up with another punch to the head, but Sam grabbed his fist and pulled him forward. As Josh fell, Sam raised his knee and made contact with the Spartan's stomach. Josh vomited all over the roof of the tower and fell to his knees. His helmet lay on the roof a few feet away. Sam went to kick him, but the Spartan rolled over and took out Sam's legs with his own. Sam fell and was kicked in the ribs by Josh who stood over him.

      "I always win Sam!" he yelled and charged at Sam. The Shadow Spartan stood up and crouched low. He then tackled Josh as he came at him and threw him into the ground. Sam kneeled over him and slammed his fist into his bare head. He got two punches onto the man's face, but Josh swung his legs up and kicked Sam forward. He rolled, but stood quickly, allowing Josh to do the same. He spat blood, and then literally jumped at Sam. This surprised the Shadow Spartan and tried to get the heavy Spartan off. However, Josh was successful in ripping Sam's helmet off as well. Sam stumbled backwards, slightly confused, but was able to avoid the fist thrown at him. Josh and Sam circled each other, fists up. Josh punched first, but Sam blocked and punched back. Josh twisted his torso to avoid the punch and turned around, bringing his foot up. It made contact with Sam's chin. He stumbled backwards, blood coming out of his mouth. He ignored it and jumped forward, slamming his feet into Josh's chest. The Spartan stumbled backwards and fell. Sam had had enough. He stood over Josh and whipped out his plasma blade. He swung down at Josh, but he rolled to avoid it and ran to the other side of the roof. Sam came at him, but what Josh did next made him freeze on the spot.

      "Wow, that looks almost exactly like the sword I have here" Josh said, grinning as he raised a sword holder to Sam's face. Josh grabbed hold of the hilt of the sword and pulled, drawing the exact same plasma sword as the one Sam was using. Sam's mouth dropped open. It was his father's sword. Josh must've stolen it from him when they captured him. That explains how Ian had the plasma blades on his hands thought Sam. They used the technology from John's sword and crafted new blades for Ian. Sam could feel anger rising in him as Josh twirled the sword in his hands.

      "That sword belongs to my father, and I'm going to make sure I get it back!" Sam yelled and rushed forward, his own sword raised over his head. He brought it down on Josh's head, but the Spartan raised John's sword and blocked it.

      "Ha! You're pathetic Sam, I'm the one who's going to be using two plasma swords against your friends below" he said and pushed Sam away. Sam didn't go far and came back at Josh. The two of them swung their swords at each other, blocking and striking. The two of them were completely equal in strength as they pushed on each other's sword, trying to force the other to fall. However, neither one did and they broke away and circled each other.

      Sam's ears were pounding with rage as he walked around in a circle, glaring at Josh. The two of them didn't have their helmets on and their hair flew around their faces as the wind picked up. A lightning bolt flashed in the distance and thunder rolled through the clouds. Josh grinned and charged at Sam. Sam blocked the Spartan's attack and kicked at Josh, who fell backwards. Sam moved in quickly and slashed out at Josh's chest. The Spartan continued to stumble and the tip of Sam's sword just ripped open the armor and didn't pierce the skin. Josh regained himself and ran at Sam, jumping into the air, the sword over his head. Sam was worried Josh would crush him. He jumped up at the same time and kicked at Josh's stomach. The Spartan fell backwards again, but recovered himself quicker than Sam and came at him. Sam grabbed Josh's blade. He felt the edge of the blade rip through his glove and tear open his hand. He winced, but did not scream. Josh pushed in harder and Sam knew he had to let go. He brought his own sword up and cut off Josh's left ear.

      Surprisingly, the Spartan did not even flinch as he stood there, feeling the side of his head. Instead, this made him angrier and he struck Sam with a huge amount of force, which made Sam drop to his knees as he tried to hold back Josh's blade. The Spartan's eyes were wide and anger as he pushed harder on the blade. Sam struggled hard to keep it up, but he could feel Josh's sword slowly winning and overcoming him. Josh leaned forward.

      "I. Always. Win" he said slowly. Sam shook his head. He stood up suddenly, his head making contact with Josh's face. The Spartan fell backwards, howling in pain. Sam held his blade with both hands and rushed at Josh, striking outwards. Josh blocked and the two of them attacked each other on the roof of the control tower.

      Lightning flashed again and again, followed by the loud boom of thunder. Rain started falling from the clouds and night fell upon the military outpost. From a distance, the outpost was nothing but a blackened structure; however, two strands of light could be seen flying across the tower of the outpost. The two of them didn't even pause to breath and continued to fight. An obsession to kill the other was huge in their minds as they attacked.

      Sam attacked, but Josh blocked. Josh attacked, but Sam blocked. Sam stabbed his sword into the roof and used it as a base to swing himself forward and kick at Josh. When he landed, he pulled his sword out and brought it down on Josh's head. However, the Spartan was able to sidestep and avoid the attack. He stabbed at Sam and pierced the Spartan's chest armor. Sam watched the blade go in, but quickly drew himself back to prevent the tip of the sword pierce his skin. Josh grinned and attacked again, but Sam rolled to the left and avoided the attack. Josh turned and had to quickly duck to avoid the sword swung at his head. He crouched and kicked at Sam's legs, knocking him down. The Spartan stood and stabbed at Sam, but the Shadow Spartan rolled to avoid the attack. He kicked at Josh's legs and knocked him down, right on top of Sam.

      Without warning, the roof below them broke apart and collapsed. Sam looked at Josh, who looked at him and the two of them fell into the tower below. Sam hit the floor, but Josh fell on one of the Special Ops soldiers who had remained up in the tower. The soldier let out a yelp, but said nothing more as he was crushed by the weight of Josh. Sam stood and attacked Josh again, but the Spartan back flipped, avoiding the attack and landed beside another soldier. Josh grinned at him and slammed his fist into the soldier's face. The Special Ops trooper fell backwards, out of the control room and into the compound below. Josh turned and bent his head back, trying to avoid another attack by Sam. However, he didn't do it fast enough. The tip of the sword slashed right across Josh's face, ripping open the skin and leaving a bloody scar across his sweaty face. Josh watched his blood drip down his face. He roared and launched himself at Sam, who blocked the attacks, while backing up into a wall. Josh spun and swung his sword at Sam, who brought his own sword up to his face and blocked it. Josh kicked at Sam and knocked him into a corner. Josh stood over him and was about to finish him off, when the elevator door opened and a single figure limped into the room.

      Josh turned and gazed into the eyes of his friend, Ian. The Spartan was still wounded from Sam's attack, but he stood strong, still covered in blood. Josh looked at him.

      "What are you doing here? I thought you were dead?" he asked. Ian growled suddenly and Josh's eyes widened.

      "You left me to die you son of a bitch, I've never liked you Josh, I only pretended because I felt sorry for you. This crusade of yours has come to an end, it's time for you to die" he yelled at Josh. Without warning, Ian bent his shoulder forward and charged, tackling Josh, who fell into the wall near Sam. Josh looked up at Ian.

      "Stop this now!" he demanded. Although Ian didn't have his arms, he didn't care and kicked at Josh, knocking him back on the ground. Behind them, Sam slowly stood up and shook his head. Ian aimed another kick at Josh's head, but the Spartan dodged it and stabbed his sword out. Josh's sword sank straight through Ian's stomach and out the other side.

      Sam gasped and watched Ian look at the sword, then look back up at Josh. Blood flowed from the wound and from Ian's mouth. However, the Spartan didn't scream or anything. Instead, he walked forward, Josh's blade sticking out farther through Ian's back. The Spartan walked forward enough that he stood right in front of Josh, the sword still through his gut. He looked over at Sam and nodded, then smashed his head onto Josh's face, then spat in his eyes. Josh wiped the spit away, and yanked his sword out. Ian coughed up blood and dropped to one knee. However, instead of dying, he charged forward, flipping Josh right over. He stood, and then watched as Josh stood back up and cut off Ian's head. Josh's second in command Spartan fell to the floor, dead.

      Behind Josh, Sam rushed forward and stabbed his sword into Josh's back. The Spartan bent his back and screamed, forcing the blade farther into his back. Sam pulled it out and Josh tumbled forward, falling onto the ground. He looked up at Sam, blood all over his face from the scar. Sam knew he wasn't dead and stood ready as Josh stood up again and raised his sword. He was weak, but wasn't going to give up. He charged at Sam, faked an attack at his hip, and then brought the sword up at his face. Sam saw the blade and only had time to step back slightly. The tip of the sword tore across Sam's cheek, leaving a large blood scar there. He winced in pain and charged back at Josh, the two of them literally throwing their swords at each other. Sparks flew as the plasma blades met and the plasma glowing off the blades, light up the room. Lightning flashed again, and the lights went out. However, the glow of the swords filled the room with light and the fighters continued. Josh was able to kick at Sam and knock him back on the floor. As Josh stood over him, he laughed.

      "Now Sam, it's time for you to die. I must say, I was worried for a few seconds that both of us would die and not just you alone, but now my fears are gone. I have you" he said. As he said this, Sam pressed a transmitter device strapped to his arm. Vice Admiral Jameson had given it to him if he needed an air strike. He tapped it twice, signaling to the fleet in orbit an air strike on the control tower itself. He then grinned at Josh, who raised an eyebrow.

      "What are you laughing at Samuel? You are about to die, you should be begging for mercy" he said. Sam shook his head and looked out the window. Josh followed his movement and looked outside. He gasped.

      "What the hell is that?" he said, watching four dark figures in the air approach them. Sam laughed.

      "Those are Longsword intercept fighters' Joshy boy. They are on a direct attack course for this tower" he said. Josh looked down at Sam, who was standing up.

      "You're bluffing" he said. Sam shook his head and without warning, stabbed his sword straight into Josh's collar bone area. Josh let out a gurgle scream and fell to one knee, clutching the blade with his hands.

      "No!" he gasped, coughing up blood. Sam grinned and yanked the blade out. He then quickly rushed over and grabbed his father's blade. He kneeled in front of Josh and stabbed him again below the man's chest with the other blade. Josh howled in pain again, coughing up more blood. Sam waved the two blades in his hands.

      "Told you I would get them back, see you in hell" he said and kicked Josh over onto his back. The Spartan couldn't even speak as he choked on his blood. Sam quickly rushed to the elevator and moved down to the bottom floor.

      "This is Dagger One; we are inbound to the target red hot"

      "Missiles are locked, firing" Eight Archer V missiles flew from the wings of the intercept fighters and accelerated straight at the control tower. Josh was barely alive as he watched the missiles slam into the tower. The ground beneath him disappeared and the following explosion vaporized his body. He could do nothing about it. The last Spartan-III was dead.

      Sam staggered out into the hangar, still clutching the two swords. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers were rushing towards him, applauding him, but leading them was his mother, Laura Culling. Sam grinned and dropped his blades. The mother and son embraced in the hangar, the Helljumpers surrounding them, chanting Sam's name. He let go of his mother and grinned.

      "Let's go home mom" he said. Laura nodded, whipping the tears out of her eyes. Sam grinned and raised his fist, which was followed by a huge roar from the marines around him. He had won, just like he promised.

      Following the Spartan-III battle, the UNSC was successful in terminating all of its military operations and destroying its remaining vessels and disbanding the last of the Marine Corps. An everlasting peace was finally accomplished and they continued with their expansion throughout the galaxy, the threat of war, gone.

      Project Shadow Spartan was originally designed for the destruction of the Covenant race, but before it could be completed, the Covenant were eliminated. Instead, the Project's candidate eliminated the Spartan-IIIs, who rebelled against the UNSC, after they attempted to destroy the Spartans. After the small war, Project Shadow Spartan was terminated and the candidate went back to the city of Balmora on Regal V, where he spent the rest of his life, with his mother, Laura Culling. Sam hung both his plasma blade and his fathers above the gas fire place in his house, as a remembrance for his father. John had given his life to ensure Sam wasn't destroyed before he could complete his mission. Sam would make sure everyone would know the truth about what happened those few weeks in the valleys of Regal V. Sam died at the age of one hundred twenty-five. His mother, died at the age of one hundred-thirty, several years earlier. However, Project Shadow Spartan was told in stories all over the world and in other worlds. It was truly a huge success

By: Agent Shade

~*Author's note*~

      Thank you everyone for reading this series. I hope you will enjoy my series to come. Cheers.

~*End note*~