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Revenge Part II: The Battle
Posted By: af'pooaopfasofo<Qaz813@cs.com>
Date: 19 September 2003, 1:57 AM

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UNSC Destroyer Proteus
Under command of General Hutchinson
Mission:Destroy Covenant planet

General Hutchinson's Shadow class destroyer, and 19 other of those black and relatively small ships with their several protrucind spikes, went to the Covenant battle formation. Hutchinson was in the center of the group, with some of the slow ships in front, very close to eachother, and the rest behind him. One destroyer, the Zheng He, went ahead straight to the center of the group, getting into weapons range. It was in front of the group. Hutchinson watched as the 200 Covenant ships, frigates, cruisers, corvettes, and carriers, as well as the heavy ships:assault carriers and destroyers, formed up. Hutchinson also saw 3 dreadnaughts, large Covenant ships armed with a form of a cutting beam based on sheilding technology, in the center of the Covenant formations. One destroyer and two frigates slipstreamed up to engage the Zheng He. The cruiser was struck by a LFBC, Striking it dead in the center, and the ship exploded in flames, hull material shooting in all directions. The two bluish frigates rained pulse turret fire at the Zheng He, but it's sheilds absorbed all of it, and those ships where struck by the LFBCs, both destroyed instantly. Three other destroyers took side against the Zheng He, and blue thick Fusion Beam Cannon fire rained down on the Covenant formations, knocking ships out in one shot. Hutchinson moved his destroyer "upwards" on the destroyer formation and fired at a group of compactly formed cruisers. "Fire LFBCs at those ships. 5 orange circles went on the cruisers on the large holo display in the comand chair. The LFBCs targeted a ship each and fired, those cruisers erupoting in flames. Now all of the ships were in combat. Plasma torpedoes charged, and 3 flew at the Proteus. They impacted, yet the sheilds picked it up. "Primary sheilds down to 98%", said the AI, a mini Medusa. Seraph fighters erupted from the carriers and assault carriers, by the swarms converging on the human formations. LFBCs picked them off, and the whole horde of Seraphs regrouped and rained their tiny green pulse fire, doing little damage. A HFBC shot went into the center of the formation, taking 30 of the tiny ships out in puffs, while LFBCs took them out by the numbers with their fast rate of fire. The seraphs went out, and the blue fire and purple plasma shot between the space. Hutchinson ordered the fleet to fire fusion missiles into the groups of ships. Small blue missiles streaked out at incredible speeds, dodging Covenant pulse fire, and exploded into blinding white explosion. Hutchinson's fusion missile struck 14 ships, their sheilds knocked out, and the ships erupted in flames. It was pure caos. "Sir, slipstream point forming behind us", said the Slipstream Officer. Hutchinson turned the ship around. The space boiled a kilometer behind the Proteus, and a large dreadnaught, dwarfing the tiny Shadow class destroyer, came out,. weapons firing. Pulse blasts and torpedoes repeatedly struck the Proteus. "Fire at that ship", said Hutchinson. One HFBC fired, and struck the ship at midpoint, it's sheilds instantly went down, and a large explosion went over the purple hull, but it continued to move around and fire. Two more Fusion Cannons fired, destroying the ship. The Proteus turned around, and began to fire again. Hutchinson read the status of all of the destroyers. None of them were destroyed, and all had their primary and secondary sheilding. The Covenant were reduced to 154 ships, their dreadnaughts, assault carriers, destroyers, and carriers swiped out, leaving cruisers, frigates, and corvettes. Light units. The Propetus fired more, blue beams stricking the purple insectoid like ships, most of them being destroyed in one shot. Yet sometimes it took two blasts to vaporize a target. Finally only 20 frigaes, 3 cruisers, and 25 corvettes remained. The destroyers, all of them present, fired, destroying all of them. Now the planet was defenseless. Hutchinson's destroyer, the Proteus, and the other 19 Shadow destroyers, one of them reduced to secondary sheilding, went to the green forest like planet. "To bombard a planet, you use nova bombs", reminded Medusa. Hutchinson fired three nova bombs, which had 300 tons of hyperenergetic particles made in gargantuan particle accelerators. The blue darts struck the planet, one covering a continent in flames. The four completely covered the planet with blue fire, until it was devoid of life. Destroying a planet took only four bombs. "Sir, no lifesigns on the planet", said the Scanning Officer. "Tell the fleet to report back to base. We've finally destroyed a Covenant planet", Hutchinson said. The 20 destroyers, barely untouched, went back to the scorched Earth, after defeating 230 ships, and destroying their first planet.