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The Battle for Earth, Part I
Posted By: Admiral Preston Cole<Celticschampions@aol.com>
Date: 24 June 2004, 9:17 PM

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In the hanger of the ship Liberty stood the Spartan Master Chief who was part of the
battle for the doomed planet Reach. Master chief stood 6' 2'' in green Mjolnir armor, on the
ship of the UNSC, United Nations Space Command.
"Master Chief," rang the voice of Cortana "the Covenant ships should be here at 1300
The war with the Covenant had been going on for a decade, losses on earth side have
been more deadly. The new group of Spartans was more deadly than ever at five hundred men
strong, the new Spartans were unstoppable.
"Master chief, sir. Troops are in position ready to deploy" said Commander Davids.
"At ease Commander, This is are last chance to save earth." Master chief replied.
"Yes sir, are you ready" replied Commander Davids.
"Lets roll," said Master Chief "its time to kick some Covenant butt."
The jets of the pelican roared to life and they were off . The plasma cannons shot by the
Covenant ships were nearly missing as they plummeted towards earth. The last great battle for
the fate of humankind was about to begin. They were 1,000 meters from landing, the plasma
cannons from the enemy pierced the hull . The ship caught on fire it was plummeting faster and
suddenly the impact from the crash knocked Master Chief over and the limp body of
Commander Davids had flown over him when they crashed.
"Nice flying there" said Cortana sarcastically
"Very funny," said Master Chief as he searched for his gun. " Any sign of the troops?"
"Detecting life forms over that ridge." answered Cortana
Master Chief jogged along, finger on his trigger, ready to fight. As he reached the ridge
some stocky small dog like aliens called grunts came over the small hill. With three rounds with
his MA5B Assault Rifle and the grunts hit the ground. Then he saw the smoke and fire he saw at
least one hundred bodies and warthogs in pieces.
"What happened here?" asked Cortana
"Looks like some hunters came and just blasted the place" answered Master Chief
"Master Chief sir, good to see you." said a marine who had came out behind a wrecked
"Who is in charge here?" said Master Chief
" You are sir , we have some men over here under your command. They're ready to
fight." replied the marine.
" We'll you tell them it is time to kick some Covenant butt, get them and then we move
out!" ordered Master Chief
In a matter of minutes the troops were ready and moving out. With two Scorpion, about
five warthogs and, forty men.
"Master Chief we are a easy target for Elites in Banshees." said the worried voice of
Cortana the computer AI. Elites are tall blue slender aliens, one of the most deadly form of the
brutal Covenant and the Banshees are Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft.


Admiral Preston Cole III , awoke glanced out his window and one of the last battle
groups of the UNSC.
Admiral Cole had fought in many battles in this war and was a proven leader.
"Incoming message from earth." said the AI in a high pitched voice.
" Good let me see it." he replied "maybe some good news for once."
A flat screen came down from the ceiling and on the fuzzy picture appeared a man who
looked about 5' 9'' with balding gray hair. "Sir, we deployed Master Chief ,commander Davids
died in the crash but Master Chief is fine. Very good news to report we are driving away the
Covenant forces from earth though." said the man.
"That's great finally some good news. Commander Davids is a loss, report to me when
the mission is complete." replied Admiral Cole
Finally some great news, we may actually win this war he thought to himself.

"Master Chief sir, were ready for extraction the equipment is packed up and ready." a
marine told Master Chief.
"That is good now tell me if your scouts see anything." replied Master Chief.
An explosion rocked the camp as hunters, standing 12' tall with fuel rod cannons came
into the camp and hit ten marines killing them instantly.
"Master Chief" said Cortana "We have got to get out of here follow the Nav point on the
"Right, all right marines take out that hunter and lets get out of here!" ordered the chief
At that command Sgt. Reid readied a M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher and fired and only the
bloody carcass of the hunter and only the smoldering dabrie was left. Than he told the remaining
troops, "Did you here what the chief said move out"
At the edge of a small town in near he outskirts of Botswana the marines and Master
Chief did some surveillance of the surrounding terrain and saw of group of fifteen grunts lead by
2 jackals a scouting party he thought too himself. He then walked back to the raged looking
marines and said " All right there a small hunting party about 1/2 a mile away. We can ambush
then when they come closer if your up to it?"
Sgt. Ried stood up and said to Master Chief " We're up to it, those morons won't know
what hit 'em!" and then saluted him.
The troops looked for cover in the thick underbrush and behind large rocks they all stood
poised ready to shoot there scrawny bodies into nothing but pieces of waste. Master Chief heart
started to beat faster an then he saw the beginning of the column of Covenant troops rose over
the hill.