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Comments for 'The Battle for Earth, Part I'

2:00 pm | June 29, 2004
good story. There have been much worse. Maybe it's only because I am in the middle of reading the books, and don't get the errors. Anyway, I seem to be the only one who outright expresses that I like the story. I like this story.
5:00 pm | June 27, 2004
Haerson would have had authority over John in First Strike, if John's mission hadn't had more priority than Haverson's. I believe that point was explained in limited detail somewhere in the book.

Also, the UNSC can't fit marines with personal energy shields because normal marines can't wear the Mjolnir Mark V suits. They would most likely not be able to carry the shield reactor by itself, as that would likely wiegh an enormous amount.
12:32 pm | June 27, 2004
There's a lot of holes in the technicalities of most sci-fi stories.
2:31 am | June 27, 2004
Despite the fact that John is the Master Chief Petty Officer, the commander should outrank him, since in First Strike, Lt Haverson would have had authority over the Master Chief...
In addition, does anyone noticed that the UNSC should be able to outfit marines with personal energy shields? Master Chief's shields were made by the UNSC and if there are many Mark V armor suits, then standard shields should be no problem...
2:24 am | June 27, 2004

*I called God a singular because I speak of the Christian God. No offense to any pagans.
2:20 am | June 27, 2004
"How great thou art" is a widely-known Christian hymn referring to God, a singular... "thou" is a singular, so is "thee". Just pointing that out.

As for a punk rocker... I would hesitate to compare true art to a bunch of mindless blather about how nobody understands the singer.

Other than that... Shakespeare, shut up.


PS: He did use a true Shakespeare quote: "Thy lips rot off" in a previous post...
1:17 am | June 27, 2004
um...yea the war with the covenant has been going on longer than a decade.
Dave Luck
1:17 am | June 27, 2004
Who is this 'Shakespeare?'

Just saying 'thou' and other language is not enough! Shakespeare had real nobility in his day - and he wasn't some doddery old fool. He was a punk rocker of his time. Seriously. He also used many puns.

Here is what you COULD say.

A visor for a visor!
Oh so it be told. Good king of scandalmongers,
I hate all n00bs, and thee.
Have at thee, boy! I bite my thumb at all n00bs!
Begone worm! Dust to dust!

A visor for a visor - an ugly mask for an ugly face.

king of scandalmongers - king of the uncouth.

Thee - use 'thee' as a you for a single. 'Thou' is for a plural.

'Have at thee, boy!' - 'Boy' implies a youngster, and is generally an insult to the grown.

I bite my thumb at all n00bs - The Shakespeare equivalent of 'the finger'

Begone worm! Dust to dust! - This implies that the worm is no more worth (or worse) than the dust it crawls in. This also is a pun, showing that the worm crawls in the dust.

Anyhow, onto the story:

My comments:
- Dammit! Why can't anyone just read the guidelines?
Admiral Preston Cole
12:57 am | June 27, 2004
Thanks Wiley yeh I got to fix my grammer and those commas. Next one will be better
9:59 pm | June 26, 2004
I thought most of the Spartans and Master Chief stood around 7'feet tall, or roughly over two meters. It was an alright story.
Young Gunna
8:11 pm | June 26, 2004
Ehhh, not very good written...
343 Salty Beans
7:26 pm | June 26, 2004
Looks like the FF section had a good ol' formatting error; not your fault.

Anyway, what Wiley said.

4:55 pm | June 26, 2004
1st: the Chief is like 8'.
2nd: Really...jumpy. Too many commas. Didn't flow smooth
3rd:Italicize ship names with the [i] tags
4th: code in general. Read the Instructions for Use page.

not too bad for 1st try, Ive read MUCH worse.

6/10 i guess
Admiral Preston Cole
4:48 pm | June 26, 2004
So was the story good or bad? Shakespeare
4:32 pm | June 26, 2004
Thoue deservest not thy namesake! Be gone from our presence, maggot!
Admiral Preston Cole
3:57 pm | June 26, 2004
Don't really understand if the last one was a compliment. Sorry for the bad form of the story i'll try to fix it the next part.
2:40 pm | June 26, 2004
Excellent story, wat! Well, I may be influenced by the fact you would throttle me in my sleep if I said differently though, wat.