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Prologue: The Master Chief
Posted By: Ace<kevin_jesse2002@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 May 2003, 1:52 AM

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Hey everyone, this is my first fanfiction ever. This is a prologue, and it'll probably seem a little annoying, as it tells you a bunch of stuff you already know. However, it also slightly introduces what I'm writing about. This story is canon with the first game as well as the two books, but DEFINITELY NOT with Halo 2. So here goes, enjoy, and please give feedback. I'll be posting the actual chapters soon.

Prologue: The Master Chief

      In 2525, the Human race met its first sentient species, while it was destroying one of their outermost planets. Attempts to make contact failed, and a battle group of Human ships were soon destroyed as well. Only one transmission was ever sent from the aliens to Humans. They said: "Your destruction is the will of the gods...and we are their instrument." Because of their religious nature and fanaticism, the alien species was named the Covenant.

      It was soon discovered, however, that the Covenant was an alliance of species. The main religious and political leaders, the Prophets, were only known of through intercepted Covenant transmissions. Elites, the eight-foot-tall, talon-footed, energy-shielded humanoids, were the field commanders and shock troops of the armies.

      The humongous, twelve-foot-tall beasts used when immense strength was needed, were dubbed Hunters, though they were only eight feet tall when hunkered down behind their massive battle shields. Thick armor plating covers their bodies, and huge fuel rod cannons are directly integrated into their arms, the equivalent of plasma rocket launchers. Along their backs run rows of three-foot-long spines, sharp enough to cut a standard marine in two.

      The Jackals, meter-tall and bird-like, with red and blue knobby skin, were occasionally used as assassins, though more often as foot soldiers. And finally, the Grunts, two-foot-tall, simian-like creatures that were forced to wear super-cooled methane environment suits in order to go anywhere, as they could survive in nothing else. They were the cannon fodder of Covenant armies, weak on their own, but in large groups, they could take on marines, and if backed by Jackals and Elites, were fairly well protected.

      The Covenant swept the galaxy, finding human worlds, at first attempting to engage them on the ground, to keep its resources intact, but eventually giving up each time and simply glassing the planet from orbit. Humans could never win ship-to-ship battles in space unless they severely outnumbered the Covenant ships. However, on the ground, Humans always won.

      Shortly before the Covenant first contact, a group of experimental super-soldiers were trained, at the time to put down rebellions within the Human society. With chemical strength, reflex, vision, and hearing augmentations, the thirty super-soldiers, codenamed SPARTANS, were nearly invincible. Soon after, the Office of Naval Intelligence introduced experimental battle-armor, codename MJOLNIR, which further enhanced their strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as giving them energy shields and a smart in-suit AI.

      Every battle they fought in, on the ground, they won. Each of them became heroes, killing thousands of Covenant soldiers. However, in a climactic space battle in orbit around the main Human naval shipyard and military training facility planet, Reach, all but one of the Spartans were caught on the planet when the Covenant burned it into oblivion with their immensely powerful plasma weapons.

      Spartan-117, John, the Master Chief, fled on one of the few remaining Human warships, on a vector that would not lead the Covenant to Earth, and the ship stumbled upon the artificial ring world, dubbed Halo by the Covenant. Unbeknownst to the ship and her crew, the vector was actually specifically chosen by the shipboard AI, Cortana. Covenant warships surrounded halo, though they did not fire upon the Human ship, as it was in too close proximity to the ring, which held religious significance for them. After Covenant troops boarded the ship, the Humans crash-landed it on Halo.

      Humans put up scattered resistance, and the Master Chief and his AI, Cortana, from the ship, together unraveled the mystery of Halo, discovering a parasitic species, and being forced into a four-way war with the Covenant, the caretaker of Halo with his army of laser-wielding robots, and the new species, the Flood. Eventually the Master Chief destroyed Halo, the species living on it, the caretaker, and an entire Covenant armada surrounding it.

      Upon returning to Earth, he found that it was the only stronghold Humans had left in the universe. The Covenant staged a yearlong campaign to annihilate the planet, but every time Humans rallied together to defeat whatever forces happened to be thrown at them. The Master Chief was an integral part in the Human victory.

      Soon after, Humans began colonizing the galaxy again, meeting with little Covenant resistance. During the time that the original Spartans were fighting, a second, larger group of them were being trained in secret. While the Master Chief flew into Slipstream space, seeking the Covenant home world, the newest group of Spartans was finishing the final stages of their training. Eventually, all contact was lost with the Master Chief. This is the story of the new Master Chief, Sean Hawke, and his Spartans.