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Comments for 'Prologue: The Master Chief'

Jolly Green Giant (The Critters dude)
4:12 pm | July 11, 2003
that was cool. nice start.
3:11 am | May 11, 2003
thanks for the great feedback guys...im hoping chapter one will come out soon, tomorrow perhaps, and ive got all the way through chapter 4 written
Agent Shade
10:51 pm | May 10, 2003
you have a really good story coming along here Ace...please keep it up 10/10
5:11 pm | May 10, 2003
yeah i realize i screwed up with the covie name, but its only a close translation, we dont know for sure...damn man, ive never watched the credits through on ANY game, guess I shoulda stayed for that on eh? oh well, it wont really affect the story any...oh, and chapter 1 is on its way, i submitted it last night...
5:04 pm | May 10, 2003
Looks like you might have a decent story here, if you work it right. Hope you do.

We did not name the Covenant Covenant. Instead Covenant was the closest transaltion of what they called themselves. Also The Master Chief (John) did not kill the 343 Guilty Spark. Instead the bloody cultrued british monitor escaped... You can see it if you watch the credits all the way through. Props to whoever informed me of that, forgot who it was though.
10:46 pm | May 9, 2003
but hey, they're cannon fodder, they'll always BE cannon fodder until thye've all been outfitted with fuel rod cannons...*slips into nightmarish trance about the first time he encountered one of those bastards* ive got four chapters written, ill post them asap, sorry to bore you with that crap, but i did it as an obligation for the non-halo fans (yes, all two of them) so anyway, ill be putting up my next 4 chapters soon
8:42 pm | May 9, 2003
Nice start and I'm tired of people using the phrase cannob fodder for Grunts.
8:42 pm | May 9, 2003
Nice start and I'm tired of people using the phrase cannon fodder for Grunts.