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World under siege: Part one
Posted By: Aaron Bell<aaronbell41@msn.com>
Date: 6 June 2004, 8:24 PM

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The cold wind blew, It had been 3 months since the convenant had invaded earth. The Covenant found Earth with super powered intelligence, capable to span 50 000 light years. They commenced the attacks of their infantry on the Old side of Earth. Japan, China, and Australia all fell within the first month of bloody combat, no survivors were ever found or heard of. The Covenant were serious about obliterating the human race.
North American, and European troops were sent to help but the Covenant air ships raided and destroyed the slow, heavy transport caravans.
Now the Covenant made a new move that brought terrible dismay to the United Nations Forces. A Flank. With all attention to the East side of the World, little had been done to secure the West side of North America, and the Covenant had taken full advantage of it.
Dropship after dropship landed in Alaska and now Canadian forces desperately battled the task at hand, but were getting pushed farther and farther back into their own country.
The first siege of the West side of the Earth was taking place in Whitehorse, Yukon. American aid was flooding into the city and Canadian forces looked up with new hope.
Covenant tanks moved onto the hills surrounding the city and dropships came constantly dropping more troops. No shots had been fired...yet.
The city was as expansive as it was magnificent. A true fortress city. Defensive structures lined the city as well as walls and blast doors. Underground tunnels with supplies and ammunition wormed underneath the hulking city which means they could survive siege for at least 5 years.
The inspiration of this defensive city was from the Lord of the Rings. The books had always inspired Prime Minister Larry Tower, so he made a law which included all provinces must have at least one fortress city with 7 levels or more for defensive purposes. The city had seven levels, the same as the White City Minas Tirith. Whitehorse even had a citadel on the top level where Mayor Keith Hamilton made important decisions for his people.
This looked like the first real victory for the UNF if they survived this siege.

"Petty officer Kelly!" Bellowed General Clarkson.
"Yes sir, reporting for inspection of arms!"
The lines of seemingly endless Canadian and American troops lined up in the outer courtyard of Whitehorse lined up to be inspected before the siege commenced. All Whitehorse troops were armed with semi-automatic rifles, perfectly suited for the guerilla tactics they used in the cold steppes of their country.
"Men, we've been out powered, out numbered, and out played, but we can make our stand to prove to these scum bags that we have more then a chance to win this war."
"Yes sir, yes!" Roared the thousands of troops all around the city.
"Now boys, we will tell them what we think of their ugly faces and then kill'em! Over and over and over again! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"
"That's what I thought I'd hear. Now battle positions!"
The armies lined the walls, manning turrets and sniper positions. Troops heavily guarded the blast doors and front entrance of the city that connected to the Trans Canada. A large boom erupted from the hills. A blue shimmering volley of Wraiths crested the horizon, but to the delight of the human forces they exploded harmlessly off the reflective metal alloy of the outer wall. Sniper rifle shots sang as the convenant moved in with vehicle support. Turrets rattled with shells clinking down onto the streets below.
Not one Covenant had made it to the walls yet.
They quickly drew back to re-group and make a better plan. Men reloaded, fetching new clips and supplies. The wait seemed endless. The Wraiths drew back out of sight from all men, one hour, two hours went by. All men still holding their positions. The American General gave a worried look to Canadian General Clarkson.
"I don't know what they're up to, but I have a baaad feeling in my gut." Muttered G. Clarkson.

"I know exactly what you mean" Replied General Sutter. "They're too smart to just send their troops carelessly into battle. They must have done it for...A DIVERSION!"
Then suddenly, the sky darkened with Covenant Phantoms. Men gunned at them and the Phantoms crashed outside and inside the city. Men went to the Phantoms that crashed into the city and searched them for suvivors, what they found horrified them.

To be continued...