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Comments for 'World under siege: Part one'

Aaron Bell
12:54 am | June 30, 2004
Thanks for your constructive critisism and comments, I finshed part two today, hope you'll all enjoy!

System Failure
7:50 pm | June 12, 2004
Hey good peice of writing. Good enough to be grilled up right next to a rack of ribs. MMMMMmm Ribs.

3:16 am | June 12, 2004
Because they never mention The siege of Edoras, it never even takes place, it does not even mention it in teh Simarillion
Nick Kang
5:38 pm | June 10, 2004
Very well written. But I think automatic weapons would be better for guerilla tactics.

11:56 am | June 10, 2004
It was a good story, and bery well written. Except for that little geographical thing,but hey evrythings not perfect. keep it up!

"my name is Kirpan"
who am I ??
11:56 am | June 10, 2004
its always designed after minas tirith. why not edoras or some other place like that. but anyways good job. i cant wait for the rest of it.
Snake Solid 117
3:54 am | June 10, 2004
It's been a while. Anyway, early on you said that the UN made a huge tactical error. I doubt that that would ever happen. It is just common sense. The covenent where just on teh other side of the pacific, why would they have let their ass hang in the enemies face? Other than that i like how it was written, except some scenes, like the diversion one, where a little cliche.

I know it's YOUR story, but that one geographical thing really stood out. Keep up though, you can only get better.
Spartan 501
12:39 am | June 10, 2004
It's well thought of, can't wait to know what hapens next!!

Keep up the good work!

Over and out.