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Halo Personalities and How to Use Them
Posted By: 343 Salty Beans<hockyfreak5@yahoo.com>
Date: 22 June 2004, 11:29 PM

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      Author's Note: After watching people butcher the personalities Eric Nylund and Bill Dietz so lovingly placed on the HALO characters, I felt I had to act. These are the way I think that each character's brain works. If you want to see persona destruction in action, go read The Third World-Resolutions.

      Feel free to comment on these personalities with any corrections you might have.

      The Master Chief (John-117)-The main character of most people's FFs, and therefore the one who is most commonly destroyed. He was kidnapped at the age of six as a recruit to the SPARTAN-II project, and doesn't remember most of his life before it. He considers his fellow Spartans his family now.
      The most common mistake people make with the MC is giving him lots of dialogue. The only people he talks to for pure conversation purposes are Cortana and the Spartans.
      He is quiet, law-abiding, and upholds respect and duty above all other things. He isn't afraid of death, just the death of his teammates. He often makes private bets and friendly banter with Cortana, whom he considers more than just a machine. He isn't bloodthirsty, but doesn't flinch at the prospect of killing someone. He was trained to keep his emotions down inside-they mostly just screw up his concentration. He doesn't cry, whine, or talk excessively. He NEVER disobeys an order from a superior, but occasionally questions one. That's really all I can think of for now.
      The other mistake I see a lot is making the Master Chief emotional. He doesn't share his emotions-once again, he was trained to ignore them. And, to see making the MC emotional, go read The Third World-Resolutions.

      Cortana-She is probably the most theorized upon of all HALO characters, and therefore I can't describe her personality accurately. But there are a few things I can say for sure about her, which I will.
      Cortana is a brainiac, and extremely proud of it. She has trouble admitting when she's wrong, especially to the Chief. She also uses her hacking to it's maximum limit, and might possibly have the least effective ethics subroutines ever (aside from Araqiel). She isn't afraid of accessing top-secret UNSC files. She is probably the most advanced AI ever. She also doesn't pipe up during battles very much. She is more of a guide than anything, mostly telling the MC where to go, and helping him do it.
      Many people have theories on Cortana, especially after the Cortana letters. Some think she is going rampant, others think she was corrupted by the HALO data (possibly a virus in it?), and there are even MORE ideas. This is probably the most flexible persona out of all of them. If she is rampant or corrupted, she still doesn't sway from this persona when talking to the MC or other humans. It is probably a fašade to her true self if you use her as a rampant AI.

      The ODST-Before I even start on this one, I'm going to ask Helljumper to forgive me for anything that is wrong. Out of everyone on this site, he knows more than ANYONE else on the ODST.
      Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are probably the most effective troops the UNSC has, aside from the Spartans. So in short, they are the best widely-available troops. The ODST is an all-volunteer outfit-no one is drafted into it. They are ruthless to their enemies, friends to each other, and consider themselves above standard Marines. Something like an elitist group, I could say.
      The ODSTs attitude towards the Spartans themselves is usually butchered, and Helljumper's vulgar outcries usually go unheard. Most ODSTs consider the Spartan project as a flawed experiment, one that should never be repeated. They believe that surgically enhancing humans make them as alien as the Covenant. The ODSTs are like Darwinists-they believe in survival of the fittest; since the Spartans 'died out' (to quote Major Silva), they must have been flawed.
      ODSTs go balls-out into battle. They never question their superiors, even if they are pissing their pants. They are the hardest of the hardcore, and truly believe semper fi.
      Hope I did well, Helljumper.

      Those are the three that are the most used, and the most commonly botched. I hope I did well in describing them, and I hope I did what this was meant to do-help people write within the context of the actual personalities. When you read this, this isn't the limit-it is the basic guideline. Just keep these personalities in mind when you write.