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Zanzibar-Chapter 3
Posted By: 343 Salty Beans<hockyfreak5@yahoo.com>
Date: 21 May 2004, 4:29 AM

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Will fired his first rocket and obliterated a Ghost that was racing towards the main gate. He swiveled the gun and fired again, obliterating a host of Jackals. The last Ghost flipped and blew apart from Fred's handheld rocket launcher.
Linda's sniper rifle kept pumping out rounds. Without its silencer, four cracks would split the air at a time. Targets all around the base dropped, fell, and crumpled to the floor, minus heads, arms, and legs.
Grace gunned the 'Hog and nosed it through the gate and into the base, crushing two Jackals running through it. Fred's turret fired twice, then went silent.
The four Spartans sat in the midst of a bloodbath. Purple and blue gore was splattered on the walls and soaked into the sand. Alien bodies and appendages were strewn around the room like confetti.
Fred and Linda jogged into the base. John clicked his COM. "Status, team?" 5 acknowledgment lights winked on. Cortana sighed into his helmet.
"This encryption scheme is extremely difficult, Chief. Give me a moment to open the entrance." The Chief nodded and turned to the other Spartans. He made a circle with his hand, then held up four fingers, and the Spartans clicked on their safeties and scanned the area.
"Done!" Cried Cortana. "Move into the tunnel and I'll guide you to the reactor core.
John signaled and the team moved out. They were ready for whatever the Covenant threw at them.

'Nosamee roared in anger and threw his rations tube at the wall. The Grunt that had made it's report squealed and ran for the exit, but the Elite caught him and held him fast.
"Tell me again, how six soldiers, six humans, were able to take an entire base defended by a squad of our troops? We had five Ghosts, an equal number of Elites, and over fifty Jackals guarding the entrance!" He threw the Grunt at the wall.
"The humans were highly capable, Your Excellency. They were well-equipped and were wearing special armor," the Underling whimpered.
'Nosamee tossed the Grunt out the door with a scream and slammed it behind him. Units were reporting that the humans were bypassing outer security patrols and making their way deeper into the base. He activated his communications. "Kartulos! Report to me immediately." He smiled. No human could get past what he was deploying.
A second later, a Brute walked into the room, saliva dripping from it's fangs. It gave a guttural growl and stepped forward. 'Nosamee circled the creature, admiring it's rippling muscles and huge stature. The Brutes, though prone to battle rage and indifferent to most of their superiors, were perfect for the situation at hand. "Kartulos, humans have infiltrated this structure. Stop them, and report back to me when every last one of them is dead." The Brute nodded and strode to the exit.
'Nosamee lounged back into the antigrav field his Grunts had set up. The infidels didn't stand a chance.

The Chief fed his fiber optic probe around the corner and surveyed the contacts he had noticed on his motion tracker. Three Jackals and an Elite in black SpecOps armor were patrolling the hallway Cortana had directed them to. He tossed a plasma grenade at the Elite, then opened up with his battle rifle on the Jackals. The three bird-like aliens dropped, and the Elite flailed for a split second before the pulsating orb attached to his leg detonated. The Chief motioned to his team, and Fred and Will circled the corner, weapons at the ready. "No contacts on your radar, Chief," chirped Cortana. "All hostiles in this area neutralized."
John stepped into the hallway and spotted the hatch Cortana wanted them to go through. A flicker appeared on his motion tracker, directly behind him. He swiveled his battle rifle around. "Did anyone else catch that?"
"Affirmative," replied the rest of the team.
The Spartans moved in a close formation, back to back, to minimize the chance of being snuck up on. John's auditory sensors whispered footsteps, and he spotted a shimmer near the wall. He fired twice, but the mirage rolled into the shadows. He heard another Spartan fire a sustained burst with his SMG, and Fred whispered, "I spotted two hostiles. Looks like camoed Elites."
"Roger that, Fred. One over here too," John reported.
A blade of plasma suddenly burst from the shadows, filling the room with an eerie blue light. It sliced patterns in the air as it bore down on the Chief with startling speed. He opened up with his battle rifle. The Elite's camouflage generator took a hit, and a black-armored alien appeared. It's shields flared, sputtered, and died under a hail of bullets. Two fist-sized holes appeared in it's chest, and it dropped like a load of bricks.
Two, then three, then four more blades advanced on the Spartans. John hit the release, rammed a fresh clip into his battle rifle, then steeled himself for the assault.