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Comments for 'Zanzibar-Chapter 3'

Agent Shade
1:39 pm | May 30, 2004
read all three, and i loved them. the twist with Grace was fine, the level of detail in your writing is very impressive. the code wasnt a huge problem for me. all i feel you gotta do is indent and spread out your paragraphs, simple. keep writing this, i enjoyed it immensely.
10:28 pm | May 26, 2004
I liked the srory. it was put together well, but could use some embellishment. definitely cool though. oh, and im pretty sure that cloaked elites dont show up on motion.
Frost Bite
4:44 pm | May 25, 2004
Nice use of the level... by the way, I ENVY ALL WHO PlAYEd THAT DEMO... and weeping bitterly that I didn't play it...
343 Salty Beans
11:44 am | May 24, 2004
I know about the code now. It's my first, so basically, oops. Sorry. And as for the numbers, did I not type them all out? I thought I did. Another oops.
343 Salty Beans
7:53 pm | May 23, 2004
To answer Lostrocks question:
No...I based it entirely on the MP demonstration video.

Thanks for reading.
MC's Cousin
6:45 pm | May 23, 2004
Demo...heh heh heh...
Anyway. That not-using-the-code thing is beginnning to aggrivate me. You know why? Because I am beginning to develope a headache. Please use the code. For the sake of us all.
By the way, when you have numbers under ten, type them out. It looks a lot better.

Signing Off

5:13 pm | May 23, 2004
Cool idea to use a multiplayer map for a story.
Like LostRock though did you play the demo?
1:42 pm | May 23, 2004
This is interesting. Keep it going.

I'm curious though...did you play the multiplayer demo yourself?