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One-Shots are cool images taken during Halo gameplay that aren't part of a series of pics; just a single shot, showing a single scene. Got a one-shot you'd like to show off? Send it to us!
Update: Don't send it to us any more. This page has been static for more than 18 years.

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sidewinder3 The First Sidewinder Collection
Team 7HR33 racks up another first - they put everything but the Scorpions on top of Sidewinder, and they even lined 'em up all nice and pretty.
Submitted: 20 December 2001
deimos.topofhalo Where the Twist Flops
Deimos™ was the first to photodocument the location at which the Warthog ceases to move on the level Halo. Any farther, and it all locks up, and you slide back down to the bottom...
Submitted: 2 January 2002
deimos.2dtrees They're Not All There
Deimos™ gets a good look at those 2D trees up on the hillside. When people aren't supposed to be around, why waste polygons on full trees?
Submitted: 2 January 2002
deimos.2betinwalls Going Where No Banshee Should Go
Deimos™ managed to flip a Banshee (accidentally) inside a hallway on Two Betrayals, and end up INSIDE a wall inset. There ain't no way out... because you're never supposed to be in.
Submitted: 2 January 2002
blade An Energy Sword for the Rest of Us
Team 7HR33 finds a marine wielding... um, something. (The Tru7h is revealed here.)
Submitted: 16 January 2002
ostrich Ostrich Tank
Roman and a friend were having a demolition derby on Blood Gulch, and both managed to hit a Scorpion at the same time - one with a tank, the other with a jeep. It's not very stable like that, though...
Submitted: 25 January 2002
treepic1bestqual High in a Blood Gulch Tree
Yes, tree pics have been submitted before... but not this tree.
Submitted: 28 January 2002
45.dead.mcs 45 Dead in Ohio
45 dead Master Chiefs under the bridge on Assault on the Control Room.
Submitted: 10 February 2002
allvehicles First to Stuff Blood Gulch
Team 7HR33 was the first group to get into the Blood Gulch base with BOTH tanks - the task was originally accomplished on December 12, 2001, but the picture came later.
Submitted: 11 February 2002
bridgebottom2 That Warthog Needs a Trenchcoat
Another shot of the Warthog down below the Halo light bridge - this is just a gorgeous shot, no two ways about it. Another Team 7HR33 creation.
Submitted: 13 February 2002
bridgebottom Lookin' Up on the World...
More of a two-shot than a one-shot... but pretty dang cool. Team 7HR33 gets below (WAY below) the light bridge on Halo. See it up there?
Submitted: 13 February 2002
deimos.nowarthog Sittin' on a Bridge...
Deimos™ was the first (on record) to get a Warthog back to the very beginning of Halo. Originally posted at Subnova.com on February 5, 2002.
Submitted: 13 February 2002
wraithps2 Like a Seal
A wraith, stood on end... From Team 7HR33. Wow.
Submitted: 13 February 2002
ghostps2 Umbra Effect!
Heh - not the first ghost on its nose... but you gotta give this one style points. From Team 7HR33 - again.
Submitted: 13 February 2002
HaloH2O The Depths of Silent Cartographer
The Doctor sent this pic in in mid-January, but we didn't have a One-Shots section then. It's been resubmitted. Nice view of the underwater action (or lack of it) on Silent Cartographer!
Submitted: 16 February 2002
jeepintree A Warthog in A Halo Tree
Samuel Huang takes a pic of a Warthog high in a Halo (level 2) tree. We've seen 'em on Blood Gulch... but this is the first submitted pic of one up on Halo.
Submitted: 16 February 2002
3hogs_scartog Three Hogs Atop Silent Cartographer
pad_avox sends in a nice shot of all three Silent Cartographer Warthogs, sitting atop the highest structure on the level.
Submitted: 17 February 2002
DSC00033 A View of the End
Samuel Huang wonders, is this what Marines see when they die? Well, it's what you see from those blue beam platforms...
Submitted: 23 February 2002
DCP01440 Wraith on Edge
Amechwarrior uploaded this shot of an upended Wraith on Assault on the Control Room. Nice balancing!
Submitted: 23 February 2002
Mvc-665f The Whole World Smiles With You
Spike Lee managed to trap this Jackal behind a banshee and the response he got was... well, unusual.
Submitted: 23 February 2002
great.balls.of.fire Great Balls of Fire!
CanadianMonk3y exploited the freezing marines bug to get some interesting pics. Here's one of the better ones.
Submitted: 23 February 2002
Silent.AF8-Cartog Look Mom! I'm Flying!
+ACI-LuniNutz+ACI- caught some serious air on Silent Cartographer... but didn't die!
Submitted: 23 February 2002
mystery.locale Where am I?
customsex, dj_clay, and 9 got to a place not normally found. Movie coming, maybe.
Submitted: 23 February 2002
warthogTreeSC01 Warthog in a Silent Cartographer Tree
We've had Warthogs in Blood Gulch trees... in Halo trees... now in a Silent Cartographer tree! Afext sends in this lucky jump shot.
Submitted: 27 February 2002
thelot Crazy Ernie's Used Car Emporium
20 turrets, 4 Wraiths, 18 Ghosts, 3 Banshees, 1 Scorpion, and 1 Warthog all in an undamaged condition. Whoa!
Submitted: 28 February 2002
frozenmarine Marine Action Figures
Bonk was playing around with the Frozen Marine bug, and managed to get a sniper to fall off a Warthog and land in an... unusual position. (He looks very much like the plastic army guys I played with when I was little...)
Submitted: 1 March 2002
stuckmarines2 Marine Tower
Bonk sent in another bizarre marine pose shot - he thinks Hunters did this. Could be useful...
Submitted: 6 March 2002
twiztidface Twisted Face
Afext grabbed this shot showing a bizarre facial deformation possible when grenades do their work...
Submitted: 10 March 2002
jeepcollection Maw Jeep Collection
Sure, anyone could have put this together... but nobody did, until TitaniumPez came along. Looks good!
Submitted: 10 March 2002
dancingtanks Dancing Tanks
TitaniumPez found a couple of tanks slacking off in a Blood Gulch cave... now you know what they're doing when they're not on duty!
Submitted: 10 March 2002
floodline Ducks in a Row
Okay, so they're not Ducks. Robo found these little Infection Forms lining up nicely to get at him through a blast door. Orderly little buggers... before they try to kill you!
Submitted: 11 March 2002
congaline The Conga Line of Death
NeGat1vEzEr0 sent in this nicely set-up shot of... well, a lot of dead guys in a row.
Submitted: 14 March 2002
hangemhighout On Top of Hang Em High
Another one from NeGat1vEzEr0 - a decent sniper spot on Hang 'em High (as long as nobody notices you, of course).
Submitted: 14 March 2002
rglass_3hogs_in_tree Three Hogs in a Tree
Randy Glass is at it again - sorta looks like he's counting sheep, but they're green (and have wheels).
Submitted: 18 March 2002
P3160070 Grunter?
mastasnypa ran across this puppy after liberal use of explosives. Hmm...
Submitted: 25 March 2002
writing2 Things To Do With Your LAAG
Goc and his buddies were drinkin', and playin' Halo... and writin' on the walls.
Submitted: 25 March 2002
ac02 The Assault Rifle as Food
pete_the_duck caught one of his marines eating his assault rifle. Sarge could be heard in the background, yelling 'Stick with the horse, soldier!"
Submitted: 25 March 2002
Tank1 Scorpion inside Sidewinder Tunnel
Dennis Lewis Jr. and David Mcquiggan II managed to put a Scorpion inside the Sidewinder tunnel. Now that's a tight squeeze!
Submitted: 25 March 2002
P1010058 Six Players, One Screen
Logan Seals shows off his 65" Mitsubishi... with enough inputs (and the Picture in Picture feature) that you can play six players on one screen! Whoa - now THAT'S confusing.
Submitted: 25 March 2002
theotherside The Other Side of the Long Drop
Team 7HR33 jumped up to the far side of the Long Drop on the Maw - the area directly across from where you fall, and directly above where you leave. Not much there... but hey! They're up there!
Submitted: 25 March 2002
shadeintree A Shade in the Tree
Robo42786 was playing with grenades - this is what happened.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
medic Medic!
Shawn Gabaldon did SOMETHING mean to someone...
Submitted: 8 April 2002
PelicanflyingHalo When Clipping Planes Go Bad
Tango6 has been experimenting with the insides of Pelicans. (Keep your eye on the Tricks section for more detail, soon.) This is a pretty cool view.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
easy.way.up On Top of SC - the Easy Way
Michael McConnel pointed out the easiest (read: takes almost no skill on the part of the climber) way up to the top of Silent Cartographer. Have LAAG, will travel.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
NoHead The Headless MC
RonDay was trying to get out of the Pillar of Autumn... and managed to lose his head!
Submitted: 8 April 2002
grenades Fun with Explosives
In response to a question about Warthog Jumping, TitaniumPez casually added his 2 cents... er, 70 grenades.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
jackalinfloor Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!
NFL246 ran across this poor guy on his way up the pyramid in AotCR. Of course, he had to melee it to death.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
2ndSquad 2nd Squad, Ready to Roll!
xbill put 3 hogs and 9 marines on top of Silent Cartographer, using the new Warthog/Marine glitch. And he did it solo. Now THAT'S a pretty picture.
Submitted: 8 April 2002
baddriver Amazing Timing... or something else?
When you push the Halo engine, sometimes cool situations arise...
Submitted: 12 June 2002
beast3 The Collar of Love
Start with some needles... add a rocket or two... Bobby Stedem makes pretty designs with marines.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
fart Thank Goodness Halo lacks Smell-O-Vision
BOLL discovers that overheated plasma rifles can look funny sometimes.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
giant.343 What's that symbol?
It's not the first time anyone ever got really close to a resting Guilty Spark... but this shot by Dark Helmet is a great view nonetheless.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
Grunt Get your mind out of the gutter!
We (and photographer SkyRyan1) really hope these guys are dead... because otherwise, those Bungie folks are sicker than we thought.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
hangingmc Um... what happened to gravity?
Taylor Helsper jumped on top of a Covenant shield... and got meleed by his buddy. Now the shield is gone... but he's still up?
Submitted: 12 June 2002
hogonbeamtower title
Those blue beams have some serious power - Dark Helmet shows what happens when you drop a hog in one...
Submitted: 12 June 2002
hungupjeep Wall Art?
Aaron Baldwin and a friend ran a hog into the wall on SC... and it got stuck!
Submitted: 12 June 2002
Marines_3 title
Greg Frost was playing around with Marines on SC (no grenades!), and they decided to climb a tree for better visibility...
Submitted: 12 June 2002
masteromok.covielove Another one to wonder about...
MasterOmok came across this... scene, and wondered what was REALLY going on.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
mendozainpelican Quick! Get him back to base!
Halo Wannabe was playing with explosives on top of Guilty Spark...and managed to put Mendoza back on the Pelican. (Unfortunately, he was already dead.)
Submitted: 12 June 2002
Sarge2 Whoa - Double Vision!
StarWarsFanMan finds out what happens when you do things in unexpected orders...
Submitted: 12 June 2002
sillyscore What the... look at the kills!
Okay, okay, it's true, they did this on purpose. Almost 2 hours of constant carnage from Phaiz and Dr. Nasty... the things people won't do to get a One-Shot!
Submitted: 12 June 2002
Tank Um... shouldn't that fall?
StarWarsFanMan managed to get a tank stuck on the UNDERSIDE of the underground bridge in AotCR.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
threehogsinside Three Hogs in the Map Room
Due to an OXM Challenge, we've gotten a lot of submissions of three hogs inside the SC Map Room. Halo Wannabe's was the first.
Submitted: 12 June 2002
tribute MC Tribute
Akai and Nick Ocasio took writing to the next level...
Submitted: 12 June 2002
warthog.art Now THAT'S Dedication.
You try, and try, and they STILL won't give up the gun! Dan Dedinsky did his best to dump the marine... but the marine said 'no.'
Submitted: 12 June 2002