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Game-controlled characters that are active when you are will freeze when you cross a zone border. At this point, they become statues, and to a limited degree are impervious to interaction. (There are limits, as you'll see in some of the footage here.) You can stick plasma grenades or needles inside them, you can drop frag grenades at their feet, you can riddle them with sniper bullets... they won't move.

They won't move, that is, until you cross that border AGAIN. At this point, all the cumulative damage done to the characters will be inflicted at once - this can lead to some entertaining action. Three separate explorers discovered this trick independently, and documented it... all three films are visible here, because they all show different aspects of the glitch. This particular bug in the engine seems to be begging to be exploited for a fun action video...

320x240 | 4.5 mb | 0:26 | QuickTime 5 format

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