They're Random, Baby!

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:45:04 -0700
From: iBarbour <cbarbour@telusplanet.net>
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To: halo@bungie.org
Subject: What a coincidence...

Just last night our team (7HR33) was playing around with the same goal
in mind, to get all the vehicles up on one base.  I do not have a
digital camera to take quick photos, but after about 45 minutes we
succeeded in getting ALL of them up (yes, even the tanks).

The tanks had to go up first. With myself (Finn) in one jeep I would
back up against the base, centered between two of the shields that
circle round the bases upper perimeter.  My comrade Dodge would drive
the tank straight towards me and then about 2 jeep lengths prior to
contact I would also charge him. The jeep goes right under and gets the
Scorpion's front end up on the edge of the base. Dodge stays hard on the
throttle to keep the tank where it is.  I swing the jeep around behind
while Shovelface in the other tank follows. After a run up I ram the
back of the tank lifting it up as the jeep goes under. Shovelface then
rams the now elevated tank and there you go, one up. The next tank is
started up the side in the same fashion and using some jeep trickery is
also shoved up top. The jeeps and Ghosts need not go up in any
particular order but we found that it is easiest to launch all  but one
Ghost up off the jeeps, use that Ghost as a ramp for the jeeps, and at
last (and admittedly during) use several tactically placed rocket
launcher shots from Chavez (our very own, not Miguel...) to get the
Ghost itself up.

Getting the vehicles up was by itself amusing but the most gratifying
part was then putting all of them IN the base. The tanks once again go
in first, and with a little def manoeuvring both fit in the center room
with no extra space. Then add two Warthogs and lightly season with

Hopefully the 7HR33 Team (pronounced "3") can be credited with
completing this challenge first.. even though we were, at the time,
unaware of other attempts to do so : )

Pictures or video reluctantly available on request (I'll be forced to
use Global Village Video Suite...bleh). Our web page will be up with
some footage plus witty criticisms and banter as soon as finals and
Christmas duties are completed.

Daniel (Finn)