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This is a legacy section.

The information included on these pages has not been updated since Halo 2 came out in 2004. It is here because it's an easy way to find movies from the early days of Halo moviemaking - but it's no longer updated. The movies approved by our Movie Peer-Reviewed Rating System can be found in our Miscellaneous section: 2005 vids are on this page, and 2006 vids are on this page. All movie-related newsposts can be found in our news database with this link.

Here you'll find all the Halo video footage released since Halo was announced, with the exception of the footage created to illustrate a gameplay trick. (For that, head over to the Gameplay Tricks section.) We've endeavored to ensure that film links are up-to-date, but we may have missed some bad links, or neglected a movie (or a movie mirror) - feel free to let us know if you find errors. More advanced sorting features will come, in time - but we decided you'd probably be okay with the default stuff for the time being, rather than having NO list at all...

Submitters: Please read our Movie Hosting Guidelines. Thanks!

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permalink Warthog Trick 15-Apr-03 22.9 - 27.3 mb qtwmp
A very useful trick for multiplayer (with vehicles). Long for the content, but worth seeing. 6:40 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Maverick J. Above link points to the WMP9 version at Mythica - you can also grab a QuickTime version there. (Both are mirrored at the Psyjnir Complex Hotline server.)
permalink Asshole - The Director's Cut 17-Apr-03 15.3 mb wmp
3:33 long. The original version of a wildly popular halo vid, released when the author found it on his hard drive.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Hickadam
permalink Red vs Blue Episode 3 19-Apr-03 20.5 - 32 mb qtavi
Episode 3 of a must-not-miss series, 3:12 long.
screensize: 360x240/720x480

Source: RedvsBlue.com. Mirrored at Halo-Game, in France. Also available in HiRes versions (720x480) for paying sponsors.
permalink Halo Crank Yankers 24-Apr-03 10.8 mb qt
A spoof of a Comedy Central show in which crank calls are made to real establishments, and acted out by puppets. 2:24 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Matt, Dan, and Connor
permalink Fight or Flight 26-Apr-03 20.9 mb qt
A collection of fun stunts, mostly in single player or coop, set to music. 4:30 long.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Dancing Grunt Productions. Mirrored at the Psyjnir Complex Hotline server.
permalink Red vs Blue Episode 4 26-Apr-03 27.9 - 43.5 mb qtavi
Episode 4 of a must-not-miss series, 4:20 long.
screensize: 360x240/720x480

Source: RedvsBlue.com. Mirrored at Halo-Game, in France. Also available in HiRes versions (720x480) for paying sponsors.
permalink Ash vs. The Covenant 30-Apr-03 10.9 mb mpg
1:26 long. Slothboy let us know about 'Ash vs. The Covenant', his tribute to the Halo WAST-M. Check it out - timing is QUITE good. Two thumbs up. Minor spoilers, for anyone keeping track.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Slothboy.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Halo 2: Are You Ready? 1-May-03 292 kb qt
1:13 long. So if you watched Halo War, and say to yourself, "self, where can I get more of that MC-rockin' insanity?" - well, look no further than the 'Halo 2: are u ready?' trailer, also from Paul - 292K worth of mind-bending Halo 2 action.
screensize: 550x400

Source: Paul
permalink Halo Rhapsody 1-May-03 27 mb mpg
5:58 long. Ross Mills has created a Halo movie in which the Queen song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is acted out, using Halo characters.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Ross Mills
permalink Halo War 1-May-03 215 kb qt
0:41 long. Sometimes, we get movie submissions that don't meet our guidelines... because they're so far out there they can't even be HELD UP to the guidelines. Halo War is one of those. 215K of MC-rockin' insanity.
screensize: 550x400

Source: Paul
permalink Red vs. Blue 5 3-May-03 16.2 - 35.7 mb qtavi
3:34 long. Episode 5 of a must-not-miss series.
screensize: 360x240/720x480

Source: Red vs. Blue
permalink Lethal Rage 7-May-03 26 mb qt
5:37 long. Called 'Lethal Rage', it's a sordid tale of murder and gang violence in the city... all set on Sidewinder.
screensize: 352x240

Source: Pico
permalink Red vs. Blue 6 8-May-03 9.3 - 34.1 mb qtavi
3:24 long. Episode 6 of a must-not-miss series.
screensize: 360x240/720x480

Source: Red vs. Blue
permalink Birds 9-May-03 10.4 - 10.8 mb qtavi
2:35 long. Hickadam, shown in the past to have a pretty amazing sense of timing, has come up with a new movie. It's called 'Birds', and it looks at some of the most loveable creatures in Halo.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Hickadam and Dark 72. Upper link is QuickTime - also available in WMP7 format.
permalink Timing 10-May-03 12.4 - 18.1 mb qtwmp
1:51 long. The theme is exactly that - there are lots of 'kill and then die' sequences, with some very nice integration with the trance-like music.
screensize: 640x480/480x360

Source: Mister E Upper link is QuickTime - also available in WMP format.
permalink Bein' Green 12-May-03 9.6 mb qt
2:20 long. This one's called 'Bein' Green' - and it sets some basic MC action to a backdrop of Muppet music. I've got a soft spot in my heart for frogs these days... so go watch it.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Yellow Banshees #3903
permalink AGP E3 Trailer 18-May-03 16.5 mb qt
1:30 long. Dan Chosich created a 50 minute video for the AGP Spring Tournament this year... and has put up the trailer for it on his site. We were asked by Jay Umboh, the president of the AGP, to mirror this... and it's pretty dang cool, so that's exactly what we're doing.
screensize: 720x405

Source: Dan Chosich.
permalink Gamespot talks to Pete Parsons 19-May-03 49.7 mb qt
4:50 minute interview with Pete Parsons at E3 - Pete discusses the E3 trailer, and the future of Halo 2. Available as a streaming download for non-paying subscribers, and a QT for paying subscribers.
screensize: 480x360

Source: Gamespot.
permalink Silent Cartographer Speed Run 21-May-03 23.1 mb qt
5:29 long. Vern Shields put together a pretty nice speed run for Silent Cartographer. Yes, it's on Easy... but there are some pretty cool aspects to it. First, he completed the entire level in 4:43, measured from starting to ending checkpoints. Second, as he leaves the underground area, he passes not one, but TWO gold elites. Third, at the top of the last ramp, there's a nice example of mass scripted death - all the baddies simply fall dead on the ground as he reaches them. Fourth - the ending cutscene has a surprise in it... watch it all the way through. And fifth... well, he picked a piece of music that meshes amazingly well with the action. Nicely done all around.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Vern Shields
permalink Red vs. Blue 7 22-May-03 8.4 - 36.8 mb qtavi
3:28 long. Episode 7 of a must-not-miss series.
screensize: 360x240/720x480

Source: Red vs. Blue
permalink Biggest Halo Fan Contest- Paul Gelardi 23-May-03 5.1 mb qt
1:19 long. Paul Gelardi, aka Elan Sleazbagano on our forum, was one of three finalists in the World's Biggest Halo Fan competition.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Elan Sleazbagano
permalink E3 2003: Game Play 23-May-03 N/A qtwmpreal
3:26 worth of streaming Halo PC beta footage (multiplayer), in several sizes.
screensize: 320x240

Source: iFilms
permalink HJP Teaser Clip 23-May-03 1.2 mb wmp
9 seconds (no sound) of gameplay footage, showing a movie style being strived for.
screensize: 640x480

Source: HaloJuggaloProductions.   NO LONGER AVAILABLE
permalink Halo Creations 25-May-03 21.2 - 27.3 mb qtwmp
5:00 long. As his entry in Bungie's biggest fan contest, MaverickJ put together a gameplay vid called Halo Creations.
screensize: 320x240

Source: MaverickJ. Upper link is QuickTime - also available in WMP format.  | CONTAINS SPOILERS
permalink Master Chief's Pro Skater 25-May-03 7 mb qt
1:32 long. goatrope and SniPeR got together and made a small film called Master Chief's Pro Skater. It's pretty cute... and it's only 7 mb. The music is what makes it for me... I gotta go find that japanese vid again now.
screensize: 400x300

Source: goatrope and Devin Olsen

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