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10/31/02 A Bungie webcam shot showing a Dave Candland Halloween creation. Thanks to mnemesis for saving this while HBO HQ staff was trick-or-treating.
Grunt Shooting Game
(Fan Creations)
02/18/04 BOLL has created yet another flach game. Get the grunts before they get you (wait for the first one to appear, then click it with your mouse).
Grunt Grape Drink
(Fan Creations)
07/25/02 Cap'n Keyes created a little image showing a thirst-quencher we'd all like to see.
Griffon's E3 Remix
(Fan Music)
11/24/00 Absolutely the earliest fan-created musical creation we've seen. 3.3 mb, 3:32 long, created by Griffon, of HCC.
Going Nowhere Fast
(HBO Prime)
04/26/04 Halo Xbox on Legendary Speedrun competition
Get Up (Halo Mix)
(Fan Music)
01/22/03 An electronica Halo-sample song created by D.J. Cliché; 5.6 mb.
Gamestock Halo Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/11/00 Transcript of Joe Staten's narration from the 2001 Gamestock Halo presentation.
GameReactor interview translation
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/09/02 A translation, by Johannes Petersson, of the GameReactor (Denmark) interview with Jaime Griesemer, Halo 2 Lead Designer.
GameReactor interview alternate translation
(Transcripts and Translations)
07/10/02 A second translation, this time by Christian Hølberg, of the GameReactor (Denmark) interview with Jaime Griesemer, Halo 2 Lead Designer.
Fur-lo, Tina Leyk's Halo Furry Fan Comic
(Fan Creations)
03/01/04 Tina Leyk has created a Fan Comic that is a blend of Halo and Furry/Fantasy.
FunkDaddy's Halo Icons
(Fan Creations)
12/13/02 Collections of 27 icons (the link points to a preview) for both Windows XP (48x48, 269K) and MacOSX (128x128, 847K).
Frankie's Halo 2 Updates
(HBO Prime)
01/26/04 During the latter stages of Halo 2's production, Bungie PR representative Frank O'Connor began sending out weekly updates on the progress of the game to a number of Halo fansites. Here they are archived, in an easy-to-read format.
Flood Anatomy
(HBO Prime)
01/16/02 Descriptions and detailed anatomical breakdown of the in-depth mechanics of the Flood. Contains story spoilers.
First Top-of-Level pic on Halo PC
(Fan Creations)
08/27/03 Dark Helmet wanted to be first - he was.
Female Spartan
(Fan Creations)
03/21/03 agentJ64 turns in a Master Chiefette model for Jedi Knight II.
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