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Fur-Lo: a Furry Halo Comic

In late February 2004, we stumbled across a treasure-trove of Halo-related artwork - the creations of Tina Leyk. This page is devoted to her Fur-Lo comic, but more of her Halo fan art can be found on this page. Here's what Tina has to say about Fur-Lo:

Welcome to FUR-LO! My Fan-made Halo related Comic. Many of the scenarios represented are based whole or in part on my experiences while playing the now well known game in Co-Op mode with my brother. Keep in mind that this comic IS rated at PG due to random swearing and mild violence. Enjoy and feel free to tell other Halo-Lovin' furs about this comic! However, please remember that All artwork hereinž and characters are © Tina Leyk unless otherwise stated. I do not want to find out it's being used on any other site or for any other purpose without my written consent! HALO and all related characters and such are © Bungie and Microsoft....just to make that clear. This is a FAN made comic, I don't make any money doing this. Please keep that in mind. Updates are random, since I draw it when ever I feel like it, not via a schedule.

The original site for Fur-Lo is over at FurNation, a website devoted to providing space for Fur fans. Fur-Lo is here at HBO with the permission of the artist, and is not the primary site for this comic - we're simply providing mirror space so that masses of new Halo fans don't overwhelm the original site. We're grateful to Tina Leyk for allowing us to provide this service.

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement
750x974 | 254K
Added March 14 2004


Crimson Jaxx
525x392 | 60K 630x431 | 73K


Single panels

getabettergun bullettimeglitch poke_1 respawnbitch1
"Get a Better Gun!" "Bullet Time Glitch." "Don't Poke Dead Things!" "Re-Spawn Byotch."
638x829 | 58K 600x774 | 177K 600x406 | 67K 600x788 | 161K

Warthog Jumpin' Fun

hogjump_1 hogjump_2 hogjump_3 hogjump_4 hogjump_5
One Two Three Four Five
600x779 | 157K 600x780 | 114K 600x801 | 182K 600x783 | 159K 600x775 | 121K

More Single Panels

floodhump1 ride1 noobrod_complete floodkeys1
"In Need of Some Lovin'." "Goin' for a Ride." "New Toys." "Keyes the Zit."
600x781 | 166K 600x791 | 175K 600x777 | 157K 600x774 | 64K

Fur-Lo Halloween Special 2003: "DOOMED!"

halloween_1 halloween_2 halloween_3
One Two Three
600x776 | 119K 600x775 | 100K 600x779 | 148K

Still More Single Panels

jaxxsnewpet1 sneakyjaxx killspark1 fangirls
"Jaxx's New Pet." "Sneaky Jaxx." "The Way it SHOULD be!" "Fan Girls!"
750x988 | 80K 525x1385 | 177K 600x775 | 138K 600x480 | 135K

fetch missioninvisible mishaps_with_grenades worstlineever.
"FETCH!" "Mission Invisible" "Mishaps With Grenades" "Worst. Line. Ever."
600x780 | 147K 675x1761 | 324K 750x577 | 188K 675x820 | 153K

hes_got_a_point priceless    
"He's Got A Point..." "Priceless"    
750x586 | 140K 633x826 | 137K    

Online Fun: RvB...gotta love CTF and Team Slayer.

~ Characters © their players. Used with permission: Callyfin, Pheonix, Dracothrope, Shadow, Sethrik.

multiplayerfun snowfight_complete 1337crimson1 dbzlag_complete
"Choose a team, any team..." "Gotta love snowy levels!" "1337 Crimson!" "DBZ-Lag"
600x774 | 78K 600x781 | 73K 600x780 | 51K 750x972 | 78K

fur_lo_corpsehump fur_lo_nobullets    
"Corpse Humping...the Beginning." "No Bullets Required."    
627x782 | 177K 600x778 | 197K    


cally_halo_comic1 furlo_by_tro pink_by_fugiri_shi
"Revenge is a Sweet thing..."
By CallyFin
"Respawn Byotch Fun."
By Iatro
By Fugiri-shi
717x727 | 162K 988x660 | 234K 900x1252 | 263K


800x613 | 144K

All artwork herein is ©2000-03 Tina M. Leyk and may NOT be used on any other site or for any other purpose without the concent of the artist. To report art-theft please email the artist at jaxx (at) bungie.org. Halo and related characters © Bungie Studios and Microsoft!!!