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Halo 4 Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough by Daniel Morris

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Halo 4 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 6: Shutdown

The Tru7h about "Mythdown"

Many consider this mission to be even easier than Reclaimer. Perhaps because unlike the last mission, this one can be sped run since it doesn't have all of the scripted events in between all of the objectives. In the beginning, though, this mission was feared by the Mythic community. In fact, had it not been for the BIG skip that was found which we'll be covering later, this could easily have been the most punishing mission in the game to endure.

Fortunately for you this guide covers a post-skip world and will walk you through the easiest way to get from start to finish on Mythic Difficulty. And though this mission really only needs one chapter (which it does if you're going straight to Tower 3), I've added one for the end run as well.

  1. Once More Unto the Breach
  2. Going Topside

This again is another great opportunity to get familiar with the different methods for dealing with the Covenant, and even better, your arsenal this time around is more than sufficient right from the get go. So here we go...

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Once More Unto the Breach

Wasn't this chapter title used in Halo Reach? It certainly is fitting, though. Lasky is kind enough to outfit you with a combat-style Pelican equipped with a Vulcan cannon and high-powered Spartan Laser! As if that weren't already enough, both sides of the Pelican are loaded with fine choices of weaponry. You'll definitely want to pick up the DMR as your primary. The secondary weapon won't matter nearly as much, but due to its "push" effects on Mythic courtesy of Cowbell, I usually pick the Rail Gun. Hop into the Pelican and begin your journey.

Boosting out of the tunnel will send you soaring into the Forerunner version of Cloud City. Above it looms the impressive "roof" to Requiem which both the Didact and Del Rio intend to use in order to escape the planet. Your job is to stop the Didact from being able to do so. Keeping him safe, though, is a large, visible shield wrapped around his Cryptum. According to Cortana, you'll need to infiltrate three towers in order to bring the shield down. Fortunately, that's entirely unnecessary and would render this mission almost unplayable on Mythic. Although the mission may suggest you play this similarly to way you did "New Alexandria" in Halo reach, instead boost straight to Tower 3 as shown in the video below. Maneuver the Pelican into the structure so you can land. No, the doors won't open for you, but you can use the jetpack to easily squeeze inside of the narrow openings. Congratulations! You just skipped the by far most grueling segments of the mission.

At this point you can sit back and have a little fun. Traveling up the gravity lift will bring you to the location where you'll be spending most of the remainder of the mission—a cavernous room divided into seven platforms interconnected via light bridges and occupied by about 30 Covenant. Among your opponents are several Grunts and Shielded Jackals, three Elites, and a pair of Hunters. Aside from your full DMR, you'll have a full Light Rifle crate available to you on the first platform you come across, and scattered throughout the others are additional Carbine crates. Heavy weapons in the area include extra Fuel Rod Cannons as well as a nifty little new toy called the Incineration Cannon.

Watch out for the shifting platforms as the Didact tries to hinder your progress. Use the jetpack if you haven't mastered "Sprint-jump" yet and make your approach to the first platform where a cluster of Grunts will be waiting for you. There's a small incline you can use for cover as you begin headshotting them with the DMR. After popping a couple, the rest will begin to retreat to the right.

Take a moment to examine the two closest platforms. Both are equipped with stationary Plasma Cannons and each is occupied by one Elite and a few Jackals and Grunts. The stationary guns should be your top priority. Use the DMR to pop the Grunts manning them in the skull. Each time you down one, another one will show up to take its place. Once an Elite mans the turret, grab one of the Light Rifles from the crate in front of you (trading the Rail Gun for it), and empty two clips into the Elite to bring him down. Don't worry. He won't move from the turret. He might attempt to once you pop his shields, though, which is why you need to be quick with the follow up headshot. Rinse and repeat for the opposite platform and Elite.

While this is occurring, some of the infantry will retreat back to the center platform. Attack them once you've cleared the other platforms and can safely move up. Some of the Grunts may try to hide behind the center pillar, but upon decimating enough of their ranks, they'll attempt to advance making them easy targets.

The next platform you need to focus on contains a mini-man cannon guarded by three shielded Jackals. If you're far enough away when you start shooting, they'll lower their shields and attempt to strafe. This is the perfect opportunity to land all three headshots. Before making your way over there, head over to the Elite platform that was on the left when you first entered the area. Grab a Fuel Rod Cannon and stock up on ammo. Now head back to the Jackal platform where a man cannon will be conveniently aimed at your next target—a platform guarded by a few Grunts and a Warrior Elite sporting his own Fuel Rod Cannon. Cap the Grunts from your current platform. You might be tempted to use the Light Rifle against the Elite, but he tends to be a bit dodgy. Instead I'd recommend using the man cannon to hurl you to his platform and quickly close the distance. From a distance, he can be fairly dangerous as it only takes one direct with his Fuel Rod Cannon (even with full health and shields) to bring you down, but up close he won't use it due to it being a heavy weapon with melee attacks that are lackluster at best. Doing the dance with him should be a cakewalk and a great opportunity to gain full shields.

The final platform of this shooting gallery will become accessible and two Hunters will drop down from the newly activated gravity lift. You might be tempted to overwhelm them with firepower, but here's a pointer. Even with all of the Fuel Rod Cannon ammo and Incineration Cannon available to you, it won't be enough to kill both Hunters, though you could bring down one and severely damage the second. However there is a much easier way. As shown in the video below, wait for the Hunters to approach the edge of the platform as they slowly advance toward you. Then Sprint up the light bridge and use your jetpack to help dodge their Fuel Rod Cannons in addition to avoiding any that cause splash damage from hitting the ground near you. Finally empty your own Fuel Rod Cannon into them. Thanks to the aid of Cowbell, the force will quite easily drive them off the edge and save you the trouble of having to dance around them with a Scatter Shot.

Only when both Hunters have perished will the gravity lift reverse itself and allow you to travel up to the final area. Your DMR and Light Rifle are more than likely nearly depleted at this point, so grab a Carbine from the nearby crate before going up the lift.

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Going Topside

The last chapter here is a short one, but it's also the only coin-toss portion of the mission. You'll find yourself on a platform alongside another Covenant ammo crate. Directly across from you is another platform being patrolled by a Warrior Elite wielding a Storm Rifle. Before worrying about him, focus on the two Shade Turrets on the platforms to your left and right. The one on the right will go down without any sort of follow up. Use the Carbine to take out the Grunt on board from a distance. The left one, on the other hand, will usually have one or two Grunts replace the first, and you want BOTH turrets to remain empty. Once you've accomplished this, turn your focus to the Elite on the platform ahead. Sometimes you'll get lucky and he'll remain perfectly still while you empty your Carbine into him. Other times he'll be patrolling the center pillar. In that scenario, wait until he's on the opposite side and follow his trail to land an assassination.

With the platform clear, you can now make your Banshee approach, and this is where things get a bit tricky. Taking on the enemy Banshee above is NOT recommended. Instead, hop into the parked Banshee and immediately dive down beneath the platforms to avoid death from above. This is the main reason you dealt with the Shades earlier. The less plasma being directed your way the better. Boost towards the door on the opposite side, and when you get close, rush up from beneath the platforms and to the platform hovering just above the exit door. Be VERY careful here to avoid the Fuel Rod Cannon wielding Elites as well as the rear Shade guns. If you hop out of the Banshee and hide behind one of the pillars momentarily, the pursuing Banshees will eventually lose interest making your dropdown a bit safer. Being on this platform will also trigger the door down below to open early so you don't have to wait for it.

Take a deep breath, jump down, and hit the ground running through the door. SPRINT! This will help you avoid the Plasma Grenades being tossed your way as well as the Fuel Rod Cannons. Once you make it safely up the incline and through the next door you're home free!

Cortana will disable the Didact's shields while Chief suggests a ride on one of the Liches to make it over to the Cryptum. The window will open and you simply need to run and jump off the platform to complete the mission and follow the Didact as he escapes from Requiem.

I hope you enjoyed the ease of this mission, because karma is about to come back and bite like an angry snapping turtle.

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