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Halo 4 Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough by Daniel Morris

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Halo 4 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 8: Midnight

The Tru7h about "Mythnight"

When you think "Midnight on Mythic", the first thought that probably pops into your head is that you're about to step into Promethean Hell. While this is definitely by far the most Promethean-heavy mission in the game and has earned its place in the ranks of the Terrible Triad of missions (Composer, Infinity, and Midnight), believe it or not it's the most reasonable and more predictable mission of the three.

You'll start out blazing through space inside of a futuristic jet (do a barrel roll!) before entering the Didact's gargantuan vessel and weaving through a seemingly endless maze of portals transporting you from one part of the ship to another. And finally you'll reach the four towers surrounding the now activated Composer in order to pursue and kill the Didact himself.

The Prometheans—much like the Covenant in the previous mission—will be throwing everything they've got at you, and you'll even get to square off with the highest ranking members of the Promethean Knight species known as "Commanders" who not only have double the health of other Knights but also almost always carry a frighteningly powerful Incineration Cannon for an easy one-hit kill. Speaking of cheap one-hit kills, the Binary Knights are back too and ready to lay waste to you from across the map in a sudden streak of orange that always seems to come out of nowhere...

I've divided our very orange mission into three main parts.

  1. One Last Shot
  2. From The Cradle to The Grave
  3. Old Friends

show the Didact what Mythical Spartans are made of!

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One Last Shot

The Master Chief is now the sole survivor of the space station massacre inflicted by the Didact. And even though the Didact is now drifting off into space with the Composer in hand, the Chief isn't about to let those individuals die in vain. Cortana directs him to a nuclear armed Broadsword fighter still docked, and together they blast off to catch up with the Didact who is now prepping for another slipspace jump with the Broadsword in tow.

When the mission begins, you'll be directly beneath the Didact's shields with the objective of weaving in and out of a series of constantly changing trenches in order to reach the Composer. You have two options at this point. If you've seen my Halo 4 Legendary Walkthrough on www.mythictyrant.com, you'll know that you can actually maneuver your way outside of the trench itself and trigger the loading zones in order to get to your final destination. While this is certainly a valid option (and some folks prefer it), I personally have grown accustomed to the trench run and find it rather enjoyable. When you've played it enough, it starts to become somewhat routine and far more entertaining than simply boosting through the nothingness of space in order to reach the end. Nothing here ever changes from one run to the next. The same platforms always move in the same direction at the same time. The offensive orange orbs always appear in the same spot. It's all about memorization. That's it. As a matter of fact, once you get the hang of it, you can even boost from start to finish without ever taking your finger off the left trigger as I also demonstrate on www.mythictyrant.com!

The first section is fairly straightforward. Literally. Fly straight while avoiding the columns and towers. The smaller ones are destructible, and you can even survive a head on collision as long as you aren't boosting at top speed. And don't worry about your shields either as they are unaffected by Black Eye. They'll recharge on their own after a short period of time. Use your machine guns to blast the orb blocking the door and you'll be sent zipping straight through a narrow tunnel. You'll have three orbs waiting for you in the next section, but you can slip by them fairly easily without even shooting at them. However the orb at the tail end controls an energy barrier, so you'll need to destroy it in order to pass through. Note that every time you come across one of these orange diamond barriers, you'll need to blast the orb in the middle to ensure the door opens.

The next section gets a bit trickier. Platforms will begin extending from the sides, so if you're not an ace pilot, slow down a bit to maneuver around them. Another orb will be blocking your exit. Shoot it. Steer through the winding tunnel and you'll break loose into the "outdoors" once again. You'll see the ship slowly coming out of slipspace and arriving close to... Earth! Ruh-roh... The suggested route out here is to take the side tunnels blocked by the orange orbs, but it's FAR easier to simply pilot to the top of the area out of harm's way. Barely any dodging required!

The tunnel at the end however can be a bit trickier. This one contains several partially closed doors where some of the gaps are blocked by destructible towers. Slow down for this one and use your machine guns when necessary to clear a path. Exit and you'll find twin doors up ahead. Both are blocked by energy barricades. It doesn't matter which one you blast—left, right, or both—you only need to choose one, open fire, and zip right on through. A second barrier will be directly ahead after a bit of bobbing and weaving. Same approach. Shoot the orb and continue through.

The next zone presents two options. The less obvious one is the narrow sublevel tunnel, but I wouldn't recommend going that route since it's easier to avoid the offensive orbs. You might be tempted to hit the trigger orb oddly placed in the dead center of the trench. Don't! It'll trigger a set of massive blast doors to close from the sides. Yes, they will reopen after a couple of seconds, but at the very least they'll slow you down (or even kill you if they don't reopen in time).

Continue to fly straight while avoid the shifting ship fragments moving back and forth from one side of the trench to the other, and head into another tunnel that curves to the right. On the other side, you'll be presented three sets of vertically moving defense laser beams. Don't worry if you just happen to skim one of them. Rather than flagging you for an instant death, they'll start rapidly draining your shields, though if you hit multiple beams, you're likely going to find out very quickly what a mosquito feels like after exploring the magical light of a bug zapper.

The trench begins to narrow at this point. Both sides are also lined with offensive turrets. Most only use light-based machine guns, but a few will be armed with a much stronger weapon capable of zeroing in on your location like a heat-seeking missile. Staying close to the top allows you to avoid the vast majority of this space carnage, but once you get close to the end you're going to want to slow it down a bit. The trench splits off into two VERY narrow passages where you'll need to bob and weave through several half-diamond openings. I tend to take the left since coming out lines me up perfectly with the energy barriers blocking off the next tunnel. Again, you'll need to blast the energy spheres at their core in order to release each door—five total.

Fly straight once you've exited the barrier tunnel. The suggested route here is to take the sublevel tunnel near the bottom of the trench. However, if you continue to keep your altitude at midlevel, there's a narrow passage that will not only take you through the wall, but it'll also keep you from having to try and avoid that pesky half-closed door on the other side. Keep racing past the destructible towers. This is the point where you really want to kick that Boost into high gear. The blast doors on the other side are in the process of closing and once they do there's no way through. Making it through places you inside a tunnel that continues to narrow itself the further through it you travel. Aim straight for the tiny window on the other side and try your best not to flinch or you'll end up looking like a bug who just met a moving windshield for the first time.

Punching through the narrow opening will open you up to a glorious view of the Earth with the Composer's massive cradle sitting directly below you. Unfortunately, the Didact is quick to react and seals off the entrance. So much for doing things the easy way...

Commander Lasky—now in control of Infinity—buzzes in to let you know that while the ship can break the barriers of the Didact's hull, their fleet is currently being shredded by the four Particle Cannons placed all around the cradle. Unlike the ones we saw on Reclaimer, these have an obvious weakness placed conveniently directly below them. But in order to gain access, you'll first want to take out the linked orb in the dead center of the cradle, then switch to your missiles, and bank right towards the first cannon. Personally, I've found it easiest to trace the outer rim of the cradle, lining up the shot into the side frame of the cannon, then blasting the orbs before flying through the opening. This keeps you from being forced to perform evasive maneuvers each time you take on one of these behemoth weapons. But be wary of the two towers containing offensive orbs guarding each of the cannons themselves. Boost is your friend.

Destroying the fourth and final Particle Cannon will signal Lasky to unleash all hell on the Didact's vessel—powerful twin beam cannons that appear to be Forerunner in origin. With a gaping hole punched through the ship, Chief bravely circles the cradle before taking a nose dive directly into the new opening. But the Didact is quick to learn of the Chief's plans and begins sealing up the gap by shifting fragments of the ship inward, forcing him to speed through a narrow opening that ultimately trashes the Broadsword fighter. As Chief boldly puts it, it's time for "Plan B", and no I don't mean Brad Pitt's production company...

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From The Cradle to The Grave

With a nuclear warhead strapped to your back, it's once again time to put your boots on the line. It looks like we'll be hoofing it the rest of the way. Right off the bat, your starting weapons are the Battle Rifle and the Saw—which up until now we've had very little opportunity to put to good use.

Head through the series of doors until you enter the first room. You'll be greeted by a nightmarish trio of Promethean Watchers. The first will already be all up in your face upon entry. Equip the Saw and pulse the trigger to force him into retreat mode. Then quickly Sprint down the left side of the room and veer a hard left towards the exit before Watcher #2 spawns in two stationary guns. A third Watcher will be guarding the exit. Take the opportunity to empty out the rest of your Saw clip to send him on his merry way.

Through the next door, two Knights will be standing between you and your exit. The Battlewagon, however, is scripted to take one potshot at you from afar with his Scattershot—not very effective from a distance might I add—before attempting to spawn another Watcher. Your shields have most likely taken a beating at this point, so while he's in mid-animation, Sprint in his direction, smack him for a good 'ol recharge, and continue running through the exit to your right while bypassing the second Knight entirely. It is NOT recommended that you try and assassinate the Battlewagon. Even if you're quick enough to take him out before the Watcher spawns, it's easy to get ambushed by what will become a much more aggressive Lancer.

The next room has a pair of Watchers patrolling the area with the furthest mere seconds away from summoning a pack of Crawler reinforcements. Be quick to exit this room before a firefight breaks out and you may want to deploy a Hologram—your starting Armor Ability—before barging into the next room currently occupied by a nearby Battlewagon backed by two Lancers. Use the barricades on your right to your advantage to avoid taking too many hits and trace the right side of the room to confuse the Knights before making a run for the left door on the other side. Time your Sprints for places where there is next to nothing (or nothing at all) shielding you from your three mechanized pursuers. Push through the door and a gravity lift will take you down to the level below.

Down the corridor you'll find a weapons crate. Now would be an excellent time to trade out the Saw for a much more savvy Light Rifle before heading up and through the next door.

In case you haven't already caught on, this is yet another mission where you can reap the benefits of both the Tilt and Mythic skulls, and for Rally Point Bravo, we'll be utilizing them quite a bit to get from Point A to Point B.

You'll enter a cavernous room cluttered by moving ship fragments and overlooking a large portal-filled platform. Don't worry. You'll be seeing it up close and personal very soon. Place Cortana into the console so she can start screwing around with the ship's transit system, and head through the newly opened gate.

For the first time since we entered the ship, it's time to slow it down a bit. Whip out that Light Rifle and keep your eyes glued to the top of the ramp dead ahead. The platform above houses several Crawlers—including a Binary Crawler—and a couple won't waste any time coming to you rather than sticking around to let the Chief make the first move. When you feel confident that the others are starting to hang back (the sniper will almost always hang around the exit gate), move up and use the ramp for cover to snipe the rest. Pro tip: leave ONE alive for a melee kill. You'll need the shields for the next area.

Cortana will activate another portal on the far side of the platform after downing enough Crawlers, so after you've managed to dispatch them all, head on through and be prepared to put the pedal to the metal once again!

You'll find yourself at the far, lower side of the platform you saw earlier when initially inserting Cortana into the system. One opposite end of the multileveled battlefield you'll find several Promethean Knights standing between you and your exit—one of them being a newly introduced Promethean Knight Commander.

So about this Commander dude... Keep a sharp eye out for these menacing Prometheans. You'll be able to spot them from afar pretty easily by the distinguishable flames bursting from their armor, and aside from the two tricksters at the end of the mission, they almost always wield the one-hit kill Incineration Cannons. To add chaos to the mix, their secondary "superpower" is a destructive shockwave ability that can not only send you flying straight into oblivion but also usually kills you in one hit if you're too close. Once you can tell they're charging it, it's usually too late to run or defend yourself. Again, be VERY aware of Commanders. And this particular one is being accompanied by our old friend the Binary Knight.

The two Knights on the level below—a Lancer and a Battlewagon—are far less of a threat. So how do we approach this area? First, send off a Hologram to draw their initial attention, then rush up the right-side ramp. The Lancer may shoot off a few rounds from his Suppressor your way, but the Battlewagon will usually be too busy spawning a Watcher to attack you directly until you are well out of range. Turn left on the second level, rush past them both, and head up the left ramp. The Commander will be close by, but he usually won't use that Incineration Cannon due to the current proximity to your location. Turn left again and head up the ramp and into the portal before either he or the Binary Knight get the chance to take that first shot.

You'll find yourself inside a juicy weapons cache containing a variety of useful toys including the game's one and only Gravity Hammer—my personal favorite tool of carnage since Halo 3. I can't help but grin every time I come across this masterpiece of a device and it has a valid use. And for Midnight, it truly is invaluable. Trade out your Battle Rifle for this coveted weapon. Remember, Gravity Hammer plus Knights equals an epic game of Promethean Baseball!

Load up on ammo and head through the next portal. You'll immediately confront a Knight with its back conveniently turned to you. Gently back smack him and rush around to the left to avoid the Crawlers on the right. Travel close to the far end of the platform and take refuge behind another weapons cache while facing the far side of the room. The Crawlers can't get you here and it puts you directly in the line of sight for the next portal. This room should look familiar to you. It's basically the previous one only in reverse!

When Cortana opens the gate, set your sights on the Watcher guarding it. This guy is the one who can really wreck your day if left alive. Fortunately, he's easy to tag from your current location. Aim for his tiny face using the Light Rifle and he'll go down in as few as two or three hits! Now ready your Gravity Hammer and keep an eye on the upward incline to your left. Deploy a hologram down the ramp just to the right of it to serve as a distraction, and then Sprint to the upward ramp. About halfway up, jump down to the left and land on the platform. This will serve as a temporary shield against the nearby Knights and Crawlers Continue forward towards the portal and jump down to the bottom platform. Take heed, though. Sometimes a Knight will be standing between you and the exit. This would be a VERY good time to use your Gravity Hammer! There's also another formidable Commander lingering about with an Incineration Cannon, so be quick with your exit.

Crawler Alley... that's where you'll be dropped off upon exiting the gate. Let's pause for a moment and talk about this. You're about to earn back all of that karma you lost by skipping the last few sections of the mission. You'll have to fight your way out of this one, and there's no way around it. If it makes you feel any better, most folks seem to have trouble here. It's definitely one of the mission's major choke points, so if you're going for a no-deaths run, this is the spot you'll need to practice most. To be honest, though, if you can master the beginning and end, the mid-skirmishes are fairly doable as long as you know what to look for and where position yourself correctly. So let's get started.

As soon as you enter the room, keep walking forward. Save your Sprint until around the middle of the walkway, then rush to the elevated platform on the other side. Three Crawlers will already be there to greet you, but the real party crasher is the Binary Knight that will spawn in and immediately take a shot at you as soon as you get close. Quickly bank left to avoid the beam, then quickly run at him with the Gravity Hammer and smash him off the platform. If you're quick enough, you can knock him off before he spawns in the Watcher. Otherwise you'll need to take cover behind one of the barriers on the platform, dispatch two of the Crawlers, then focus on the Watcher. Again, aim for the face. Otherwise when he takes too many hits he'll retreat back to the starting area. Whatever you do, though, do NOT kill that last Crawler until the Watcher is dead. Doing so will trigger the next wave of enemies, and you'll need that Watcher out of the equation in order to succeed. Also note that this segment of the battle is timed, so if you take too long to kill the Watcher, the next wave will arrive anyway.

Kill the Crawler after taking out the Watcher, and load up on Light Rifle ammo courtesy of the crate on the platform. Hop down off the platform, ready your Light Rifle, and face the exit while taking refuge behind the crate. The first wave of Crawlers will be coming down the sides near the location of the exit portal. They usually descend in three separate groups, and as soon as they touch down, they'll start charging down the walkway towards you. This is the perfect opportunity to land those headshots, and don't forget to reload after each group! There are only about 12 or so Crawlers to worry about here, but once Cortana gives you the warning, you're about to be attacked from behind. She'll take control over the defense turrets (now packing BLUE beams) to help you. They won't serve much use in terms of upping the body count, but they'll manage to largely keep the attention of the Crawlers focused on them.

Load up again on Light Rifle ammo and retreat all the way back to the starting location. Not only do you have a perfect line of sight for the Crawlers emerging from the air ducts on the upper left, but all the ones that make it to the ground will only have a narrow path coming from one direction to traverse in order to get to you. Use the barriers for cover, and if you run out of Light Rifle ammo, you can also use the crate behind you containing Bolt Shots. Don't worry. They're fairly effective against Crawlers as long as you aim for the face.

This battle will last at least a couple of minutes, and you won't be able to proceed until nearly all of the enemies have been dispatched. Use unscoped Light Rifle shots against approaching Crawlers (the "bullet spread" makes them easier to hit), and switch over to the Gravity Hammer only if they manage to get around the barrier. You really want to conserve your ammo for it, so don't go all Gallagher on these guys... Once you notice the chaos dying down, take an opportunity to try and melee-kill one of the remaining Crawlers. You'll need at least close to full shields before making your great escape.

Eventually, Cortana will signal for you to pull her from the console. Make sure the area is clear before you do, and also load up on Light Rifle ammo again (if there's any left at this point). As soon as you retrieve her, the final wave will begin dropping from the walls both in front of you and behind you. Your main focus needs to stay on portal at the far end of the tunnel. This is where things start getting tricky. As best I can tell, the number of Crawlers here is limitless. They'll just keep coming as long as you keep killing them. And the longer you wait to advance, the more convoluted the destination platform becomes at the end of the walkway. My advice here is to charge the ramp the moment you retrieve Cortana and use unscoped Light Rifle shots to take out the initial wave of Crawlers that drops while continuing to move forward. You can also use Plasma Grenades to help cull the herd a bit as well, but keep your Frags handy because you'll need them later. As you get closer, whip out the Gravity Hammer and smash anything within range for even a temporary shield boost. Every little bit helps! And finally, when your instincts tell you the path is clear, make a break for the portal. Made it through? Breathe a long sigh of a relief. You've earned it!

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Old Friends

At last we arrive at the final chapter. Take the lift up to the platform where the gravity is low, but your hopes are high. The worst (in my opinion) is behind you, and aside from a few "luck encounters" most of the battles from here on out are fairly controllable. As you take the man cannon through the vast void of the Didact's ship towards the Composer, take a moment to gather yourself. You'll be traversing through a total of four towers. To give you a brief summary, you'll want to take the right side path to make the Crawler Tower first on your list, you'll speed rush the second with a few trick-jump-esque maneuvers, fly to the third to deal with the Knight Tower, and finally end things on the fourth where only three Knights stand between you and ultimate victory.

But first we're going to make a quick pit stop in the Didact's personal weapons cache where you'll find just about every fully stocked Promethean-based weapon you could ask for. Since you already have the tools you need, however—a Light Rifle and Gravity Hammer—simply load up on Light Rifle ammo, trade out your Hologram for an Auto Sentry located just to the left of the entrance, and insert Cortana into the system where she'll inject her Tourette's personalities into the Didact's shield network.

You have two choices here in terms of which tower you'd rather face first—Crawler or Knight. Due to the directional value of the right path, attempting to go left would void the remainder of this guide, so head to the right.

Your Light Rifle should be at the ready. Upon landing on Crawler Tower, two Crawlers will emerge to assault your entry. Blast them. Again, I recommend going with unscoped shots simply for the bullet spread. The rest tend to hang back with their Watcher buddy—who will also spawn an additional wave of Crawlers. While you could attempt to take him out early, it gets a bit risky considering all the streams of fire that will be concentrated on you. Since you have plenty of ammo, simply hang back and snipe the Crawlers from afar. Most will cling to the side of the door as you continuously decimate their ranks.

After you're confident you've cleared the area, switch over to your Gravity Hammer, and rush the Crawler via approaching from the left side of the closest structure and give him a good SMACK to regain your shields. Then follow up with the Light Rifle to finish him off.

Now on to the next level. Head up the ramp, but stop just shy of the exit. A Binary Crawler will be waiting for you, clinging to the opposite wall up and to the left. Take him out! Move forward again toward the small structure in the center of the room and use it as cover to deal with the remaining Crawlers from the opposite platform. Some may try to rush you, but most tend to hang back near the Watchers—one is on the upper-most platform while the other is off to the right and most likely out of sight at the moment.

Pick off the Crawlers one by one and save the first Watcher for last. If you start running low on ammo, feel free to utilize the Light Rifle cache off to the right. There's more than plenty to go around! Once you start pegging him with the Light Rifle, he tends to traverse back and forth on the ramp to his right (your left). Wait until he flies out into the open each time and use every available second to unload scoped Light Rifle shots into his mechanical, flying form. The second Watcher is next on your list. Head right, into the small room, where you'll find another ammo crate containing an Incineration Cannon. Grab it for your Gravity Hammer (momentarily of course) and use it to dispatch the Watcher just beyond the nearby exit. Admittedly this is the best use for the weapon in the entire game.

You'll now have a clear path to jump up to the switch via the nearby crate. This will activate the light bridge. BUT before you do that, there will be three Crawlers on the opposite platform waiting for you. My advice is to take them out with the Light Rifle before activating the switch. After hitting the switch, ready your Incineration Cannon and quickly charge to the other side. Another Watcher will be waiting for you. If you're quick enough to tag him before he floats behind one of the pillars, finish him off with the IC. If there's one thing I can say about the Incineration Cannon, it's one-hit kill ability with the Watchers definitely gives it a chance to shine in this mission! Then, retreat back to where you activated the switch and kill the remaining Crawlers one by one.

When all the Crawlers are dead aside from the ones hanging back with the Knight Commander at the end of the top floor walkway, head back downstairs and trade out your Incineration Cannon for the Gravity Hammer. This weapon will become invaluable to you for the rest of the mission. You might also want to fill up on Light Rifle ammo if you're low. You won't really need it once you jump to the next tower, but it never hurts to be packing a few extra clips. Jump back to the top level again and head to the back of the walkway to get a clear view of the remaining Crawlers. The Light Rifle should make quick work of them, but be careful not to get into the Commander's line of sight. He's packing an Incineration Cannon of his own, and if you're colorblind like me, you won't see that swirling mass of orange hate until the last possible second...

Clearing the tower of Crawlers will leave just you and the Knight to tango. Again, you want to be careful with this fellow. If your timing is even slightly off, you'll quickly find yourself falling victim to his secondary shockwave ability. Use the pillars of the tower to your advantage to keep him from using that Incineration Cannon. Eventually you'll be close enough that he'll solely use grenades. Time it so that he's in mid-animation, and charge him with the Gravity Hammer. One smack will launch him clear off the platform and cause the next console to rise from the platform (even if the Knight isn't technically dead). Insert Cortana and set your sights on Tower Two with the Light Rifle. You should be able to spot two Crawlers from your current location. Snipe them and use the man cannon to travel to the next area.

Landing on the platform will gain the attention of the Lancer Knight in the far back. Go ahead and deploy an Auto Sentry to distract him. Then run up the ramp, hop on the side of the large structure on the left, and use the ridges to get up to the walkway. Be quick about this. A Watcher will be up there with you, and he's already in the process of spawning in additional Crawlers. Use the hammer against the Watcher if you're low on shields, and then jump down the other side and Sprint to the man cannon to launch yourself to Tower Three.

This is the Knight Tower, and if everything goes smoothly, you'll be able to literally smash your way through it in under 90 seconds. When you land, focus on the Knight directly in front of you. Wait until he's in grenade-throwing animation. Then rush over and give him a good smack with the Hammer to launch him off the platform.

Things could get ugly at this point. It's another one of those areas you'll want to practice ahead of time if you're going for a no-deaths run. Especially if you're like me and you suck at grenade jumps. Watch the video below BEFORE attempting this.

First, you'll want to hop on the banister opposite of the ramp leading up to the platform, and do it quick to avoid the Knight and Crawlers lingering close to the center. Toss a grenade in the corner and JUMP! Do not crouch, otherwise you won't get the lift you need to reach the incline. From here, you can simply jump to the upper platform. This will allow you to beat the spawn of the seven Knights you'll be facing. Rush forward and back smack the first Knight as he warps in. Do NOT assassinate. You'll lose valuable time and give the other Knights plenty of opportunity to strike against you. Quickly turn right and back smack the second Lancer. Now do a 180. There will be three Knights up ahead—all Lancers. One will be on each side and a third one in the middle. The middle man is your biggest concern. Wait until he's in his grenade-throwing animation and race around to do a quick back smack. Now turn to your right and use the Gravity Hammer to launch the next Knight off the platform. Leave the third one be for the time being and rush to the end of the platform to beat the Battlewagon's spawn. As soon as he warps in, back smack him and IMMEDIATELY turn around to use the Hammer to Launch the Commander off the platform. Any delay here and he'll use his shockwave ability to do the same to you! Now there's only one Knight left. Rush him with the Hammer and launch him right off the platform in order to activate the console. Whew! Talk about a stressful game of Whack-a-mole!

I've got to give a lot of credit to the Gravity Hammer here. Thanks to it, you only need to worry about using the Promethean Backsmack once in the entire mission! What I just described above may seem complicated, but with a little bit of practice you'll have a Grade A understanding of exactly of exactly when and where the Knights spawn so YOU can have complete control over the Knight Tower.

After inserting Cortana into the console, the Didact will have a few taunting words to boil your blood. Without hesitation, he fires the Composer at the city of New Phoenix and instantly kills tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Bastard. Now it's up to you to keep him from finishing his work. The console explodes and suddenly Cortana is gone... but not before activating a man cannon to the fourth and final tower.

Rush over—being extremely careful not to accidentally jump into the orange slipspace void—and deal with the final three Knights. You'll need to be careful here. The last quicktime event drained you of all shields, so your first priority is getting them back. The Knight closest to you is nothing more than a Lancer. Smack him with the Hammer to launch him off the platform. It's the next two you need to worry about. Both are Commanders, and both will NOT hesitate to use their shockwave ability against you. If you ask me, that's a pretty crappy way to die near the end of the mission. Focus on the first Commander. Both have Light Rifles, but they're very prone to using them unlike standard Lancers. Get close enough (just outside the shadow) to where he starts launching grenades. When he does, rush in and use the Hammer to smack him straight off into the void. You've got one more remaining off to the right and up the ramp. Make sure he doesn't try to teleport behind you. Trust me. I've had this happen before. And repeat the same steps. Wait until he launches a grenade. Then rush in and use the Gravity Hammer to knock him right off the side.

BOOM! The worst is behind you! If you do a 180, a lift will activate leading you to a Light Bridge that will take you to the Composer. Follow it, and sit back while the cutscene ensues. The Didact gets the jump on Master Chief, but no sooner than he does, Cortana's dozen or so rampant personalities come to the rescue and pin the ancient alien down to the bridge.

You have one final task to complete this mission, and it comes in the form of an interactive cutscene. Wonderful... When the controls are back in your hands—more or less—use the joystick to hoist yourself up back to the light bridge. The game will force you to run towards the now pinned Didact with a Promethean Pulse Grenade in hand. Spam the left trigger in order to shove the device directly into the Didact's chest plate. He'll smack you down and wield the power of stasis fields to lift you up—suffocating you. The grenade explodes and the stunned Forerunner stumbles in agony off the light bridge and into the slipspace void.

And thus, the final mission in the game has now fallen to your Mythic might on Legendary with all skulls on! If you opted to play these missions chronologically, your Mythic Campaign has now come to an end. While this is normally the place where I would conjure up some sort of sappy ending—and I believe Halo 4 already took care of that for me—there's still one piece to the puzzle you have yet to enjoy. The Epilogue. No, not the Halo 4 epilogue, silly. I'm talking about the Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough epilogue! So if you'd like to see additional tips and tricks on how to conquer every mission, watch a cool movie, meet some awesome folks in both the Halo and gaming community, and check out a personal message to 343 Industries, flip the page and watch the epicness unfold...

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