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Installment One Keyes' Corner

343 Guilty Spark Level 3

After the movie with Jenkins, you work your way to a second lift that takes you further down. This is the large green arrow at the top of the map. From here, the door takes you directly to an area with a pair of active camouflage powerups, in the room marked 'a'. The route from here to Loading Zone #3 is somewhat circuitous: follow the triangular 'X' route, drop down to the lower part of room 'a'. Head out towards 'b', and climb back up to the top level, at the blue '1'. Run straight across to 'c', and drop down to the lower level (and the gateway to the loading zone). Given that you can only exploit this glitch in coop mode, you can also try using the second marine as a step, to get back into the upper part of 'a', and circumvent 'b' altogether. (The easiest course of action - to simply return to one of the previous zones - is unfortunately not available; that elevator is one-way only.) If both players want to be invisible, the first player needs to run this circuit VERY quickly; otherwise, his invisibility will expire before the glitch can be activated for him. However, if only one player is shooting for the glitch, the triggering player can simply get to the end while the second player hangs back; the only downside is that if the triggering player kills everything before getting to the loading zone, there won't be any Flood to watch.