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xbill | AotCR First Bridge Descent - SOLO

On April 24, 2002, in response to a forum post about descending from the first bridge on Assault on the Control Room, xbill wrote:
You don't have to kill all the Grunts they way I did. Although, they wake easily, and stir up the Elite.

I've done this numerous times and had full, or near full health at the bottom. I just had a bad slide in the movie, so I took a big health hit.

This trick has been done a number of times before - Doum and Pat managed to film it in early February, in coop mode. Frogblast showed it could be done in single-player mode... but only by very skilled players (using his method). Kuaidang ran through it again, in Coop mode, much faster, in mid-April - and now xbill shows that it can be done, elegantly, in single-player mode, with no explosives or fancy moves. Just do the jumps correctly. :)

For details on how he did it, read this post, written up on May 4, 2002.

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