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Nemesis_007 | Sidewinder Sneak

In Sidewinder when you enter the underground tunnels, go to the place where you find the camoflauge and the shield. A gate should be blocking you from getting to the other side. Well, I had the jeep in there and went to the shield and stuff, and turned and got out, so that it was still sliding towards the gate, and the jeep PUSHED me through the gate. I din't even get hurt at all :). This would be great for CTF because if an enemy stole your flag and took off, you could till have a chance to kill em. This would also be sweet if you were driving away with the jeep through teh tunnels, with someone righ behind you,. You do this trick, and they wonder what the heck happened :). Just a cool kind fo glitch.

I tried it with a ghost this time and found that it's even easier with a ghost :). Just strafe towards the gate and get out when you're about 6 feet from the gate (cotinue strafing the ghost towards the gate) and you should easily be pushed through the gate. It's very easy. Pretty neat too. Once you're on the other side, all you have to do is press X and you'll somehow go through the gate and enter the vehicle on the other side, meaning you've crossed the gate again. Man,this is great for CTF.

Posted to the HBO Forum, February 9, 2002

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Movie Showing the 'Sidewinder Sneak'

If you strafe sideways in a Ghost towards the grate where the invisibility and shield powerups are sitting, a well-timed dismount will actually get you pushed THROUGH the grate by the still-sliding vehicle. (Nemesis_007 says it works with the Warthog, as well, but it's harder to time right.) Jump too early, you'll get crushed like a bug. Jump too late, and you'll exit the wrong side of the Ghost. Time it perfectly, though... and through you go. What's more, the Ghost sits there, next to the grating... if you walk up to it (from the other side of the grate, mind you), you'll get the 'Press X to enter Ghost' message, and pressing X will cause you to magically pass through the grate. CTF in Sidewinder just became a whole new ballgame.

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