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The Mad Bunny #CP#W | A Warthog on a Dropship

The Mad Bunny posted this to the HBO Forum:
This is a photo of a new trick that I performed tonight, 7/27/02. My apologies in advance for the size of the photo (although the full 1600x1200 image is available.) The photo is of a warthog on top of a covenant drop ship on the Silent Cartographer map. Please note, this is on the covenant dropship in the >middle< of the island. It is not the one on the beach. (Which everyone else has spotted and landed upon... it is different from the dropship in Pete the Duck's tricks.) I have done a complete search in the forums and checked all the tricks pages and have found nothing similar. I am confident that I have performed my due diligence and have thus posted this picture. If you have nothing constructive to say, don't say it.

What follows are the bloopers, posted a bit later.

headache1 baddream headache2 headache3
headache4 headache5 headache6 headache7
headache8 headache9 ridemcowboy yahoo
Announced on the HBO Forum on July 28, 2002.

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