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Ben Kane/Greg Mouland | Halo Exploration

TR-BlandWorld.jpg TR-GravLift.jpg
"Truth and Reconciliation"
Much harder to acheive, required two people and was very unrewarding aside from the view and some bland geometry.

Cartographer.jpg Cartographer2.jpg Cartographer3.jpg
"The Silent Cartographer"

CreepyMan.jpg CreepyMan2.jpg EdgeofMap.jpg
"343 Guilty Spark"
Much easier to acheive, only need one person, no grenade jumping. Two methods as well (dropship and rock -coming soon). We found a lone marine up here, Mendoza. Says nothing, only blinks and flinches when shot. Also features a dead Flood (not pictured) even though you haven't encountered them by this point. You can also see the edge of the map (uncrossable).

GST-Rock.jpg GST-Rock2.jpg GST-Rock3.jpg
Here's a pictorial guide to climbing outside of "343 Guilty Spark" without using the dropship at the beginning of the level. The first jump is kinda hard but it is possible. The next one's pretty easy and then you're up.

With some grenade jumping, we crossed the gap at the beginning of "Keyes". There's an invisible wall on the ledge with a medkit but the other side is unblocked. The hangar is empty, so is the second floor, the bay doors are unblocked but lead to death and there is one unlocked door but it doesn't open. Phew!

Mendoza gives me a piggyback ride in Guilty Spark.

SideWinder1-Ghost.jpg SideWinder2.jpg SideWinder3-Bland.jpg SideWinder3-Ghost.jpg
On top of Sidewinder with a Ghost. Fun for the whole family, especially during online matches when your opponent has no idea...

FloatingGun-Scripted1.jpg FloatingGun-Scripted2.jpg
At 343 Guilty Spark, there appear to be marines putting up a bit of a fight before you reach the first entrance however an explosion erupts just before you get there and you never actually see anybody. Well there's a reason for that; no one is actually there. The guns are suspended in mid-air, fire a few bursts and then disappear, no muss no fuss. And the explosion? Quite deadly, stay far away ;)

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