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October 29, 2011 Link to this post

One Spartan Two Spartan Red Spartan Blue Spartan
MASSAIKUR (previously responsible for the grin + bear it comics) let us know about a new project that combines Halo and Dr. Seuss (in a way that might just ruin your childhood memories). Disturbing, it is... (Louis Wu 18:53:10 UTC)

September 20, 2010 Link to this post

Comics never die...
The final Grin + Bear It on Hawty McBloggy's site is up and live, along with a note from luke - because she's moving to Waypoint, her personal site has to be shut down, and GaBI was one of the casualties. Except... not. We've provided a new home for the strip, and luke will pick up here where he left off there. Viva La Pez! (Louis Wu 15:32:04 UTC)

September 7, 2010 Link to this post

Grin + Bear It: Waypoint Interview Revealed
This... this is just wrong. (Louis Wu 13:16:35 UTC)

August 29, 2010 Link to this post

HMB Roundup
Tons of new content at Hawty McBloggy's:

And on a related site, Halo 3 Screenshots has a new Top Ten - 'Splat' has some awesome vehicle shots. And with that... I'm out again. (Louis Wu 22:38:45 UTC)

August 22, 2010 Link to this post

Today's Grin + Bear It is simply a reminder of how long you have to wait to play Reach. Along with more information about PEZ dispensers than you probably wanted. (Louis Wu 10:45:00 UTC)

August 15, 2010 Link to this post

That's Zealot of Crap
Today's Grin + Bear It points out that it's not easy coming up with zingers. (Louis Wu 19:20:12 UTC)

July 25, 2010 Link to this post

At Hawty McBloggy, the latest Grin + Bear It looks at what Bungie might have done for gender parity... if they were working on an Adult-rated title. (Louis Wu 15:21:18 UTC)

July 18, 2010 Link to this post

Shop with the UNS-Etsy
Today's Grin + Bear It shows the dangers of letting armor customization go too far. Remember - this is a war, soldier! (Louis Wu 16:12:19 UTC)

July 11, 2010 Link to this post

American Griffic
The latest Grin + Bear It recreates an iconic piece of Americana... I don't remember the Battle Rifle in the original, though. (Louis Wu 15:26:17 UTC)

June 27, 2010 Link to this post

Hail the Fail Whale
Today's Grin + Bear It pays homage to Twitter. And Firefight 2.0. Check it at Hawty McBloggy's. (Louis Wu 15:46:50 UTC)

June 21, 2010 Link to this post

Prepared for Drop
Yesterday's Grin + Bear It was another guest strip from ZzoMBiE13 - Arby and the Chief discover the pitfalls of stepping into other shoes. (Louis Wu 14:48:33 UTC)

June 13, 2010 Link to this post

Another Halo Related Comic Strip
Over at Hawty McBloggy's, there's a new guest Grin + Bear It - ZzoMBiE13's take this strip plays with something most of us have wondered since G+BI started. Go read! (Louis Wu 14:06:00 UTC)

June 6, 2010 Link to this post

Job Punathon
Grin + Bear It looks at jobs... and how they might go. Punionaire... (Louis Wu 14:17:33 UTC)

May 30, 2010 Link to this post

Comment It and They Shall Come
Today's Grin + Bear It is live at Hawty McBloggy's - sort of. This week, Luke was too busy to draw up a full strip, so he's asking for suggestions from the audience; he'll finish it next week with the best of your submissions. Go submit! (Louis Wu 15:12:43 UTC)

May 23, 2010 Link to this post

Natural Spawn Killers
Over at Hawty McBloggy's, the latest Grin + Bear It looks at spawning... in every sense of the word, I guess. (Louis Wu 15:28:34 UTC)

May 17, 2010 Link to this post

Grin + Bear It - and a crashed scarab
Yesterday's Grin + Bear It is a cute little tribute to Hawty McBloggy, who celebrates 3 years of Halo-based sexual innuendos tomorrow. Happy Birthday, HMB! (While you're there reading the funnies, check out this photo of a scarab beetle - Halo imagery is EVERYWHERE!) (Louis Wu 12:49:34 UTC)

May 10, 2010 Link to this post

Grab Bag of Goodies from HMB
Hawty McBloggy had a busy Halo Weekend:

(Louis Wu 14:10:24 UTC)

May 3, 2010 Link to this post

Hawty was busy, even if we weren't
Stuff we missed at Hawty McBloggy's this weekend (shame on us!):

Go read it all! (Louis Wu 15:47:07 UTC)

April 25, 2010 Link to this post

Ancient Rocks and Modern Crags
Hawty McBloggy found an ancient version of Mister Chief... in Alaska. Oddness! Not your style? Check out Grin + Bear It: Nag Nag Nag... There are definite uses for Bowser. (Louis Wu 23:04:05 UTC)

April 18, 2010 Link to this post

Comic Sunday
RedGrimRune let us know that his most recent 6th Circle comic has some Halo references (along with some drug references)... and the latest Grin + Bear It says goodbye to Halo 2 (and pleads for something that will likely never happen). Funnies with your coffee... (Louis Wu 14:44:46 UTC)

April 11, 2010 Link to this post

Halo Goodies at HMB
There are a few nice tidbits this weekend at Hawty McBloggy's - she found a customized female mohawked Spartan on eBay (sold yesterday morning for $8.50), a reminder to play Halo 2 this week (that picture scares me), and instructions for a Super Happy Fun Time Kit from Grin + Bear It (I can see lots of shenanigans ensuing from this). Go play! (Louis Wu 16:22:56 UTC)

April 5, 2010 Link to this post

I'm Sorry, What?
Yesterday's Grin + Bear It brought into question an epic moustache. (Louis Wu 15:59:34 UTC)

March 22, 2010 Link to this post

I lost the - DANGIT
A new Grin + Bear It went live at Hawty McBloggy's yesterday - warning, you'll Lose the Game if you read it. Oops - never mind, you just did anyway. (Louis Wu 16:50:54 UTC)

March 14, 2010 Link to this post

Grin + Bear It: Facepalm
Grin + Bear It, up today at Hawty McBloggy's, points out one of the hazards of customizing your gear... (Louis Wu 13:29:03 UTC)

February 28, 2010 Link to this post

Grin + Bear It - I am.
Today's Grin + Bear It, at HMB, moves away from tasteless jokes and into the realm of tasteless disability jokes. At least it's consistent... (Louis Wu 18:58:53 UTC)

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