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September 20, 2014 Link to this post

I think we're on to something.
Super Bunnyhop talked to Steve Downes and Tim Dadabo, the voices of Master Chief and Guilty Spark, respectively, at Dragon Con last month. Go listen as they hold forth on Halo, voice acting, and more! Great listen. Thanks, Captain Spark. (Louis Wu 15:46:16 UTC)

January 10, 2013 Link to this post

PGCR 144
Robowski let us know that Post Game Carnage Report Episode 144 is now live - they talk about the latest Halo news as well as their upcoming Trihardathalon. Warning, this episode is a little nippy! You should also check out their revamped site (courtesy of web designer Bad Bunny), which is now mobile friendly. Listen now! (colindosaj 10:55:38 UTC)

May 16, 2011 Link to this post

Marissa's Bunny Raffle - win cool stuff
Marissasbunny.com is holding a raffle - main prize is an iPad, but secondary prizes include a Joyride Studios 2002 First Edition Cortana figure, sealed in the packaging, and a Halo: Reach Legendary Edition. Tickets are only $2 - go buy some! (Louis Wu 22:18:00 UTC)

May 9, 2011 Link to this post

20 Sides of Nerd: Futon Computing
Marissa's Dad, of Marissa's Bunny fame (have you visited recently?), recently had Halcylon (once of the Hawty McBloggy forums, now working for Bungie) on the 20 Sides of Nerd podcast - interesting discussion! Go listen. (If you want to hear the rest of the podcasts in the series, you can find the full list on iTunes.) (Louis Wu 20:55:21 UTC)

April 21, 2011 Link to this post

Grab a $250 Gift Card at Marissa's Bunny
Marissa's Bunny has yet another giveaway for you - it started on Monday, but it runs through this coming Monday, so you've got time to enter. For the price of some clicks or an email, you can be in the running for a $250 GameStop card! Not too shabby. While you're there, consider Marissa - their current fundraiser helps not only this sweet girl, but also winners of the iPad special needs giveaway! (Louis Wu 13:43:17 UTC)

March 22, 2011 Link to this post

Marissa's Bunny: Grandma Gives Back
Marissa's Dad told us about yet ANOTHER giveaway at Marissa's Bunny - the winner of the last (absurd) giveaway gave back one Xbox, so you've got another shot at it. (She, in fact, gave away almost EVERYTHING in the prize package... but not all back to the source. Read the details here.) Anyway, you've got until March 30 to enter to win this; swing by and read the details. (Louis Wu 15:26:12 UTC)

March 9, 2011 Link to this post

Astounding Giveaway from Marissa's Bunny
Marissa's Bunny is the place to be - again - if you're interested in getting your hands on a TON of free stuff. This time, the giveaway contains (and yes, all of this is going to ONE WINNER):

For the Winner:
  • Reach SE Xbox 360 Slim
  • Kinect
  • Halo:Reach Legendary Edition
  • Playstation3 320GB with Move bundle
For the Winner to Give Away:
  • Xbox 360 Arcade with Kinect
  • PS3 with Move bundle

Look for the post labeled 'Latest Entries' for full details on how to get in on this one. And thanks to Shana, who won the LAST giveaway but chose not to take a bunch of the prizes, leading to this ridiculous package. Marissa heads in for surgery on Friday the 18th - so that's when this giveaway ends... get your entries in before that! (And hey - if you think this sort of thing is cool, why not toss a few bucks into Marissa's pot? There's a donate link on the right side of the page.) (Louis Wu 14:08:46 UTC)

February 24, 2011 Link to this post

Huge Reach-themed giveaway at Marissa's Bunny
Marissa's Dad sent word of another Reach Console giveaway at Marissa's Bunny, the site devoted to raising awareness for Infantile Spasms. This one's pretty massive - the winner will walk away with a Reach Special Edition xBox 360 Slim, a Kinect unit, a copy of the Reach Legendary Edition, and a $500 Gamestop gift card. Wonga. To be entered, you have to vote for the blog and let them know (read the instructions for full details). You can also get extra entries by letting them know what you'd do with the card. Not bad! This one runs for two weeks (it started a couple of days ago) - what do you have to lose? (While you're there, be sure to learn a little something about Marissa's disease, and consider dropping something in the hat.) (Louis Wu 02:59:20 UTC)

December 3, 2010 Link to this post

Fighting With Fairfax - THIS WEEKEND
We'd like to remind you that the Fighting With Fairfax outREACH Tournament, to raise awareness for Infantilie Spasms (and have a lot of fun playing Reach), is taking place THIS weekend - there's still room for more teams (2 player or 4 player) to sign up! Swing by the website, grab a slot, and Join the Bunny! (Louis Wu 16:09:06 UTC)

November 16, 2010 Link to this post

Fighting with Fairfax
Gaming4Others' kilaM0Mjaro dropped us a line to announce a Halo Reach tournament being hosted with the Spirits of Fire community: "Fighting with Fairfax: Marissa's Bunny outREACH Tournament". The tourney will take place on December 4th and 5th, will have 2v2 and 4v4 Slayer events, and will raise money to support Infantile Spasms (check Marissa's Bunny for more info). (Louis Wu 12:54:02 UTC)

November 4, 2010 Link to this post

Precious... the Video Game
Last week, Dustbunny27 pointed out that Halo got mentioned on Comedy Central's Pretend Time - I let it go, because there was no clip for it. Today, though, 95ss dropped us a note that this sketch can be found on YouTube - and includes the cheesy Halo ripoff they're making throughout the sketch, at the end. Check it out! (Louis Wu 01:16:37 UTC)

October 19, 2010 Link to this post

Marissa's Bunny Reach Console Giveaway
Marissa's Bunny, the site set up to raise awareness for Infantile Spasms, has a new giveaway that might be of interest to Halo fans (heh): they're offering a Halo: Reach Xbox 360 console. The generous donor who provided the box asks that you remember that Marissa's fundraiser is still going; there's no requirement to enter, but you should consider it. There are multiple ways to enter; they're all listed on the contest's info page. Go see about getting yourself one of these puppies... for free! (Louis Wu 17:37:06 UTC)

September 27, 2010 Link to this post

Reach Review/Giveway from Marissa's Bunny
We're not generally posting individual Reach reviews, but sometimes we make an exception. Here's one. Marissa's Dad (you might remember Marissa's Bunny, sent around the world to raise awareness for Infantile Spasms) looked at Reach from the standpoint of an older gamer, one who's been a fan of Bungie games since Pathways into Darkness. Why him? Well, because the review is also an excuse to give away a copy of the game, and this is your heads-up to go enter. (While you're there, you might want to check out this much more serious page - Marissa's going in for some pretty expensive surgery soon, and while insurance will cover a huge percentage of it, they're still on the hook for nearly $30,000... anything you could spare would be helpful.) (Louis Wu 18:17:34 UTC)

July 22, 2010 Link to this post

Win RAM, Help Marissa
It's not strictly Halo-related... but it's a cause that's near and dear to our hearts, and it's a chance for you to walk away with $250 worth of Crucial RAM. Marissa's Bunny is a blog devoted to raising awareness for a condition called 'Infantile Spasms' - we've posted pictures in the past of Fairfax the Bunny participating in all sorts of Halo-related activities. (Check our news archive for details, if this isn't ringing a bell.) Well, we got word from Marissa's dad Mike - they've got a new giveaway going on, and you could win up to $250 in Crucial RAM, simply by visiting the blog and leaving a note. (Full details are in the 'Giveaway The Third' blog post.) So what are you waiting for? Go enter! (Louis Wu 14:38:52 UTC)

May 3, 2010 Link to this post

Halo 2 - it's an energizer bunny
Rod pointed out an article at Kotaku, highlighting the last few holdouts still playing Halo 2. if you swing by Bungie.net, you can follow a thread started by one of the last six. (Louis Wu 15:31:31 UTC)

December 16, 2009 Link to this post

Movies, movies, and more movies
The Bungie Comm Chatter is chock-FULL of new vids today:

While you're at B.net, be sure to check out the newly-updated Bungie Favorites - they're going on vacation soon, and this will be the last update for a bit! (Okay, that's not really Bungie Favorites - it's Bungie web guys taking a mean shot at Marty. But hey... taking shots at Marty is fun!) (Louis Wu 19:36:57 UTC)

November 26, 2009 Link to this post

Buy the Book.
It's not Halo-related, but it benefits a friend of ours, and it's an awesome gift in its own right... swing by Hawty McBloggy's to learn how you can buy 'A Gamer's Alphabet', a book created by Marissa's dad (the guy behind Marissa's Bunny), and not only get your friends something cool for the holidays, but raise money to help awareness of Infantile Spasms. Thanks, angel! (Louis Wu 03:31:27 UTC)

July 29, 2009 Link to this post

Tied The O7AH
Cozmo23 let us know about Tied The O7AH, a new website he's working on with TTL Bunny. It will be dedicated to the comic series TTLvsO7AH, as well as Halo and community news, and whatever else comes up. Fun artwork! (Louis Wu 15:30:58 UTC)

June 27, 2009 Link to this post

Fundfax Fairraiser - ENDING TONIGHT
Due to some unforeseen (and VERY unfair to Hawty) circumstances, the Fundfax Fairraiser (the fundraiser Hawty McBloggy set up for Marissa's Bunny) is ending quite early - tonight, at midnight, in fact. You've got just under 9 hours to buy some virtual raffle tickets, and make a difference in a little girl's life, and maybe win yourself some super-cool schwag. If you were planning on participating, but hadn't gotten to it yet (it was, after all, supposed to run through July 7)... now's the time. Sorry for the short notice! (Louis Wu 22:26:48 UTC)

June 23, 2009 Link to this post

The Fundfax Fairraiser - helping a little girl in need
Hawty McBloggy has put together a raffle in which you can win all sorts of really cool stuff... with the proceeds going to support Marissa, the little girl with infantile spasms whose bunny still travels the planet raising awareness. Every dollar you throw into the pot gets you a (virtual) raffle ticket - giving you the chance to win goodies from any of three amazing prize pools. Go read about it, check out the prizes, and then toss in some dollars! (It's very possible that more prizes will come online over the course of the raffle, so check back regularly! We'll be reminding you over the next couple of weeks.) (Louis Wu 20:59:01 UTC)

June 19, 2009 Link to this post

A Gamer's Alphabet - a charity project
I received an email from mick, a friend of Marissa's dad, Mike. (Marissa, if you haven't been reading long, is a little girl with infantile spasms; her dad started a program whereby Fairfax, a stuffed bunny, has been visiting people and places around the world (and getting photographed doing it) to raise awareness about Marissa's illness.) mick came up with the idea of creating a Gamer's Alphabet - a small book which would (in theory) contain a set of illustrated gamer words. (There is a conversation over at fazyluckers that might help explain what's involved.) If you'd like to help, swing by and sign up - you'll need to tell Chris, who approves all members, that mick sent you. There are so many amazing artists in the Halo community - by adding your skills to this project, you can help create a really cool little book that can be sold to help out Marissa! (Louis Wu 20:19:01 UTC)

June 7, 2009 Link to this post

Marissa needs your help!
You might remember Marissa's Bunny - Fairfax has been traveling around the US, raising awareness about Marissa's illness, infantile spasms. We recently got word from Marissa's dad that Marissa is back in the hospital - her spasms are out of control. He's hoping that anyone who can send along kind wishes will do so - in his words, "Perhaps the combined goodwill of the internet at large can help, because nothing else seems to be." Mike - we're with ya! There are lots of ways to help - from donating money or buying a bunny to simply emailing Marissa with your happy thoughts. Swing by the Marissa's Bunny website for lots of links. (Louis Wu 20:55:50 UTC)

April 12, 2009 Link to this post

Cosplay and Rabbits
Turns out I have a little extra time today - a few more posts. Yesterday, I forgot to mention that Hawty McBloggy had posted what she calls ' Sexy Sangheili Cosplay' - I think she just has her mind in the gutter. (It IS a pretty cool Arbiter costume, though.) While you're looking at those pictures, hoping to find Covenant porn (you sicko), you might want to check out a collection of seven Halo 3 bunny pictures, just in time for Easter. Some require a little imagination to call 'bunny'... but all are entertaining. (Louis Wu 17:27:42 UTC)

March 31, 2009 Link to this post

Halo 3 Montage 1 from HelplesBunny
urk pointed out a montage from HelplesBunny, featuring a lot of MLG gameplay... you could call this an Extermination Montage, I think. (Louis Wu 17:03:07 UTC)

March 28, 2009 Link to this post

Banjo Plays Halo
Dustbunny27 continues to work on Halo vehicles in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - take a look at his output! (Louis Wu 17:09:22 UTC)

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