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April 5, 2006 Link to this post

The Outlaw Spirit
This Spartan Life has both a new episode, and a new website, online at this point. No more massive Flash! Today's news post contains information about Malcolm McLaren, the latest interviewee on the show; you can grab the episode itself from the Episodes section. Interesting stuff! (Louis Wu 23:58:17 UTC)

March 23, 2006 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - O'Donnell Interview, Pt 2
This Spartan Life has released module 3 of Episode 3 - it's the second part of the interview with Marty O'Donnell. It's a great discussion of the power of sound design, set amidst the battle for bodyguard position... with a nice homage to Newman and Redford at the end. (I have to say - while Marty's skills as a musician are undeniable... his acting leaves a bit to be desired.) This one's quite large; 7 minutes, and weighing in at more than 10 mb/minute... go grab a copy. QuickTime is up now, WMP9 should be coming soon. (Louis Wu 16:49:05 UTC)

March 22, 2006 Link to this post

Monster Forum Roundup
There were a large number of intriguing forum posts last night - here's a quick roundup.

  • Jason Jones and Alex Seropian both made it onto Next Generation's list of 'The Hot 100 Game Developers'. Interestingly, Randy Pitchford is on the list as well, but Halo PC is not mentioned in the paragraph explaining his contributions. Thanks, GhaleonEB.
  • Joyride has posted pics of the Halo 2 Series 7 action figures - Zattack89 thoughtfully provides links.
  • 3Suns found an article which isn't really Halo-related - except in its depiction of a product nicely described by Eric Nylund in the Halo novels. Scientists in Hong Kong have developed a solution that acts like Nylund's biofoam - healing wounds with astounding speed (and in many cases in ways that were once impossible).
  • Chris Butcher, speaking at the Game Developers Conference this week, discussed C# as a development environment, and how it's helped Bungie with its latest projects - thanks, 3Suns. (Other Bungie speakers include Marty O'Donnell and Jay Weinland, helping with Audio Boot Camp. There might be more; a quick review of the speakers didn't turn 'em up.)
  • gijake mentions that Chris Burke, of This Spartan Life, is interviewed in the April edition of Wired magazine. (It's part of a large article on 'The New World of Games', a collection of pieces looking at how games are transforming our culture.) This isn't online yet - but it will be on March 27.
  • Gamasutra has an article about how to put more emotion into gameplay - and Halo is held up as a powerful example - thanks again, 3Suns.

Whew! Are you burned out yet? (Louis Wu 11:49:14 UTC)

March 16, 2006 Link to this post

This Spartan Life: Travelogue
Swing by This Spartan Life for Episode 3, Module 2: Travelogue. It's a really quick overview of some glitches accessible in Halo 2 levels. If you're a regular at High Impact Halo, you won't see anything new - but the composition is quite nice. There's another new ep coming soon, as well! (Louis Wu 19:08:42 UTC)

March 2, 2006 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - Episode 3 (Module 1)
This Spartan LIfe has posted Episode 3, Module 1 - visit the site for download options. Damian has some... staff issues. Here's hoping he works 'em out soon! The QuickTime is 16.6 mb, the WMP9 should be available soon. (There's also an alternate version of the Solid Gold Elite Dancers module released a few weeks ago; it's mostly the same episode, except slightly less integrated into the storyline than the original.) (Louis Wu 17:34:41 UTC)

February 16, 2006 Link to this post

50L1D G0LD 1337 D4NC4RS!
There's a new module posted at This Spartan Life - it's the end of Episode 2, and it focuses on the Solid Gold Elite Dancers. And maybe suggests why you shouldn't get on their bad side. QuickTime is up now, WMP9 coming soon. (Louis Wu 05:12:26 UTC)

January 19, 2006 Link to this post

TSL - The Marty O'Donnell Interview, Part 1
This Spartan Life has posted a new module - it's Part 1 of an interview with Marty O'Donnell, set against a backdrop of Containment's outer reaches. Great stuff - go watch! (QuickTime is up now, WMP9 coming soon.) (Louis Wu 21:28:48 UTC)

December 26, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life Webisodes on SpikeTV
Chris Burke, of This Spartan Life, let us know that some special films they'd made for SpikeTV have been put online. (They were originally created as support for Spike's Videogame Awards show that aired 2 weeks ago, but there were some unavoidable delays - they're just going up now.) To see them, visit the SpikeTV VGA site, and follow the VGA TV link. At the moment, I can see three of them - an interview with Jeph Howard of The Used, an interview with Curt Vendel, of the Atari Museum, and an interview with Geoff Keighley, the host of Spike TV's Gamehead. They're great interviews, interspersed with life in the Halo universe. More might be coming online (there were 6 originally), so keep your eyes peeled! (Louis Wu 12:09:11 UTC)

November 13, 2005 Link to this post

Back from the Mackies.
Wow. Spent yesterday at the Machinima Festival, where Rooster Teeth went home with 3 Mackies (Excellence in Machinima Writing for P.A.N.I.C.S., Best Editing (for Strangerhood), and Best Independent Machinima (for Red vs Blue Season 3), and Chris Burke went home with Best Machinima Series for This Spartan Life. (Since we provide Chris with his movie bandwidth, I suppose you can say that HBO has award-winning bandwidth!) There were lots of other awards; these were the only Halo-related ones. Saw lots of friends, old and new, saw lots of good machinima, got inspired by panel discussions that suggested where machinima might be going in the future. All in all, a fantastic day. Put me a little behind, though, in terms of HBO... I'll do my best to catch up. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! (Louis Wu 16:07:05 UTC)

October 22, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - blog 04
This Spartan Life has updated with a new video blog entry - blog 04 continues to chronicle the Bodyguard Competition. Some nice camera angles (I'm impressed with how careful the competitors are to not kill the camera people); I'm guessing he's getting closer to picking a winner. QuickTime (13.8 mb) or WMP9 (10.5 mb) formats. Go check it out! (Louis Wu 13:17:55 UTC)

October 13, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - Body Count
This Spartan Life was updated yesterday, but we forgot to put up a news post... the newest segment, Episode 2 Module 3, is called 'Body Count', and the topic is gun control. Chest Harlton, the president of the National Plasma Rifle Association, debates a small child about the correlation, or lack thereof, between handgun ownership and household accidents. Go watch! (Louis Wu 13:44:45 UTC)

October 1, 2005 Link to this post

I'm a GOOD guy!
This Spartan Life has added another video blog entry - it's a dispatch from the Bodyguard Competition (part 1, actually). During the competition to see who'll make the best bodyguard, the cameraman has a really hard time staying alive - you gotta wonder about a bunch of applicants for a bodyguard position have trouble telling the difference between friendlies and hostiles... Pretty funny - go watch. (WMP9 coming later today, the next couple of parts of the competition coming in the next two weeks.) (Louis Wu 12:22:09 UTC)

September 22, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life - The ILL Clan Interview
The latest segment of 'This Spartan Life' has been released - Episode 2, Module 2 is now available for download in QuickTime format. (WMP9 is coming later today sometime.) It's 10 minutes long, and Damian talks to Frank Dellario and Matt Dominianni of the Ill Clan about the origins of machinima, the direction it might be headed, and the annoyance of Mr PoopyDoodoo. Thought-provoking dialogue and some great laughs. Go watch! (Louis Wu 12:15:05 UTC)

September 2, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life Ep 2 kicks off
This Spartan Life has kicked off Episode 2 - module 1 (Opening and extended monologue) is up now. 28 mb in QuickTime format, 22 mb in WMP9 format. (The WMP9 link is actually not active on their site yet - but you can grab it from the GearboxGameZone website for now.) Hey - who couldn't love a talking shotgun? Guests in Episode 2 will be The Ill Clan (a machinima crew that has been making cool vids for years with the Quake engine(s)) and Marty O'Donnell from Bungie. Lance returns! (These folks aren't in this module - as with Episode 1, this episode will be broken up in to several modules, for ease of downloading.) Go watch. (Louis Wu 17:28:16 UTC)

August 22, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life Bodyguard Contest
This Spartan Life is hosting a Halo competition on XBL today, at 1pm, EST (that's a bit less than 5 hours from now). The winner will become a semi-regular character on the popular show, as Damian's bodyguard. Competitors must be 18 or older, and clearly you must also have access to XBL (and a broadband connection). Full explanations and rules can be found in this post on their forum (registration required to see it). They need email ahead of time - so if you're interested, sign up and read the post to see what needs to go into it! (Louis Wu 12:09:56 UTC)

August 18, 2005 Link to this post

He is smitten.
This Spartan Life has put up a new Video Blog - Episode 2 gets into the host's personal life (well, sort of). Scary. (Just hit the 'Blogs' link at the top to see it.) 5.4 mb, QuickTime format. Thanks to Squatting Bear, who pointed it out before it even showed up on the page. (Louis Wu 13:54:05 UTC)

August 2, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life on G4TV
Looks like Damien Lacedaemion, of This Spartan Life, will be interviewed this evening on G4TV's "Attack of the Show" at 7 pm EST. Go watch! (Louis Wu 19:16:33 UTC)

August 1, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life: Body Count
After some server downtime, This Spartan Life is back with Body Count. Environmental debate - with guns. Man... if more debates were conducted this way, at the very least we'd have fewer windbags to listen to! Funny stuff. QuickTime format, 20.8 mb. (Louis Wu 20:47:54 UTC)

July 28, 2005 Link to this post

GearboxGameZone movie info
Dennis Powers writes to point out that GearboxGameZone has mirrored The Squadron videos, and has added over 20 new Halo vids in the past two days, including most of the videos available on the "This Spartan Life" website (and a bunch that aren't - there are now WMP9-encoded versions of the first 5 episodes). Go see what you can find! (Louis Wu 22:48:38 UTC)

July 25, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Video Blog
Over at This Spartan Life, you'll find a new video blog - Damain lets you know what's fun - and sometimes not so fun - about putting together a video talk show. Just hit the 'blogs' link! (10 mb, QuickTime format.) (Louis Wu 16:28:38 UTC)

July 18, 2005 Link to this post

This Spartan Life
A few days ago, we got email from Matt Cheeser, alerting us to 'This Spartan Life' - a pretty unique concept; Damian Lacedaemion is a talk show host who uses Halo as a set. His guests talk about a lot of things - games, yes, but plenty of other things. It's machinima... mixed with talk show television. It's fun. There are five episodes so far. (They got a pretty good review on G4's Attack of the Show - we've taken this long to mention them because we wanted to help with bandwidth first, and setting up took a little while.) Go watch! (Louis Wu 12:41:04 UTC)

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