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September 2020 Archived News

News September 26 2020


Rocket Sloth Spins the Tale of a Lost CE Easter Egg
Youtuber Rocket Sloth recently posted a video about a mysterious image discovered in the Gearbox port of Combat Evolved, and the curious rediscovery of the cut Easter egg in an old build of the game years later. HBO's forums circa 2003 (and some LAN parties) make star appearances, and it's a fun look back. Thanks, Hyokin. (fuchsdh 22:33:12 UTC) (permalink)


News September 25 2020


Celebrate Recent Recon with the Halo Community Update
The latest Halo Community Update brings tidings of ODST's release for PC and new goodies for all players, playlist updates, and merchandise. Go read! (fuchsdh 02:31:41 UTC) (permalink)


We're Old, and 'A Fistful of Arrows' is 10
Levi popped in the forum to let us know that today is the anniversary of the start of work on his excellent fan comic A Fistful of Arrows, which started dropping pages in October on this very site. Cry when you realize how much time has passed, laugh when you realize that means you can reread the comic once more! (fuchsdh 02:27:43 UTC) (permalink)

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