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September 2019 Archived News

News September 27 2019


Halo Community Update: Birthday Bulletins
This weeks Halo Bulletin covers Master Chief Collection flighting, October's Halo 5 updates, upcoming Halo novels, and celebrates Halo 3's 12th anniversary (do you feel old yet?) Go read! (fuchsdh 01:27:57 UTC) (permalink)


News September 14 2019


Halo Community Update: Outpost Outro
Yesterday the latest Halo Community Update dropped. There's a lot of post-Outpost Discovery wrap-up text and images, along with some miscellaneous MCC and Halo 5 tidbits, and some wallpaper-ready images. (fuchsdh 01:45:28 UTC) (permalink)


News September 2 2019


Fan comic
Justin Grosjean produced a short fan comic, "A Little Bit Lucky", that you can view on Imgur. If you haven't read it, I recommend! Thanks for the link, Revenant1988. (fuchsdh 12:26:23 UTC) (permalink)

Halo news backSeptember 2019Halo news forward