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October 2023 Archived News

News October 27 2023


Witness the power of this fully operational Forge mode
Season 5 hasn't been out that long, but we're already seeing some pretty incredible Forge creations using the new tools. RiskiestSole has gone so far as to mock up a reasonable facsimile of the opening mission of Halo 3. Here's hoping these creations inspire further Forge capabilities. (fuchsdh 17:55:15 UTC) (permalink)


News October 24 2023


Halo History, it could be yours!
Well, goodness. It looks like a 2001 copy of the near-mythical Halo Story Bible is being auctioned off as I write this, at Heritage Auctions. Current bid is $725, but reserve isn't being announced for another few days. I'm... speechless. Thanks to Matt S. for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 17:59:12 UTC) (permalink)


News October 9 2023


Infinite Season 5 drops October 17
A new season of Halo Infinite is coming, and this is a meaty one. New maps, a Forge toolkit, new cosmetics (ed. note: a Mark V that looks good!), a return of the beloved (well, to me anyway) Extraction game mode, and more. The full details have yet to be released, but you can read the high-level notes at Waypoint, or watch the trailer below: (fuchsdh 19:16:15 UTC) (permalink)

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