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March 2022 Archived News

News March 8 2022


Infinite's next event, Tactical Ops, arrives.
If you like SWAT, then read up on Infinite's latest event, Tactical Ops. There's a bunch of gameplay variants, and new cosmetics to unlock. (fuchsdh 20:28:53 UTC) (permalink)


News March 7 2022


Johnson gets salty (and sexy) in some rediscovered unused voice lines
Alpha Archive posted a set of unused audio lines from David Scully found in Reach as part of a lip-sync test. They are entertaining! Thanks for the heads-up, SNIPE 316. (fuchsdh 21:37:02 UTC) (permalink)


News March 5 2022


343 shares Halo Infinite plans in this month's update
This evening 343 dropped the March Halo Infinite update. It contains plans for future updates and features, and Season 2. Go read! (fuchsdh 00:19:20 UTC) (permalink)

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